File Title
1 Who wants to be a billionaire? Most don't--which is good news for the planet
2 There could be four hostile civilizations in the Milky Way, researcher speculates
3 Predicting rainfall futures
4 Gender gap in leadership aspirations changed little in sixty years
5 Did a giant radio telescope in China just discover aliens? Not so FAST...
6 Italy's Po Valley rations water amid record drought
7 Invasive wasp tests nature's strengths and weaknesses
8 How the debt crisis of 2008-09 fueled populist politics
9 When parenting style predicts political leanings
10 Can computers understand complex words and concepts? Yes, according to research
11 Kangaroo Island dunnarts face extinction from feral cats
12 Droughts in the sixth century paved the way for Islam
13 Some polar bears in Greenland survive on surprisingly little sea ice
14 Did supernovae help form Barnard's Loop?
15 Using cell phone data to track population movements and more efficiently implement pandemic lockdowns
16 Privileges confirmed for straight white men working in STEM
17 Researchers discuss 'WRNing' for the right DNA repair pathway choice
18 New global biodiversity framework falls short on inclusion of chemical pollutants, say environmental experts
19 New images using data from retired telescopes reveal hidden features in neighboring galaxies
20 Off-season cattle grazing to help control fire danger from invasive cheatgrass
21 Exploring soy sauce's salt-enhancing peptides
22 How You Can Help Scientists Track Grains of Sand
23 To treat or to tolerate pathogens, that is the question
24 Gene interaction that contributes to rice heat tolerance identified
25 Humans responsible for over 90% of world's oil slicks
26 Supercomputing helps reveal weaknesses in HIV-1 virus
27 Experiment results confirm anomaly, could point to new elementary particle
28 Solving the puzzle of 2D disorder
29 Moneypox Virus DNA Found in Semen of 5 Men, WHO Investigating Further
30 Sharks may be closer to the city than you think, new study finds
31 Are the sun's magnetic arches an optical illusion?
32 NASA spacecraft observes asteroid Bennu's boulder 'body armor'
33 San Diego Zoo welcomes 1st aardvark birth in years
34 Gateway towns to Yellowstone become dead ends after flood
35 Largest study of domestic cat DNA identifies disease-causing variants in new breeds
36 Quantum simulator shows how parts of electrons move at different speeds in 1D
37 Soft corals more resilient than reef-building corals during a marine heatwave
38 Scientists discover the mechanism for ethyl carbamate-induced toxicity in fermented food
39 Unique polar bear group found adapting to climate change by hunting seals on freshwater ice
40 Can farms produce to the max and still reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
41 Bird flu outbreak waning but threat of virus lingers
42 Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality
43 Scientists may have discovered the origins of the Black Death
44 Why an 18th Century Paint Pigment May One Day Help Recycle Your Cell Phone
45 Clues to bee health found in their gut microbiome
46 Researchers observe vital cellular machinery behind the body's incorporation of selenium
47 Predicting the damage caused by extreme storms
48 Dripstone Records Drought that Might Have Paved the Way for Islam
49 Western wildfires' health risks extend across the country
50 Atom-smashing CERN to 'terminate' work with Russia, Belarus
51 Critically endangered tiny marsupial that survived wildfires now facing extinction threat from feral cats
52 Stretching sands as desertification spreads to Europe
53 How to prepare for a hyperactive hurricane season
54 After years of COVID, fires and floods, kids' well-being now depends on better support
55 The quiet life of Messier 94
56 Gene-controlled growth in youth drives aging of blood stem cells in late life
57 Strip searches are ineffective, unnecessary and target racialized Canadians
58 Scientists make breakthrough in understanding serotonin receptors
59 Exploring formation of ultra-massive carbon-oxygen white dwarfs
60 Seven newfound dwarf galaxies sit on just one side of a larger galaxy
61 Are new corals in Sydney dangerous invaders or harmless refugees?
62 Australian rural communities under-resourced to take on refugees
63 Biogas and biomethane supply chains leak twice as much methane as first thought
64 Electrically conductive paints and other polymer alloys now produced easily
65 Researchers use fluorine-doping method to construct catalysts with enhanced performance
66 How holographic interferometry could influence the future
67 New, fully biodegradable cellulose membrane proves effective in oil-water separation
68 How keeping trees when clearing pastures could reduce climate consequences
69 Examining the impact of herbicide-resistant crops on weed management
70 Gun violence policy is focusing on mental health but Federal records still lack some states
71 Calling all snake hunters--Florida opens registration for this year's Python Challenge
72 Researchers explore new method for glacial melt reduction
73 As staghorn coral declines along Florida coast, planting project tests restoration plan
74 Controlled synthesis of crystal flakes paves path for advanced future electronics
75 Tackling air quality and COVID-19 in the classroom
76 US prison labor programs violate fundamental human rights, new report finds
77 Most major US cities are underprepared for rising temperatures
78 Potency of staph-fighting antibiotic blunted by blood serum
79 Economic and psychosocial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nations of the GCC
80 Formation and evolution of massive binaries may share the same mechanism in Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies
81 Spanish citizens are more supportive of climate action after COVID-19, but more pessimistic in their expectations
82 Spending time online can boost children's well-being, depending on their social framework
83 Why people ghost on social media
84 How inflation is influencing the way we think and behave
85 Electrons take the fast and slow lanes at the same time
86 From dry to deluge, how heavy snow, rain flooded Yellowstone
87 More digging needed to determine whether bones of fallen Waterloo soldiers were sold as fertilizer
88 See and Download the Jaw-Dropping New 164 Megapixel 'Moon Mosaic' from NASA's Lunar Orbiter
89 Europe braces for blistering June weekend heat
90 In a parched land, Iraqi gazelles dying of hunger
91 41 dead, millions stranded as floods hit Bangladesh, India
92 New Psychological Research Says Paranormal Experiences Are the Norm, Not the Exception
93 Shaky oasis for some polar bears found, but not for species
94 Mimicking Photosynthesis Could Help Solve Climate Conundrums
95 Spain, Germany battle wildfires amid unusual heat wave 61
96 2103 Confirmed [Monkeypox] Cases, One Death, Across 42 Countries
97 Molecules reducing appetite in mice may lead to 'benefits of exercise in a pill,' scientists say
98 Arizona wildfire near Kitt Peak observatory 40% contained
99 Scientists conceptualize a species 'stock market' to put a price tag on actions posing risks to biodiversity
100 New treatment could help diabetes patients lose weight while they sleep
101 Animals grew back faster and smarter after mass extinction
102 Advanced new model of Earth's tectonic plates to improve global quake and volcano threat prediction
103 Little penguins' food struggles
104 A way to keep objects levitated by sound from falling due to interference
105 The realization of measurement induced quantum phases on a trapped-ion quantum computer
106 A massive galaxy supercluster in the early universe
107 Scientists develop synergistic antibacterial carbon dots
108 Yellowstone flooding underscores environmental pressures facing US national parks
109 Choosing the best seeds to help sessile oaks adapt to future climates
110 Supporting teachers' mental health
111 Research reveals northernmost glaciers on the globe are melting at record speed
112 Exploring how plants colonized land half a billion years ago
113 Scientists develop antimicrobial, plant-based food wrap designed to replace plastic
114 Fifth of global food-related emissions due to transport, research finds
115 Breakthrough in quest to control light to evolve next generation of quantum sensing and computing