File Title
1 Report evaluates food diversity in 10 Mediterranean countries
2 What is storm surge? It's often a hurricane's deadliest and most destructive threat
3 Bringing order to the chaos of sea level projections
4 New study sheds light on the phenomenon of female Jewish slavery and uncovers gang rape in Livorno's slave prison
5 Scientists sound alarm on global pollution
6 Climate crisis is driving yellow-billed hornbill to local extinction
7 Weed legalisation linked to drop in alcohol, tobacco consumption, study says
8 Hawaii hurricane season forecasted to be slow with La Nina
9 Satellite monitoring of biodiversity moves within reach
10 New strategies to save the world's most indispensable grain
11 Puzzling features deep in Earth's interior illuminated by high resolution imaging
12 What we know about unexplained hepatitis cases in kids
13 How Fractions Distort Our Thinking' by James C. Zimring
14 3D reconstruction reveals star formation activities of two dust clouds
15 Study finds parrots use their heads as a 'third limb'
16 When Did Humans Domesticate the Horse? / Science
17 Promising new innovation aims to reduce environmental impacts of scallop dredging
18 Supply chain crisis complicates fixing baby formula shortage, expert says
19 Research finds most effective influencer marketing tactics
20 Astronauts May One Day Drink Water from Ancient Moon Volcanoes
21 Climate change reveals unique artifacts in melting ice patches
22 Do meditation podcasts and apps yield 'authentic' Buddhism?
23 Dolphins use coral to treat skin problems, study suggests
24 Growing plant trade may spread invasive species but also help ecosystems adapt to climate change
25 Aquatic fungi: Forgotten conservation targets
26 New theory suggests collision of dwarf galaxies could explain dark matter-free galaxies
27 After 50 years of US-Canada joint efforts, some success and lots of unfinished business
28 Creative Residents Ask "Why" and "What if" at Ginkgo Bioworks
29 Watch dolphins line up to self-medicate skin ailments at coral 'clinics'
30 What Is Behind the Outbreak in Child Hepatitis Cases?
31 Dolphins line up to self-medicate skin conditions with coral, research suggests
32 These dolphins may turn to corals for skin care
33 How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops
34 Highly emissive Sb3+-doped 0D cesium indium chloride nanocrystals with switchable photoluminescence
35 'Drive-and-process' gene editing array casts a wide net to fix mutations
36 Researchers study YouTube videos to learn more about how wild elephants react to death
37 Ferns and lycophytes are effectively conserved in protected areas of Xishuangbanna
38 Canada faces huge physical costs from climate change, making net zero a great investment
39 Global spatiotemporal continuous land surface temperature dataset released
40 New experiments suggest that nonbiological processes alone may not account for decreased magnetization at oil spill site
41 Fly researchers find another layer hiding in the code of life
42 Microplastics threaten typical remote cryospheric regions
43 How does light turn peach peels red?
44 Cooperation rewards water utilities
45 Researchers reveal multi-scale characteristics of helicity in wall-bounded turbulent flows
46 Is it topological? A new materials database has the answer
47 Discovery of 'ghost' fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming
48 US economy on brink of recovering pre-COVID job numbers, but more than half of industries lag
49 Research highlights ignored 'plight' of spring symbol
50 Time running out on the 'one opportunity' for a climate bill
51 A new idea for refining biocrude
52 Few eligible families have applied for government help to pay for COVID funerals
53 New study characterizes behavior of human plastins in cells
54 Record-breaking cold in Brazil threatens homeless, crops
55 Making sure workers have a 'good' day gives companies a competitive advantage
56 First record of a gall-forming aphid fighting off predator
57 Two pathogens linked to salmon health and survival in British Columbia
58 New research finds that male pheromones may improve health of females' eggs
59 Environment scientists close in on 'golden spike' to define Anthropocene
60 Discovery of 'ghost' fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
61 Genetic predictability steadily erodes during evolution, new study shows
62 Past events reveal how future warming could harm cold-water corals
63 Bird Flu: How it's spreading and what to know about this outbreak
64 Prehistoric feces reveal parasites from feasting near Stonehenge
65 See the Breathtaking Highest Resolution Ever Photos of the Sun's South Pole (And A Weird 'Solar Hedgehog')
66 FDA Investigating Reports of COVID-19 Relapses After Taking Pfizer Antiviral
67 Paleontologists find the jaws of an extremely rare bear in Taurida cave
68 Satellites and drones can help save pollinators
69 Should all chemosensory modalities be unified into a single sense?
70 Prehistoric feces reveal parasites from feasting at Stonehenge
71 Webb telescope nearly set to explore the solar system
72 'Traffic calming' boosts breeding on coral reefs
73 Oysters may flourish once more in Belfast with restoration project
74 Caribou gut parasites indirectly create a greener tundra
75 Chesapeake's crab population at lowest since 1990
76 Existence of over 500 'lost' animal species remains uncertain, study says
77 Bear cubs rescued from wildlife trade in Vietnam
78 Sandstorms pose serious risk to human health
79 Boeing's Starliner encounters propulsion problems on way to ISS
80 A century ago, Alexander Friedmann envisioned the universe's expansion
81 Study findings contradict the belief that humpback whales learn their songs from other whales
82 Developmental origin of the adrenal cortex in humans and cynomolgus monkeys
83 High turnover and rescue effect of scaffold protein in response to heavy-ion radiation
84 Why we need a blue carbon investment roadmap
85 A dazzling Hubble collection of supernova host galaxies
86 How soaring inflation can be particularly harmful for young people
87 What Putin's War with Ukraine Teaches Us About Space Resilience
88 Grim drought outlook for western US offers warnings for the future
89 Researchers detect a novel binding mechanism between small and gigantic particles
90 A new tool to verify the geographical origins of virgin olive oil
91 Function follows form in plant immunity
92 Whiteness is at the heart of racism in Britain, so why is it portrayed as a Black problem?
93 An exploration of global patterns of trade in arachnids reveals 1,264 species from 66 families
94 Engineers evaluate the factors affecting battery performance at low temperatures
95 Denying abortion access has a negative impact on children and families
96 How do typhoons trigger coastal algal blooms?
97 Hubble focuses on large lenticular galaxy 1023
98 Elon Musk in Brazil to launch plan to survey and connect Amazon
99 Topography and soil pH found to steer the activity-density and spatial distribution of termites in a fine-scale study
100 Israeli firm hopes AI can curb drownings
101 Boeing's Starliner approaching ISS in high-stakes test mission
102 Scientists explain why meridional heat transport is underestimated
103 DNA contained in honey reveals honeybee health
104 Mixing laser beams and X-ray beams
105 PFAS chemicals do not last forever
106 The snake trade in Indonesia is not sustainable enough--but it could be
107 Geothermal drilling successes offer potential gain for petroleum industry
108 All-optical phase recovery and quantitative phase imaging performed instantly without a computer
109 Unique quantum material could enable ultra-powerful, compact computers
110 Where do "Hawaiian box jellies" come from?
111 Unraveling a perplexing explosive process that occurs throughout the universe
112 Researchers demonstrate organic crystals can serve as energy converters for emerging technologies
113 Researchers find imperfections provide protection for system symmetry
114 IAP releases datasets of frequent marine heatwaves in most ocean regions over two decades