File Title
1 Global biogeographical patterns and correlates of floral longevity
2 Killer whale stranded in France's River Seine dies
3 Understanding gender dysphoria in transgender teenagers
4 Queer young people in Australia face disproportionate challenges
5 Unusual neutron star spinning every 76 seconds discovered in stellar graveyard
6 Nanoengineers boost signals from fluorescent sensors
7 Spotted lanternflies are hatching again. But how far do they spread each year?
8 8,000 years of Great Barrier Reef climate history revealed
9 Harmful bacteria survive on wet wipes washed up on beaches, study finds
10 What's the bloody big deal? How Australian workplaces and educational institutions can help break the menstrual taboo
11 Seychelles says the rich world is failing on climate
12 Adding flexibility to the synthetic chemistry toolbox
13 Ultrasound-guided microbubbles boost immunotherapy efficacy
14 What's in a name? Glimmers of evolution in naming babies, choosing a dog, study finds
15 Maintaining and enhancing forest biodiversity in Europe
16 Office politics can be a force for good, new research shows
17 Egypt displays trove of newly discovered ancient artifacts
18 Americans' erratic relationship with religion will be tested again after abortion ruling, experts say
19 Researchers study polar bear poop to learn how chemicals are trapped in the body
20 Top-rated educational math apps may not be best for children's learning
21 'Really bad outcomes' when we don't grasp fractions
22 Global warming increases risks of East China flooding
23 Unselfish behavior has evolutionary reasons
24 New single-cell RNA-sequencing method has potential to become universal tool of choice
25 Edible insects and plant-based proteins to be the subject of classroom debates
26 Optical interferometry visualizes how often lilies emit volatile organic compounds
27 New Research Offers Solutions to Age-Old Relationship Problems
28 New global study identifies opportunities for increasing carbon storage on land to mitigate climate change
29 Rewritable UV-sensitive surfaces made from doped TiO2 nanocrystals
30 Who may benefit from climate change? Rattlesnakes, study suggests
31 New laser breakthrough to help understanding of gravitational waves
32 Astroglial channel protein expression stimulates breathing in oxygen-deprived mice
33 There Could Be 42,777 Intelligent Alien Civilizations in Our Galaxy Say Scientists
34 Even high doses of CBD don't impact driving, study finds
35 Big tobacco's environmental impact is 'devastating': WHO
36 2TK, Canada's migratory bird that fell for Uruguayan resort
37 Megalodon from 'The Meg' was killed off by great whites, study suggests
38 Hurricane Agatha drenches Mexican beach resorts
39 Study shows promise for developing a new renewable energy source
40 Study claims pet cats kill up to 270 million animals in UK alone: 'Mini super predators'
41 Pensioner digs up 'magical' ancient penis pendant
42 Scientists hope to mimic the most extreme hurricane conditions
43 Alzheimer's disease causes cells to overheat and 'fry like eggs'
44 New theoretical model accounts for sun's rotation and magnetic field
45 New Fossil Finds Track When Armored Dinosaurs Spread Around the World / Science
46 Driivz to Launch Energy Storage Solution Using EVs
47 Long-distance collaboration makes scientific breakthroughs more likely
48 Engineers enhance cannabis strain with 20% more THC for medical applications, increased crop yields
49 Drought impedes carbon sequestration by earthworms
50 Analysis of 82 million words of Australian television shows reveals attitudes toward First Nations peoples
51 The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial shows the dangers of fan culture
52 Suitability of endangered parrots as pets
53 What if sustainable shipping was a source of profitability?
54 Scientists can finally explain why Uranus and Neptune are different colours
55 Configurable topological beam splitting via antichiral gyromagnetic photonic crystal
56 Harnessing functions of microbiota to combat fungal pathogens
57 Uncovering best practices for cover crops to optimize crop production
58 Cuttlefish camouflage may be more complex than previously thought
59 How female frogs use acoustics to pick a mate
60 The history of Lake Cahuilla before the Salton Sea
61 Roundworms offer new insights into Bardet-Biedl syndrome
62 Ultrafine atmospheric dust from exhaust gases of fossil fuels might cause weather extremes
63 Decoding how a protein on the move keeps cells healthy
64 How diverse microbial communities remain stable
65 Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction
66 Discovery of a tripole winter precipitation change pattern around the Tibetan Plateau in the late 1990s
67 Ideas for a sustainable circular economy
68 Chiral-induced, luminescent ultrathin covalent organic framework nanosheets
69 Highly selective photocatalysts for nonoxidative coupling of methane
70 Unique cremation site of the Late Bronze Age was left to the elements
71 How AI Can Assist in Coral Reef Restoration
72 Study uncovers how China's dams are operated along the Lancang-Mekong river
73 Scientists use AI to update data vegetation maps for improved wildfire forecasts
74 Research confirms effectiveness of oil dispersants
75 Reading aloud to your kids might make them smarter
76 Time to put monetary value on conservation, says Gabon
77 Rare saiga antelope population now over a million in Kazakhstan
78 Urban magnetic fields reveal clues about energy efficiency, pollution
79 A cloudless future? The mystery at the heart of climate forecasts
80 Planetary defense exercise uses asteroid Apophis as hazardous asteroid stand-in
81 There May Be A Sweet Spot for Screen Time for Teens, Study Suggests
82 How moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction
83 Electrochemical synthesis now possible without electric power source
84 Surprising new research finds women supporting women in business may backfire
85 New study indicates how deep learning can improve gene therapies and antiviral drugs
86 Researchers identify novel cellular process that helps us understand the mechanisms of aging-related diseases
87 Great white sharks may have helped drive megalodons to extinction
88 Futile veterinary care is widespread, study finds
89 A novel process can render artificial materials transparent or even entirely invisible
90 Researchers develop new method for the technological use of 2D nanomaterials
91 Women use various tactics to accomplish boardroom goals, according to study
92 Everything points to another busy hurricane season
93 How intricate patterns arise in developing tissues
94 Neuroscientists expand CRISPR toolkit with new, compact Cas7-11 enzyme
95 The secret to a longer lifespan? Gene regulation holds a clue
96 5 Space Exploration Imperatives to Hit by 2030
97 This Is Why Uranus Is A Different Color to Neptune Say Scientists
98 Chinese scientists develop 'vampire' technique to make old mice live longer with young blood
99 Microgravity analog culture profoundly affects microbial infection process in 3-D human tissue models, a new study finds
100 Automated drones could scare birds off agricultural fields
101 Research paves the way for stronger alloys
102 ESA conducts first tests of exoplanet hunter Plato in space-like conditions
103 Metal detectorist unearths 2000-year-old penis pendant
104 Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction, study suggests
105 World first as human liver kept for three days successfully transplanted--study
106 The Solar Orbiter spacecraft spotted a 'hedgehog' on the sun
107 UK monkeypox outbreak 'won't be easy to stamp out' and could last for months, leading scientist warns
108 Bottlenose dolphins get their signature whistles from neighbourhoods they live in, study finds
109 A 180 km seagrass field found to be one immense clonal plant
110 NASA eyes November for launch of NOAA's JPSS-2
111 Wind turbines operating without curtailment kill protected bat species in Germany
112 Astronomers identify 116,000 new variable stars
113 Could we detect dark matter's annihilation within globular clusters?
114 2022 Kavli Prize for Nanoscience Awarded to Scientists for Self-Assembled Monolayers
115 Why we think that demography is a slow thing, and why we are wrong
116 Using laser technology to measure the rotational cooling of molecular ions colliding with electrons
117 Should you feed child guests dinner? What #Swedengate tells us about food culture and social expectations
118 Newly discovered lipid prevents cell death
119 Study uncovers how structural changes affect the superconducting properties of a metal oxide