File Title
1 Yosemite undergoes forest thinning due to wildfire risk. Environmentalists want it stopped
2 Scientists on the hunt for planetary formation fossils reveal unexpected eccentricities in nearby debris disk
3 Research clarifies hazards posed by harmful algal blooms
4 Harnessing machine learning to analyze quantum material
5 Panthers now number one predator of white-tailed deer in Southwest Florida
6 Ultrafast lasers used to probe next-generation solar cells
7 Thousands of galaxies shine in ultraviolet light in new Hubble image
8 Assessing the past, present and future of the Third Pole environment
9 NASA telescope to help untangle galaxy growth, dark matter makeup
10 Mistletoe berries may hold the secret for creating a biological super glue
11 Whale mothers choose nursery sites in shallow waters where predators cannot 'eavesdrop' on communication with young
12 New substrate for deep UV surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering
13 North Carolina could lose up to 40% of its wetlands to sea level rise by 2070, new study shows
14 DNA nanotech safe for medical use, new study suggests
15 New study determines that Catalonia's anchovies are healthy and free of the parasite Anisakis
16 All-dielectric grating structure color filter for sensing and display imaging
17 A warming climate decreases microbial diversity, study finds
18 Roman gate closed after bits of ancient stone fall off
19 Update on Golden Retriever Lifetime Study published
20 Developing sustainable membranes for future energy
21 We're one step closer to making organs in a dish
22 Evidence that early galaxies may be bigger and more complex than previously thought
23 Genome-wide introgression between two sympatric Asian oak species
24 A weird star produced the fastest nova on record
25 DNA evolves at different rates, depending on chromosome structure
26 What shedding light on plant growth could mean for cancer
27 Yellowstone Park closed as swollen river destroys roads
28 Satellite images suggest Iran preparing for rocket launch
29 Rural areas will bear the brunt of US sea-level rise
30 Research reveals true extent of sea turtle conservation success
31 Moth wing-inspired sound absorbing wallpaper in sight after breakthrough
32 Bridge between flying solo or as a colony
33 Study explores uncertainties in flood risk estimates
34 'Alternative facts' are cons, and journalists can help quash them, new paper argues
35 Double-layered catalyst generates more hydrogen
36 Can Galaxies Form Without Dark Matter?
37 Omicron infection poor booster of COVID immunity, study finds
38 Urgent action needed on English Bulldog breeding
39 River belt discovery helps scientists understand ancient rivers
40 Floods leave Yellowstone landscape 'dramatically changed'
41 Fires, heat waves cause 'climate anxiety' in youth
42 US struggles with climate catastrophes
43 Genetic discovery could spell mosquitoes' death knell
44 Butterflies may lose their 'tails' like lizards
45 New material paves the way for remote-controlled medication and electronic pills
46 Researchers synthesize a nanocluster of superfluorinated gold
47 How people, food and water affect large herbivore distribution in East African savannas
48 Parasitic worms reveal new insights into the evolution of sex and sex chromosomes
49 Asian Canadians felt unsafe due to discrimination linked to the COVID 19 pandemic, study shows
50 Geologic map of the entire moon at 1:2,500,000 scale
51 Mapping carbon reserves to fight climate change
52 Ancient bacterial DNA hints Europe's Black Death started in Asia
53 Seagrass meadows are reliable fishing grounds for food
54 Netflix-style algorithm could help guide cancer treatments, study suggests
55 Ancient plague genomes reveal the origins of the Black Death
56 Place where Black Death emerged is discovered after more than 600 years
57 Highly effective CRISPR-mediated gene editing technique for cultured oysters
58 Astronomers image dusty disks, uncover companions to distant stars
59 NASA will fly your name around the moon on historic mission. Here's how to sign up
60 Major water cutbacks loom as shrinking Colorado River nears 'moment of reckoning'
61 Yellowstone National Park Closes After Record Flooding
62 Did California learn anything from the last drought? 'Gambling' with water continues
63 When Cats Chew Catnip, It Works as a Bug Spray / Science
64 Sharing source-backed information can help reduce COVID-19 misinformation online
65 Teacher and principal stress running at twice the rate of general working public, hindering pandemic recovery
66 Researchers discover crocodile species that likely preyed on human ancestors
67 Astronomers discover how galaxies form through mergers
68 Research shows that weekly markets in Catalonia are a space for creativity and diversity
69 Group living means safety from predators but nastier diseases for guppies
70 You Can Trace Your Character Strengths Back to Your Worldview, Shows New Psychological Research
71 Quantum electrodynamics tested 100 times more accurately than ever
72 2010 Deepwater Horizon accident did not harm BP's long-term stock market returns
73 Dog-owner relationship appears similar for dogs born in Canada versus imported there
74 Co-existing mangrove-coral habitats have a new global classification system
75 Giant 'Sky Eye' telescope may have picked up alien signals, Chinese researchers say
76 Diffuse optics for medical diagnostics: Progress toward standardization
77 Researchers model accelerator magnets' history using machine learning approach
78 Study of young adolescents suggests that intelligence is malleable
79 The signals that make cells self-destruct
80 After Yellowstone, floodwaters near Montana's largest city
81 Scientists reveal function of cell death enzyme capsase-7
82 Have You Been Vaccinated and Had A COVID Infection? You're Probably Best Protected Against Omicron, Study Suggests.
83 Scientists may have discovered the origins of the Black Death
84 A non-toxic catalyst for clean, re-usable water
85 Giving metal to microbes could reduce greenhouse gas
86 Deadly heatwaves threaten economies too
87 Working 24/7 to save baby manatee orphaned in Colombia
88 AI reveals scale of eelgrass vulnerability to warming, disease
89 Can We Eradicate COVID? Probably Not. An Infectious Disease Doctor Explains the Challenges
90 ALMA observes ongoing star-formation standoff in the Large Magellanic Cloud
91 Aiming to improve joint connection technologies for light-weight and high-strength structures
92 Spectacular New Images Reveal Violence Inside the 'Tarantula Nebula' as the Most Massive Stars We've Ever Found Are Born
93 Wildfire smoke exposure negatively impacts dairy cow health
94 Dead star's cannibalism of its planetary system is most far-reaching ever witnessed
95 River trash traps chew at huge ocean plastics problem
96 Australia submits more ambitious 2030 emissions target to UN
97 California debates listing western Joshua tree as threatened
98 Who really gets fired over social media posts? We studied hundreds of cases to find out
99 Ukrainian Combat Robots Join Fight Against Russian Invasion
100 The Monkeys and Parrots Caught Up in the California Gold Rush / Science
101 New luminous quasar detected by astronomers
102 Nanochannels light the way toward new medicine
103 Climate change is coming for your ketchup
104 New Geologic Map of the Moon Released Online
105 Is there an upside to today's high gasoline prices?
106 Study observes the coexistence of topological edge states and superconductivity in stanene films
107 Understanding the nature of big earthquakes
108 Fruit fly stem cells are able to remodel themselves in response to kidney stones
109 How Eggs Can Help Kids Grow Up Healthier in Honduras
110 First giant molecular cloud simulation for star formation that includes jets, radiation, winds, supernovae
111 Improving quantum sensors by measuring the orientation of coherent spins inside a diamond lattice
112 Evidence found of butterflies using tails to distract predators from more vital parts
113 Ancient skull reveals how all brown bears carry genes of polar cousin
114 New research reveals prejudice against people with Northern English accents
115 Can a parasitic wasp save your fruit crops?
116 New method helps exfoliate hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets
117 How Indian women in Australia experience family violence, and how to combat it