File Title
1 Anti-aging clues lurk in lysosomes, the recycling centers of the cell
2 Moving furniture in the micro-world
3 Seven Things You Need to Know About NASA's New $4.9 Billion Mission to Enceladus, A Tiny Moon of Saturn
4 Research reveals the science behind this plant's blue berries
5 NASA Hubble Finds First Free-Floating Black Hole
6 GEICO Ordered to Pay Woman Who Got HPV from Car Sex $5.2 Million
7 Large tundra wildfire in southwest Alaska threatens villages
8 Rare wetland plant found in Arizona now listed as endangered
9 The Webb Telescope Has Been Hit by Something. Here's What It Means for Science
10 Europe's 'largest predatory dinosaur' found by UK fossil hunter
11 Backyard Chickens, Ducks, Poultry Linked to Salmonella Outbreak, 27 Hospitalized, One Dead
12 Could We Clone Dinosaurs?
13 In Exactly One Month We Will All See the Cosmos with New Eyes. This Is the $10 Billion Reason
14 Asteroid samples contain 'clues to origin of life': Japan scientists
15 New Psychological Research Calls Out A Potentially Harmful Parenting Technique
16 Volcano ash blankets Philippine towns after second eruption this week
17 Offshore methane gas leak spotted from space
18 Plastic pollution in ocean may harbor novel antibiotics, study shows
19 Deconstructive chemical pre-treatment accelerates microbial decomposition of plastics
20 The First TROPICS Launch Failed
21 'Monkey media player' suggests zoo animals may prefer to listen
22 Healthy human brains are hotter than previously thought, exceeding 40C--study
23 Study aims to improve tests to predict antibiotic resistance
24 Drought Reveals 3,400-Year-Old City in Iraq
25 Bariatric Surgery Linked to 32% Lower Obesity-Related Cancer Risk, SPLENDID Study Says
26 New Gaia data paint the most detailed picture yet of the Milky Way
27 Gaia sees strange stars in most detailed Milky Way survey to date
28 NASA loses two hurricane monitoring satellites on launch
29 Flood of net zero vows suffer 'credibility gap': report
30 Frogs are 'mysteriously' dying in large numbers in Australia, scientists warn
31 Milky Way's secrets revealed by massive space probe map
32 New data reveals stars experience 'quakes' like on Earth
33 Scientists develop screening process to calculate heart attack risk from routine eye test
34 Why even small sonic booms are more annoying in cities
35 What LGBTQ+ people with intellectual disabilities want everyone to know
36 Online misunderstandings arise from an excess of clarity
37 Australian frogs are dying en masse again, and we need your help to find out why
38 How a new travel trend is taking off
39 Cats that are allowed to roam can spread diseases to humans and wildlife
40 Researchers solve mystery surrounding dielectric properties of unique metal oxide
41 Developing a degradation-triggerable plastic made of vanillin
42 Helium pre-exposure inhibits hydrogen isotope permeation in wall materials
43 Team develops a rapid test to measure immunity to SARS-CoV-2
44 Pea and lentils invest in root system development differently
45 Collapsing a leading theory for the quantum origin of consciousness
46 Spain in grip of heatwave as France braces for soaring temperatures
47 Researchers develop novel heterostructure catalyst for effective hydrogen generation from water splitting
48 New designer cells could advance treatments for illness and disease
49 Bacterial intimacy insights could help tackle antimicrobial resistance
50 A new study reveals how dogs think of their toys
51 Lake Michigan levels dropping, revealing how much work is needed to repair Chicago's eroded beaches
52 Online data, medical records could be used to put women in jail under new abortion laws
53 Small materials may be key to reducing cardiovascular disease deaths
54 Police lethal violence against Black people may affect clearance of crimes involving Black victims
55 Scientists provide explanation for exceptional Tonga tsunami
56 Nanoparticle technology provides healthy trans, saturated fat alternative
57 Study shows how artificial light affects seasonal rhythms of plants in US cities
58 Ukraine War's supply chain impacts bust myth of US energy independence
59 Cosmic 'dust' from supernovae hints at how stars are born
60 Study describes new way of generating insulin-producing cells
61 Simulations reveal hydrodynamics of planetary engulfment by expanding star
62 Nanoparticle sensor can distinguish between viral and bacterial pneumonia
63 Bioengineering team develops a remote lab to teach enzyme kinetics
64 Seal whiskers, the secret weapon for hunting
65 Creating a better wig with chemistry
66 New inherited retroviruses identified in the koala genome
67 Shorter, wider flowers may transmit more parasites to bees
68 Team uses hot water to form photocatalyst
69 Sanctuary practices lower counties' crime rates, study finds
70 Numbers and experience count in mongoose warfare
71 Tracing the remnants of Andromeda's violent history
72 Antarctic is changing dramatically, with global consequences
73 New yeast model can improve protein production
74 Wildfire tears through California forest as temperatures rocket
75 Shedding light on how bacteria communicate their way to causing infection
76 Mastodon tusk chemical analysis reveals first evidence of one extinct animal's annual migration
77 Extreme weather, climate events may lead to increase in violence towards women, girls, and sexual and gender minorities
78 Child-support programs that are race-neutral place low-income men of color and their families at a disadvantage
79 How much spring nitrogen to apply? Pre-planting weather may provide a clue
80 Have Scientists Found A 'Mirror World' Parallel Universe that Explains Everything? The Truth Behind the Headlines
81 What You Need to Know About the Outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis in Australia
82 Fluorescence microscopy shows how living cells form vesicles to transport cargo like growth factors
83 Eight-ton Buesching mastodon's life history decoded using its fossilised tusk in a first
84 15 dead, half million impacted by heavy rains in Guatemala
85 Polluted air cuts global life expectancy by two years
86 New, highly tunable composite materials--with a twist
87 SpaceX closer to launching giant rocketship after FAA review
88 Installation of deep-water pipeline gives immediate boost to sea-floor animals
89 A celestial loner might be the first known rogue black hole
90 Heatwaves kill animals, but new research shows the survivors don't get off scot-free
91 Alignment of quantized levels in valleytronic materials
92 Why freemium software has no place in our classrooms
93 Food giants reap enormous profits during times of crisis
94 Atmospheric samples covering pollution particles analyzed using neutrons for the first time
95 Lucy Cooke's new book 'Bitch' busts myths about female animals
96 How plants' threat-detection mechanisms raise the alarm
97 Economic Challenges for Summer Events Rise with Extreme Heat
98 Positive effects of shading and watering on early seedling survival after topsoil translocation in karst region
99 Loneliness, shame and other effects on people with disabilities at mealtimes
100 A model that can predict the exact quasi-particle properties of heavy Fermi polarons
101 Study reveals leaf calorific value and its influencing factors on desert plants
102 Political ideology influences management decisions such as mask wearing in federal judiciary, study finds
103 Key role of singlet oxygen in synergistic antimicrobial mechanism
104 Astronomers to discuss new satellite galaxy simulation
105 France vows cash for urban vegetation as heatwave hits
106 New method for cell sorting utilizing microRNA switch and magnetic microbeads
107 Spain roasts in early heatwave
108 Physicists demonstrate polariton Bose-Einstein condensation using a planar waveguide
109 Right whales' survival rates plummet after severe injury from fishing gear
110 Scientific journals 'pretty close' to ideal system for transgender name changes
111 Companies that work with universities can protect proprietary secrets
112 No signs (yet) of life on Venus
113 Controlled fabrication of multimetallic building blocks for hybrid nanomaterials
114 New processing technique could make potatoes healthier