File Title
1 Climate change puts a different spin on fly fishing for once skeptical anglers
2 Discovery paves way for more sustainable crop cultivation methods
3 Study points to link between skin cancer and eating too much fish
4 Hubble's Most Iconic Images Will Be Smoked by NASA's New Space Telescope--But It's Not Webb
5 PCR test for Okinawa mozuku could increase yields and lead to climate-tolerant strains
6 Slash airline emissions to meet Paris targets: report
7 Researchers reveal add-on benefits of natural defenses against sea-level rise
8 Almost all of Portugal in severe drought after hot, dry May
9 'Europe's biggest-ever land predator' discovered in UK
10 Remains of Europe's largest ever land predator dinosaur found on Isle of Wight
11 Bizarre meat-eating dinosaur found in classic fossil site in Egypt's Sahara desert
12 Palaeontologist reveals a dinosaur belly button using laser imaging
13 Diversity messages may backfire when companies focus on diversity's benefits for the bottom line
14 Charting sea level from space
15 What ancient toilets can teach us about Maya life, and tamales
16 Challenging the whiteness of queer organizations
17 New Map Shows Earth's Tectonic Plates in Unprecedented Detail
18 How to avoid great white sharks and what to do if you encounter one
19 How cells navigate in messy environments
20 Japanese scientists develop 'Terminator'-style robotic fingers
21 Ancient penguin bones reveal unprecedented shrinkage in key Antarctic glaciers
22 Researchers use biomolecule-loaded metal-organic frameworks nanopatterns to aid artificial stem cell differentiation
23 Meet Fernanda the giant tortoise from a species believed extinct a century ago
24 Scientists grew living human skin around a robotic finger
25 Small green spaces can help keep cities cool during heat waves
26 COVID Could Impact Babies' Brain Development in the Womb, Study Suggests
27 Scientists create living human skin for robots
28 Studying grassland from space
29 Stranger Things and the History and Neuroscience of Music Therapy
30 Researchers find clues as to what makes dogs man's best friend
31 Empirical link between fatal police violence and structural racism
32 Cortisol: Researchers find genetic clues as to what makes dogs man's best friend
33 New feedback system can improve efficiency of fusion reactions
34 Climate scientists say expected ocean changes require planning for many generations ahead
35 What Inuit Can Teach Us About Climate Monitoring and Adaptation
36 Study sheds light on how scramblase proteins rearrange cell membranes
37 A new method for the fast detection of a key antiviral
38 New study finds extreme, severe drought impacting the upper Colorado River basin in the second century
39 Yellow peas show promising results as the basis for tomorrow's cheese
40 Quantum physics exponentially improves some types of machine learning
41 James Webb telescope hit by micrometeoroid: NASA
42 Samples of the asteroid Ryugu are scientists' purest pieces of the solar system
43 Schooling status during pandemic predicted parents' resilience
44 Scheduling NASA's Webb telescope's science
45 The link between wildfires and drinking water contamination
46 Superworms capable of munching through plastic waste
47 Fungus in a test tube first step to curing 'corn smut'
48 NASA Launches Study On UFOs
49 New clues about how hot Jupiters form
50 Asteroid samples offer chance to study chemically pristine solar system materials
51 Yellowstone's history of hydrothermal explosions over the past 14,000 years
52 Room-temperature molecular switch discovery paves the way for faster computers, longer-lasting batteries
53 New study shows how 'green islands' help forests regenerate after fire
54 NASA gets serious about UFOs
55 NASA to launch six small satellites to monitor and study tropical cyclones
56 Southwestern US on alert for dangerous heatwave
57 Microbes enhance resilience of carbon-rich peatlands to warming
58 Study finds evidence of bovine TB in 15% of rhinos at South African national park
59 Scientists offer solutions to global phosphorus crisis that threatens food and water security
60 The EPA is dunking giant 'pool skimmers' in Philly river to suck out trash--and find plastic waste
61 With cryo-EM, scientists determine structure of key factor in RNA quality control
62 How 'viral dark matter' may help mitigate climate change
63 Marine predation intensifies in warmer waters; could reshape ocean communities as climate changes
64 Invasive insect that kills grapes could reach California wine region by 2027
65 How Haitian migrants are treated shows the ties between racism and refugee policy
66 A Generation of Adolescents Might Suffer Because of Unregulated Social Media, Suggests New Research
67 Wreck of historic royal ship discovered off the English coast
68 Powassan Virus Kills Woman, 2nd Such Tick-Borne Infection in Connecticut in 2022
69 Turkish hilltop where civilisation began
70 Bird flu arrives in Southwest after millions of birds die
71 Monarch butterfly populations are thriving in North America
72 Scientists created 'smoke rings' of light
73 NASA's NuSTAR mission celebrates ten years studying the X-ray universe
74 65,000-year-old 'stone Swiss Army knives' show early humans had long-distance social networks
75 How Humanlike Do We Really Want Robots to Be? / Science
76 People overestimate groups they find threatening. When 'sizing up' others, bias sneaks in
77 Decoding a key part of the cell, atom by atom
78 Magnetizing laser-driven inertial fusion implosions
79 Study suggests responsible ownership is key to preventing dog attacks
80 Police fight against defunding, showing their true colors
81 Improving ocean general circulation models
82 Targeted wastewater surveillance has a history of social and ethical concerns
83 One of Australia's tiniest mammals is heading for extinction, but you can help
84 How to reduce gender bias with word choice
85 Intense drought conditions could make this summer one of the hottest in Texas history
86 Researcher studies the history of deodorant
87 Virtual child sexual abuse material depicts fictitious children, but it can be used to disguise real abuse
88 Aging dams could soon benefit from $7 billion federal loan program
89 Scientists reveal fluid-rock interactions at a shallow subduction zone in the Mariana forearc
90 Puzzling out the structure of a molecular giant
91 Multi-dimensional approach is needed to protect woody plants in Xishuangbanna
92 Determining which wavelengths of UV light work best for COVID-19 virus disinfection
93 Early investors can forecast future of startup companies
94 Can we make graphite from coal? Researchers start by finding new carbon solid
95 The secret carbon decisions plants are making about our future
96 Researchers create rapid test for deadly infections in livestock, starting with pigs
97 New Research Explains How 'Collective Hate' Can Give Our Lives Meaning
98 Women in simulated space missions demonstrate more sustainable leadership
99 Bull shark 'baby food' under extreme threat
100 Nasal vaccines for COVID-19 offer hope and face hurdles
101 A new study shows that the inner core oscillates
102 Newly discovered Fast Radio Burst 190520 prompts more questions due to strange behavior
103 La Nina climate cycle could last into 2023: UN
104 Italy to kill 1,000 pigs in swine fever outbreak
105 Africa's energy future on a knife's edge
106 Ningaloo corals are ill-equipped to handle future climate change
107 Hierarchically porous carbon networks embedded with single iron sites for efficient oxygen reduction
108 Improving job quality reduces depression and anxiety for women
109 Using nuclear mechanics to understand health and diseases
110 Ten new coral species discovered in science collections
111 Hydrodynamic model of fish orientation in a channel flow
112 The spread of millet from East Asia to Central Europe
113 Astronomers may have detected a 'dark' free-floating black hole