File Title
1 Antarctica's riskiest glacier is under assault from below and losing its grip
2 Allergy medication and bleach responsible for traces of designer drug found in South Australia's water catchments
3 Vallance recalls 'darkest days' and vaccine that 'changed course of pandemic'
4 A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down--if it collapses, La Nina could become the norm for Australia
5 Algorithm simulates the intergalactic medium of the universe
6 Earth's magnetic poles not likely to flip
7 Better mobile internet access 'increases desire to emigrate'
8 Data reveal 20-year transformation of Gulf of Maine
9 New study recommends 'rewilding' Galapagos island
10 Sizzling sound of deep-frying reveals complex physics
11 Yolk-shell nanocrystals with movable gold yolk: Next generation of photocatalysts
12 The 'glass obstacle course' facing women in marine science
13 People with HIV Face Higher Risk of Breakthrough COVID, Study Says
14 Two new polyalthiopsis species reported from China
15 Oldest insect resource pulses revealed by fossils from China
16 Colossal collisions linked to solar system science
17 Exploring fungi that forge relationships with plants
18 Scientists address the imbalance of the 'Asian Water Tower'
19 3 Traits that Hard-Wire You for Singlehood, According to New Psychological Research
20 Scientists develop novel computational model for aptamer generation, with wide applications
21 Earth's Magnetic Poles Not Likely to Flip in the Near Future
22 Pressures within supply chains paved the way to an oversupply of prescription opioids, researcher finds
23 New theory of decision-making seeks to explain why humans don't make optimal choices
24 Clean doping strategy produces more responsive phototransistors
25 French astronaut Pesquet calls for European space independence
26 'Ugly' reef fishes are most in need of conservation support
27 Large ensemble simulations with a global climate system model reveal the role of internal climate variability
28 Scientists show how fast-growing bacteria can resist antibiotics
29 Physical mechanisms explaining DNA and RNA twist changes
30 Deciphering the migratory pattern of the smallest seabird in the Mediterranean
31 Copper makes seed pods explode
32 PDAT regulates phosphatidylethanolamine as transient carbon sink alternative to triacylglycerol in nannochloropsis
33 Joshua Tree park closes trail so bighorn sheep can get water
34 How does nematode infection activate plant defense response in soybean plants?
35 Underperforming schools need more support to avoid downward spiral
36 Scientists find new indicators of Alaska permafrost thawing
37 How do bacterial communities in black soils respond to conventional and biodegradable microplastics?
38 Researchers use nanotechnology to destroy and prevent relapse of solid tumor cancers
39 Colombia shares unprecedented images of treasure-laden wreck
40 California's 'red flag' law utilized for 58 threatened mass shootings
41 International team visualizes properties of plant cell walls at nanoscale
42 You can hear every event twice in a three-dimensional quantum gas
43 Researchers design new emulator that reveals the intricacies of light behavior in complex evolving systems
44 Unfreezing waters in ligand binding sites to aid in drug discovery
45 NASA's Europa Clipper Mission completes main body of the spacecraft
46 Multilevel polarization switching in ferroelectric thin films
47 Scientists develop new method to improve mapping of bird migrations
48 Nano-protein corona perturbs protein homeostasis and remodels cell metabolism
49 Detecting new particles around black holes with gravitational waves
50 Otters learn from each other--but solve some puzzles alone
51 Two New Weird Ways to Stay Alive on Mars Sniffed-Out by Scientists
52 New study finds 19th-century wooden shipwrecks to be thriving habitats for deep-sea microbiomes
53 How will climate change affect the geographic range of salamander species in the U.S. and Canada?
54 How are environmental chemicals affecting vultures?
55 NASA to launch 3 rockets from private Australian space port
56 Jupiter turns out to be inhomogeneous; metallicity gives clues about origin
57 Does media exposure influence an individual's risk of radicalization?
58 Massive breakthrough as cancer patients in drug trial appear to be cured for 'first time in history'
59 Sleep-deprived mosquitoes lose their taste for blood
60 Chicken vaccination shows benefits for nutrition, growth in Kenyan children
61 Dostarlimab: How does promising cancer drug work?
62 'E-nose' sniffs out mixtures of volatile organic compounds
63 Natural sources of air pollution exceed air quality guidelines in many regions
64 Modifying surfaces with polymer chains promotes uniform drying of particle-containing liquids
65 Study seeks to explain stability of 'loops' in coastal channel networks
66 Is Climate Pledge Arena A Sustainability Model for Venues Going Forward?
67 Looking for the origin of slow earthquakes in the Guerrero gap
68 The US is importing baby formula to help end supply shortage. What parents need to know
69 Curiosity sees bizarre spikes on Mars
70 New maps of global geological provinces and tectonic plates
71 Mosquito species from Papua New Guinea, lost for 90 years, found in Australia
72 Toothy analysis identifies vegetation of ancient Nebraska
73 Analyzing turbulent diffusion effect in the solar flare current sheet
74 Do proteins remember?
75 How company leaders talk about creativity can hurt investor confidence
76 'Yoyo stars' found responsible for off-center cosmic bubbles
77 Whole-body learning can boost children's letter sound recognition--the first step towards reading
78 Social and governance performances affect institutional ownership in the hospitality and tourism sector
79 Promising anticancer molecule identified
80 Examining the odd locomotion of microswimmers
81 An Indigenous Marine Sanctuary May Soon Be Established Along the California Coast
82 Amazon River freshwater fish show signs of overexploitation
83 Ketogenic diet helps mouse muscle stem cells survive stress, study finds
84 Study unveils interannual modulation of subthermocline eddy kinetic energy in region east of the Philippines
85 In low-income families, fathers' depression hurts couples
86 Researchers can customize cavities in new porous material
87 Spikes on Mars Are the Latest Bit of Weirdness Captured by Curiosity Rover
88 Uncovering a novel way to bring the energy that powers the sun and stars to Earth
89 Efforts needed to keep girls in high school sports
90 Climate change and human exploitation to blame for historic decline in Atlantic salmon
91 Understanding segregation and school choice
92 A pigment's shift in chemistry robbed a painted rose of its brilliance
93 Rental seekers with foreign-sounding names get fewer callbacks from landlords: study
94 New insights into neutron star matter
95 Investigating the magnetic properties of helium-3
96 New study shows benefits of dispatching mental health specialists in nonviolent 911 emergencies
97 Air pollution may increase freezing rain in northern hemisphere
98 Birds derive benefits from coffee-growing landscapes with forests and shade trees
99 What happens when health care workers answer nonviolent police calls
100 The secret lives of Darwin's finches reveal daily commutes equal to the area of 30 soccer fields
101 New delivery method allows slow-release of broader array of peptide drugs in the body
102 Phonon dynamics enable a deeper understanding of how heat travels through quantum dots
103 Altered gene helps plants absorb more carbon dioxide, produce more useful compounds
104 New drug delivery system releases therapeutic cargo only when bacteria are present
105 Canada unveils carbon emissions offset market
106 Plastic on Australia's beaches has decreased by almost one-third
107 Engineered to endure micrometeoroid impacts
108 Two national surveys show majorities of both political parties support legal abortion
109 Researchers to study whether metal-corroding microbes can grow in Canada's proposed nuclear waste facility
110 US to ban single-use plastics on public lands by 2032
111 Sizzling temperatures in store across southwestern US
112 Climate-driven flooding poses well water contamination risks
113 Orphaned turtles and kids who set them free
114 Philanthropy can help protect against climate change
115 Why do so many Gen Zers identify as LGBTQ? Because of the sacrifices of prior generations, experts say
116 Social isolation linked to dementia, study suggests