File Title
1 Molecular Machines: Bacteria-Killing Drills Get an Upgrade
2 5 Surprising Facts About the Planet Venus
3 Killer Asteroids Are Lurking Around Us--a New Cloud-Based Tool Can Help Spot Them
4 Scientists Discover How the Tilting and Wobbling of the Earth Influenced the Fate of Ancient Ice Sheets
5 The Sun Is Spinning Round Again: Solving Part of the "Solar Problem"
6 A Race Against Time: Quick Engineering Saves NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft
7 Ionic Liquid-Based Reservoir Computers: Efficient and Flexible Edge Computing
8 Bending the Laws of Physics: Time Crystals "Impossible" but Obey Quantum Physics
9 Early Detection of Arthritis Now Possible Thanks to Artificial Intelligence
10 High Stress Might Be the Reason You Can't Get Pregnant
11 Coming Soon: First Images from NASA's Webb Space Telescope
12 Researchers Find that Eating a Certain Protein Is Related to Developing Depression
13 Artificial Intelligence Model Can Successfully Predict the Reoccurrence of Crohn's Disease
14 Scientists Blown Away by World's Largest Plant--Stretching 112 Miles in Western Australia's Shark Bay
15 Risky Winter on Mars: Each Sol Could Be Ingenuity Mars Helicopter's Last
16 Drinking Coffee Linked with Lower Death Risk--Even if You Take It Sweetened with Sugar
17 A New Way that Cancer Cells Can Repair DNA Damage Has Been Discovered
18 NASA Priority Artemis Science on Moon to Investigate Mysterious Gruithuisen Domes
19 Could Canola Oil be Dangerous?
20 Scientists Have Figured Out Why Childbirth Became So Complex and Dangerous
21 Archaeological Bonanza: Ancient City Emerges from the Tigris River
22 The Decoy Effect: What It Is and How to Make It Work for You
23 Reduce the Symptoms of Your Hangover with These 5 Science-Backed Foods
24 High Contrast Imaging Reveals Unknown Structure in Galaxy
25 New Evidence for Alternate Origins of Alzheimer's Disease Plaques
26 Unlocking One of the Most Profound Cosmological Mysteries: How the Universe Got Its Magnetic Field
27 Volcanic Activity Beneath the Surface of Mars: Magma Makes Marsquakes Rock Red Planet
28 NASA's DAVINCI Space Probe to Plunge Through Hellish Atmosphere of Venus
29 First Complete DNA Sequencing of Monkeypox Virus in Switzerland
30 Scientists Decode How a Protein on the Move Keeps Cells Healthy
31 New Research Finds a Higher Dose of Melatonin Improved Sleep
32 MIT Chemists Design New Light-Powered Catalysts that Could Aid in Manufacturing
33 A Potential Cure for Autism: New Research Finds that Gene Therapy Could Treat Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome
34 Infant Infections May Increase the Risk of Heart Disease Later in Life
35 Counting Galaxies to Solve a Cosmological Puzzle: Putting the Theory of Special Relativity into Practice
36 Monitoring Sleep with a Head-Tracking Smart Pillow--Self-Powered with Triboelectric Nanogenerators
37 NASA Turns to Private Sector for New Spacesuits for Exploring the Surface of the Moon
38 New Treatment for Highly Aggressive Blood Cancer
39 Atomic-Scale Window into Superconductivity Paves Way for Advanced New Quantum Materials
40 Stellar "Ghost" Discovered: Astronomers May Have Detected a "Dark" Free-Floating Black Hole
41 NASA Goes Retro with the Roman Space Observer Game
42 Atomic-Scale Window into Superconductivity Paves Way for Advanced New Quantum Materials
43 This Week @NASA: Webb's First Images, Next-Gen. Spacesuits, and Lunar-Roving Robot
44 Exploring Earth from Space: Puglia, Italy [Video]
45 Planetary Defense Exercise Uses Apophis as Hazardous Asteroid Stand-In
46 Convergent Evolution Has Been Fooling Us: Most of Our Evolutionary Trees Could Be Wrong
47 Making Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past--AI Traffic Light System Could Drastically Reduce Congestion
48 Obesity Might Be a Result of Your Body's Chemistry
49 New Class of Unusual Reactive Substances Detected in Atmospheric Chemistry
50 Hubble Investigates a Mysterious Globular Cluster in Search of Clues
51 Don't Miss: A Planetary Breakup, Hercules Star Cluster, and the Harp Constellation
52 NASA's Massive Artemis I Moon Rocket on Way to Launch Pad for Next Tanking Test
53 Research Confirms Benefit of Supplements for Slowing Vision Loss from AMD
54 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Now Selects Its Own Targets to Zap with Its Laser
55 This Key Protein Is Essential for Brain Cell Longevity and Growth
56 Mobile Communications Beyond 5G with New "Beam-Steering" Technology
57 Liquid Platinum at Room Temperature: The "Cool" Catalyst for a Sustainable Revolution in Industrial Chemistry
58 Visible from Space: The Consequences of Climate Change in the Alps
59 Monkeypox FAQ: Where Did It Come From? How Is It Transmitted? What Are the Symptoms?
60 Astrophysicists Create "Time Machine" Simulations to Observe the Lifecycle of Ancestor Galaxy Cities
61 Migraine Causes and New Potential Treatment Options Identified
62 Researchers Discover How Nearly Everybody Can Increase Their Lifespan
63 Startling Connection Discovered Between Diet, Eye Health, and Lifespan
64 New Type of Coronavirus Discovered in Rodents
65 Weight-Loss Surgery Slashes Cancer Risk and Mortality in People with Obesity
66 Stanford Scientists Unlock Mysteries of Plant Growth and Health
67 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Has a Pet Rock!
68 See Galaxies from the Last 10 Billion Years: Hubble Captures Largest Near-Infrared Image to Find Universe's Rarest Galaxies
69 Sizzling Sound of Deep-Frying Reveals Complex Physics of Vapor Cavities
70 NASA's Massive Artemis I Moon Rocket Arrives at Launch Pad Ahead of Tanking Test
71 Ugly Reef Fish Are Most in Need of Conservation Support Due to Their Ecological Traits and Evolutionary History
72 Skin Cancer Breakthrough: Researchers Succeed in Making Cells Commit 'Suicide'
73 Strange Giraffoid Fossil Solves Giraffe Evolutionary Mystery
74 Piloting NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter with a Dead Sensor
75 Ancient Moa DNA Might Change Our Understanding of Climate Change's Consequences
76 Having More than Two Children Can Cause Cognitive Decline
77 3 Vitamins that Fade Acne Scars Fast
78 Having Strange Dreams? They Might Be Helping Your Brain Learn Better
79 New Improved Lithium-Ion Batteries that Last Longer in Extreme Cold
80 New Side Effects of Popular Medicines Discovered: Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Could Cause Chronic Pain
81 NASA's Solar Electric Propulsion System for Gateway Moon Orbiter Throttles Up
82 Astronomers Discover Mysterious Repeating Bursts of Radio Waves from Outer Space
83 Convergent Evolution: Why COVID-19 Antibody Treatments Aren't as Effective for New Variants
84 Student-Built, Dime-Sized Instrument Is Venus-Bound on NASA's DAVINCI Space Probe
85 Physicists Discover Elusive New Particle Through Tabletop Experiment
86 NASA's $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Struck by Micrometeoroid
87 Eat These Vegetables to Reduce Air Pollution Toxins in Your Body
88 Be Careful of Overeating While Pregnant: Maternal Obesity Greatly Increases a Child's Risk of Heart Problems
89 Jupiter Discovered to Be Inhomogeneous--Metallicity Reveals New Clues About Planet's Origin
90 Research Shows that Playing Video Games Increases Your Intelligence
91 Remains of Europe's Largest Land Predator Discovered on the Isle of Wight
92 Trees Might Not Be as Effective at Combating Climate Change as We Thought
93 When Companies' Diversity Messages Backfire
94 Fire and Ice in Kamchatka: Stratovolcano in Russia's Far East Ejects Towering Plume
95 New Insights into Neutron Star Matter: Combining Heavy-Ion Experiments and Nuclear Theory
96 Investigators Discover Key Parkinson's Disease Protein "Toggle Switch"
97 The Chemistry of the Sun: Resolving a Decade-Long Controversy About the Composition of Our Star
98 Want to Reduce Stroke Risk? Researchers Discover Simple Secret
99 Subscale Booster Motor for Future NASA Artemis Missions Fires Up at Marshall Space Flight Center
100 The Double Advantage of Killer T-Cells to Prevent Cancer Metastases
101 Serious Head Injuries Increase Your Risk of Dementia by 50%
102 High Omega-3 DHA Level in Blood Linked with 49% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
103 Too Tall? Too Short? Height May Be Risk Factor for Multiple Health Conditions
104 New Device Purifies Saltwater Over a 1000 Times Faster than Standard Industrial Equipment
105 NASA's Lucy Mission Continues Work on Solar Array Deployment Fix
106 Decoding the Nuclear Pore Complex of the Cell, Atom by Atom
107 Scientists Identify 117 Genes that Cause Type 2 Diabetes
108 Human Brain Project: Scientists Shed New Light on Human Brain Organization
109 New Research Shows the Earth's Inner Core Oscillates--Causes Variation in the Length of a Day
110 Scientists May Have Found Missing Link Between Alzheimer's and Vascular Disease
111 Astronomers Discover a Mysterious "Black Widow" Binary--With the Shortest Orbit Yet
112 New Comprehensive Map Ties Every Human Gene to Its Function
113 Future Large Scale Testing for Alzheimer's: New Technology Unveils the Mysteries of the Disease
114 New Treatment Repairs Heart Damage After a Heart Attack with No Side Effects
115 6 Ingredients in Toothpaste to Avoid