File Title
1 Pre-historic Wallacea--a melting pot of human genetic ancestries
2 The world's most remote oceans are polluted with microplastics
3 Yellowstone's history of hydrothermal explosions over the past 14,000 years
4 Great timing, supercomputer upgrade lead to volcanic eruption forecast
5 Ash covers towns after Philippines volcano eruption
6 Papua New Guinea's Ulawun volcano erupts
7 Unprecedented case series advances promise of phage therapy
8 New study shows the inner core oscillates
9 The link between temperature, dehydration and tectonic tremors in Alaska
10 Polluted air cuts global life expectancy by two years
11 How coffee is saving a unique Mozambican forest
12 15 dead, half million impacted by heavy rains in Guatemala
13 Death toll in Turkey floods rises to five
14 Dozens still missing two months after S. Africa's worst floods
15 Heavy rains leave 10 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced in China
16 Human remains found in Amazon search for journalist, expert
17 US, Brazil upbeat on climate after leaders meet; as deforestation soars
18 Brazil leader complains to Biden about pressure over Amazon
19 Keeping China fed as inflation surges brings risk for commodity prices
20 Healthy human brains are hotter than previously thought, exceeding 40 degrees
21 Greenpeace urges Arab nations avert Yemen environmental disaster
22 Brazil rescuers end search after storms that killed 128
23 How will humans survive a global catastrophe?
24 Gunmaker Ruger shareholders demand report on impact of firearms
25 Antarctic glaciers losing ice at fastest rate for 5,500 years, finds study
26 Saving paradise: Why we must protect global lands now
27 Zelensky warns of food crisis, urges end to Russian blockade
28 World's poor paying more for less food: UN
29 Are we born with a moral compass
30 China's population set to shrink for first time since the great famine
31 Race to save undersea Stone Age cave art masterpieces
32 Iraq swept by tenth sandstorm in weeks
33 Dakar covered in layer of sand
34 S. African towns cut water supply after years of drought
35 Dying children reflect brutal toll of Somalia drought
36 NASA, FEMA release comprehensive climate action guide
37 'No choice': The young UK climate activist pushing protest boundaries
38 Climate change erased a fifth of exposed nations' growth potential: report
39 Chromatin originated in ancient microbes one to two billion years ago
40 New insights into the interaction of ocean, continent and atmosphere 2.7 billion years ago
41 Fossil plants reveal lush southern hemisphere forests in ancient hothouse climate
42 Flood of net zero vows suffer 'credibility gap': report
43 Investing 1% of global GDP into green recovery would cut emissions by up to 8.5%
44 Argentina president seeks special tax on Ukraine war windfalls
45 UQ discovery paves the way for faster computers, longer-lasting batteries
46 Lifespan of solid-state lithium batteries extended by Surrey researchers
47 Novel strategy to make fast-charging solid-state batteries
48 University of Houston researchers identify alternative to lithium-based battery technology
49 Energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things
50 Electrolyte additive offers lithium battery performance breakthrough
51 Foreign teachers in Hong Kong govt. schools ordered to swear allegiance
52 China, US defense ministers hold talks in Singapore
53 Hong Kong leader delivers defiant swansong speech
54 Taiwan's Apple Daily finds buyer after Hong Kong edition shuttered
55 Hong Kong detains several people as world marks Tiananmen anniversary
56 Estonian court sentences woman for spying for China
57 Washington puts pressure on Europe over China
58 Hong Kong police warn against Tiananmen anniversary gatherings
59 Partner concerned for health of journalist detained in China
60 FactWire becomes latest Hong Kong media outlet to close
61 Hong Kong not becoming 'police state,' says city's top cop
62 Chinese blogger goes silent after showing 'tank cake' before Tiananmen anniversary
63 Unprecedented water curbs kick in for drought-hit Los Angeles
64 Senegal launches contested water desalination scheme
65 Bacteria could transform paper industry waste into useful products
66 Toward customizable timber, grown in a lab
67 Rocket Lab selected by Ball Aerospace to Power NASA's GLIDE Spacecraft
68 Sponge-like solar cells could be basis for better pacemakers
69 Biden throws US solar industry a lifeline with tariff relief, but can incentives bring manufacturing back?
70 US suspending solar panel tariffs on four Asian nations, not China
71 Solar-biomass hybrid system satisfies home heating requirements in winter
72 NREL creates highest efficiency 1-sun solar cell
73 Secret to treating 'Achilles' heel' of alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed
74 Towards indoor lighting-powered thin-film, flexible solar cells with piezophototronics
75 New polymer property could boost accessible solar power
76 Reconfiguring perovskite interface via R4NBr addition stabilizers FAPbI3-based solar cells
77 Time-reversal asymmetry surpasses conversion efficiency limit for solar cells
78 1500 sensors for the rotor blades of the future
79 Long-duration energy storage beats the challenge of week-long wind-power lulls
80 400 GW wind, solar power per year to meet 1.5íC Paris Agreement
81 As the grid adds wind power, researchers have to reengineer recovery from blackouts
82 Scientists craft living human skin for robots
83 Italy's Pompeii tests new guard dog--a robot named Spot
84 DARPA's ANSR to Improving Trustworthy AI
85 Nanostructured fibers can impersonate human muscles
86 'My apartment vibrates': New Yorkers fight noisy helicopter rides
87 Swedish coast guard spot massive mystery spill
88 Wildfire tears through California forest as temperatures rocket
89 Forest fire fears over new Greek migrant camp
90 Lebanon pine forest blaze begins wildfire season
91 Heatwave grips Spain as France braces for soaring temperatures
92 Southwestern US on alert for dangerous heatwave
93 Pink 'soul refresher' unites wilting Indians and Pakistanis
94 Storms wreak havoc across France
95 Asian stocks sink again as inflation panic grips world markets
96 Markets dive on inflation woes as dollar spikes against yen, rupee
97 Markets extend global sell-off on inflation, rate fears
98 China factory inflation eases to lowest in a year
99 Markets hit as inflation fears ramp up, eyes on ECB
100 Stocks, oil prices rise on China boost
101 Markets mixed as US jobs data give Fed room to hike rates
102 Asian markets mixed as US jobs data give Fed room to hike rates
103 Asian markets mixed on inflation worry, oil bounces after drop
104 Shanghai euphoria tempered by deep wound to China's economy
105 Russia, China unveil first road bridge
106 China exports rebound in May as virus controls ease
107 US looking to reconfigure China tariffs in 'coming weeks': Yellen
108 EU seeks to unblock stalled trade deals
109 For a smooth-running economy, rule of law matters
110 WTO goes green as climate change impacts trade