File Title
1 NRL CIRCE spacecraft to be part of historic UK launch
2 Shenzhou XIV taikonauts to conduct 24 medical experiments in space
3 James Webb telescope hit by micrometeoroid: NASA
4 Recovering rare-earth elements from e-waste
5 Superworms capable of munching through plastic waste
6 Irvine scientists observe effects of heat in materials with atomic resolution
7 Styrofoam-munching superworms could hold key to plastic upcycling
8 Helium shortage deflates American celebrations
9 Atomic-scale window into superconductivity paves way for quantum materials
10 Chemists at Jacobs University discover new class of compounds
11 Faster computing results without fear of errors
12 Nonprogrammers are building more of the world's software--a computer scientist explains 'no-code'
13 Meta's Quest VR gear to let people 'hang out' in fake worlds
14 Zuckerberg staying at Meta helm for years 'makes sense': Clegg
15 China approves 60 new games, lifting hopes tech crackdown is ending
16 NFT market sees first insider trading case in US
17 Asteroid samples contain 'clues to origin of life': Japan scientists
18 Close encounter more than 10,000 years ago stirred up spirals in accretion disk
19 Plato's cave: vacuum test for exoplanet detection
20 NASA's Europa Clipper Mission Completes Main Body of the Spacecraft
21 Bern flies to Jupiter
22 Gemini North Telescope Helps Explain Why Uranus and Neptune Are Different Colors
23 La Nina climate cycle could last into 2023: UN
24 China's FM pens agreements in East Timor on final Pacific stop
25 China, Papua New Guinea discuss free-trade deal
26 China's diplomatic gambit heralds new 'Battle for the Pacific'
27 China says not competing for influence in South Pacific
28 US says committed to Pacific islands that rejected 'opaque' China pact
29 Researchers reveal add-on benefits of natural defenses against sea-level rise
30 The structure of cluster merger shocks
31 How electric fish were able to evolve electric organs
32 Fiji's biggest threat 'climate change, not conflict'
33 La Nina climate cycle could last into 2023: UN
34 Fiji warns it faces 'devastating' climate change threat
35 The Southern Ocean as never seen before
36 China's diplomatic gambit heralds new 'Battle for the Pacific'
37 France Signs Artemis Accords as French Space Agency Marks Milestone
38 Why does the Moon look close some nights and far away on other nights?
39 Aegis Aerospace and Intuitive Machines team up for lunar science services
40 Frame for Artemis IV
41 NASA partners with industry for new spacewalking, moonwalking services
42 NASA Moon Rover practices tricky drive off Lunar Lander
43 China releases new geologic map of Moon
44 NASA selects new instruments for priority Artemis science on Moon
45 Comet Interceptor approved for construction
46 Comet chaser mission moves from blueprint to reality
47 Scientists release first analysis of rocks plucked from speeding asteroid
48 What happened before, during and after solar system formation
49 NASA's Lucy Mission Continues Solar Array Deployment Process
50 Asteroid Institute uses cloud-based astrodynamics platform to find and track asteroids
51 Planetary Defense exercise uses Apophis as Hazardous Asteroid Stand-In
52 Updating our understanding of Earth's architecture
53 NuSTAR marks 10 years studying the X-Ray Universe
54 Webb: Engineered to Endure Micrometeoroid Impacts
55 The Modes of Webb's NIRISS
56 First images from Webb Space Telescope coming soon
57 Planet parade to grace the dawn sky this month
58 Artificial Intelligence helps in the identification of astronomical objects
59 Rapid-fire fast radio burst shows hot space between galaxies
60 Astronomers may have detected a 'dark' free-floating black hole
61 Black holes helped quenching star formation in the early Universe
62 Astronomers find hidden trove of massive black holes
63 Twisted, layered quantum materials offer new picture of how electrons behave
64 Elusive particle discovered in a material through tabletop experiment
65 The end of the cosmic dawn
66 Researchers create simulations studying the lifecycle of ancestor galaxy cities
67 Putting the theory of special relativity into practice, by counting galaxies
68 What is committed warming
69 NASA, FEMA release comprehensive climate action guide
70 'No choice': The young UK climate activist pushing protest boundaries
71 MEPs vote down key part of EU climate plan
72 Climate change erased a fifth of exposed nations' growth potential: report
73 Global crises must not delay action on climate, UN talks told
74 Dutch port's rooftop walk shows post-climate future
75 A cloudless future? The mystery at the heart of climate forecasts
76 Air pollution may increase freezing rain in the Northern Hemisphere
77 Seductive rubbish: Swedish dustbins scream with pleasure
78 Dozens treated in Chile for suspected pollutant exposure
79 US to ban single-use plastics on public lands by 2032
80 Ecuadoran frogs Rocket and Harlequin taking on mining industry
81 Iraqi activists suffering in 'environment of fear': UN
82 Abu Dhabi moves to restrict single-use plastics
83 Jordan's plastic trash turned into art with a message
84 How crops can better survive floods
85 Discovery paves way for more sustainable crop cultivation methods
86 Dutch govt. announces plans to slash nitrogen emissions
87 Somalia president urges global community to help avert famine
88 More bad news for wheat stocks from drought-hit Argentina
89 Spain seeks to reduce food waste by supermarkets, restaurants
90 Syria's climate-scorched wheat fields feed animals, not people
91 Automated drones could scare birds off agricultural fields
92 Turkey black rose producers chase sweet smell of success
93 Strawberry farms threaten Spanish wetlands
94 Forecast of food cyber attacks
95 Regrow, not reuse: How restoring abandoned farms can mitigate climate change
96 Lab-grown meat maker Eat Just strikes deal to increase production
97 How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops
98 Chromatin originated in ancient microbes one to two billion years ago
99 How plesiosaurs swam underwater
100 Research shows how Gulf of Mexico escaped ancient mass extinction
101 Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction
102 How plants colonized the land
103 Update on NASA's TROPICS-1 Mission
104 Present Antarctic deglaciation may be unprecedented in last 5,000 years
105 UAF scientists find new indicators of Alaska permafrost thawing
106 Cracking the case of Arctic sea ice breakup
107 The Arctic's tricky quest for sustainable tourism
108 Prehistoric "Swiss Army knife" indicates early humans communicated
109 Amazon's indigenous leaders make plea at Americas summit
110 Unselfish behavior has evolutionary reasons