File Title
1 Validation brings new predictive capability to global megafire smoke impacts
2 Buildup of solar heat likely contributes to Mars' dust storms, researchers find
3 Pressure to conform to social norms may explain risky COVID-19 decisions
4 Sandstorm blankets Saudi capital in grey haze
5 COVID-19 can cause infected cells to 'explode,' research shows
6 UK monkeypox outbreak 'unprecedented' as officials say sexual contact likely route of transmission
7 Why Scientists Are Turning Molecules into Music / Science
8 Tonga volcano eruption was largest ever recorded in over a century, scientists say
9 Going beyond Mother Nature's molecules to target radioactive metals
10 NASA Announces New Collaboration Probing How Life Evolved from Single-Cells on Earth
11 Environmentally friendly insecticide selectively targets cotton pest
12 Diseased dolphins use muscles as energy source to survive, study suggests
13 Method to cultivate microbial communities in a permanently stable manner
14 More math testing could be good for primary schoolchildren, if done in the right way
15 Fewer donors say they're willing to give to a charity when it supports immigrants, especially if they're undocumented
16 The Plastic Alternative the World Needs
17 In Midwestern schools, LGBTQ teachers face discrimination, hate and their own fears
18 Mirvie Raises $60 Million for Blood Test to Predict Pregnancy Complications
19 Using bacteria to accelerate CO2 capture in oceans
20 An intelligent quantum sensor that simultaneously detects the intensity, polarization and wavelength of light
21 A Denisovan girl's fossil tooth may have been unearthed in Laos
22 New silicon nanowires can really take the heat
23 Prioritizing environmental justice while capturing carbon from the air
24 Farm vehicles are now heavier than most dinosaurs: Why that's a problem
25 5 Weather-Related Things Often Reported as UFOs
26 Helping rain stay where it lands
27 Novel meteorological mechanisms behind severe drought in southwestern China during spring 2021
28 The benefits of introducing herbaceous crops among mandarin trees
29 How social media posts could affect credit scores
30 Student expenditures decrease at some colleges that receive promise scholarship funds
31 Highway links benefit businesses, unless they are based outside cities
32 A new law unchains fusion energy
33 Scientists find new and mysterious DDT chemicals accumulating in California condors
34 Friendly fungi announce themselves to their hosts
35 Study gives animal testing alternatives a confidence boost
36 First animals developed complex ecosystems before the Cambrian explosion
37 Self-fulfilling rankings boost agencies' power, influence
38 Aerodynamics of perching birds could inform aircraft design
39 New metasurface-based device creates different images depending on light and environmental conditions
40 The lonely fate of a robot on Mars
41 Congress dives into UFOs, but no signs of extraterrestrials
42 Climate change is heating up Florida. That could bring more wildfires, new report warns
43 Wayward sea lion is back--this time found in a San Diego storm drain
44 National Zoning Atlas aims to make America's patchwork of codes accessible and comprehensible
45 New technology dramatically increases the recovery rate of precious metals from waste
46 Spectacular ceiling frescoes discovered in the Temple of Khnum at Esna
47 Hubble reveals a river of star formation
48 Marine ecologists warn of coral extinction by the end of the century
49 Previously unknown dolphin species were present in ancient Swiss ocean
50 Child's tooth could offer clues to ancient human relative
51 New protein structures to aid rational drug design
52 Team develops automated platform for plasmid production
53 NASA's InSight still hunting marsquakes as power levels diminish
54 New algorithm approach paves the way for larger, more complex metalenses
55 Evidence of slash-and-burn cultivation during the Mesolithic
56 China's terrestrial carbon sequestration in 2060 could offset 13% to 18% of energy-related peak carbon dioxide emissions
57 How three mutations work together to spur new SARS-CoV-2 variants
58 United States' ocean conservation efforts have major gaps, analysis shows
59 Astronauts may one day drink water from ancient moon volcanoes
60 Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study finds
61 Second endangered cheetah cub dies in Iran: state media
62 UN floats plan to boost renewables as climate worries mount
63 Method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we measure snow depth from space
64 Here Is What One Million COVID Deaths in the U.S. Looks Like
65 Dusty demise for NASA Mars lander in July; power dwindling
66 Seafloor animal cued to settle, transformed by a bacterial compound
67 Can introducing a central bank digital currency improve social welfare?
68 Climate change will force big shift in timing, amount of snowmelt across Colorado River Basin
69 Our minds can't comprehend 1 million COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.
70 'Alarming' Climate Records in 2021 Prompt UN Call to Triple Renewable Energy Investment to $4 Trillion
71 Insights to better characterize the nuclear physics and extreme environments of cosmic explosions
72 How to Deal with the Anxiety Caused by the Climate Crisis / Science
73 New material can 'capture toxic pollutants from air'
74 Quantum key distribution network accurately measures ground vibration
75 Celebrated Mexican archaeologist wins major Spanish award
76 Study shows how diet has transformed the ancient dog into a family pet
77 Organizations seek to develop drought-resistant crops to tackle food crisis
78 At-risk sea life in the Atlantic needs better protection from an increase in shipping
79 Why people trust or distrust experts when it comes to critical issues
80 A galactic smashup might explain galaxies without dark matter
81 The role party affiliation played in getting US to grim new milestone of one million COVID deaths
82 Blue Origin delays next flight over technical issues
83 Celiac friendly cereal? Research shows oats could be the answer
84 Extending the lifespan of artificial cell membranes from five days to almost two months
85 Physicists shine new light on an old quantum optics problem about collective behavior
86 Rainforest trees may have been dying faster since the 1980s, study finds
87 Parrots Climb Using Three Limbs, Thereby Violating the 'Forbidden Phenotype'
88 Care ethics in social entrepreneurship promotes social sustainability
89 Here's why pipe organs seem to violate a rule of sound
90 Proposed nitrogen fertilizer policies could protect farmer profits, environment
91 Tree loss on Madagascar not caused by small-scale fires used for land clearing
92 The WHO to Discuss Global Pandemic Treaty at World Health Assembly May 22-28
93 Study shows a '15-minute city' within reach for Vancouver
94 Developing a better diagnostic nano-probe
95 Hugging a partner could reduce stress for women, study suggests
96 Graphene-wrapped zeolite membranes for fast hydrogen separation
97 Next-generation weather models cross the divide to real-world impact
98 Remote teaching during the pandemic disadvantages students in New Jersey's lower-income school districts
99 NBA sees rise in acts of symbolic violence, decline in acts of physical violence
100 Engineering team creates monitoring toolkit to speed production of biologic drugs
101 Dolphins use taste of urine to recognize friends
102 Molecular surveillance pathway tells cells when they run low on lipids
103 Engineers investigating NASA's Voyager 1 telemetry data
104 Researchers magnify hidden biological structures by combining SRS and expansion microscopy
105 Engineers show how tungsten oxide can be used as a catalyst in sustainable chemical conversions
106 First direct observation of the dead-cone effect in particle physics
107 Identifying links between incentives and ethical lapses
108 Ultracold bubbles on space station open new avenues of quantum research
109 Physicists explain how type of aurora on Mars is formed
110 Biden warns of 'another tough hurricane season' this year
111 Research team develops wood-based foam to keep buildings cooler
112 Two-step molecular process rewires nutrient transport in wild thale cress
113 Getting Vaccinated After Infection Could Slash Risk of Long COVID, Study Finds
114 For wetland plants, sea-level rise stamps out benefits of higher carbon dioxide
115 Wildcats set to save species from extinction born at wildlife park
116 Official measures of research 'impact' are failing to keep pace with socially-networked academics
117 New advances for reducing defects in multimaterials using directed energy deposition