File Title
1 What the Voyager space probes can teach humanity about immortality and legacy
2 How preserving a country's languages can lead to decolonization
3 Tsunami threats are greatly underestimated in current models, new research shows
4 Deforestation surges in Brazil Atlantic Forest: report
5 Identifying the top 100 global water management questions for the coming decade
6 Developing a one-stop shop for diamond-based quantum sensing materials
7 EPA proposes Bristol Bay protections in potential blow to Pebble Mine development
8 Delta water crisis linked to California's racist past, tribes and activists say
9 Forest Service ban on prescribed fires stalls work to protect Colorado residents, water supplies
10 1 in 5 state GOP lawmakers in far-right Facebook groups, study says
11 Finding coherence in quantum chaos
12 Models predict that planned phosphorus reductions will make Lake Erie more toxic
13 Developing wet circuits for biology research
14 How to tie-dye cotton with acorns and rust
15 New study maps financial ownership of over $1 trillion of the fossil fuel industry's projected 'stranded asset' loss
16 Discovery offers starting point for better gene-editing tools
17 Experts discuss causes, trends, solutions [of firearm violence]
18 Three chaperones coordinate the breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast
19 Bags or bins? When it comes to recycling, the answer is complicated
20 U.S. COVID Hospitalizations Surge 29% in Two Weeks
21 New type of extremely reactive substance discovered in the atmosphere
22 Researcher describes how extraterrestrial civilizations could colonize the galaxy even if they don't have starships
23 Aliens Are Far Less Likely to Destroy Us than an Asteroid, New Paper Says
24 First global compilation of river avulsions
25 Mass shootings and gun violence in the United States are increasing
26 More reptile species may be at risk of extinction than previously thought
27 The 'fuel of evolution' is more abundant than previously thought in wild animals
28 Scientists shine new light on role of Earth's orbit in the fate of ancient ice sheets
29 People must be 'heart' of climate action, researchers say
30 Fishing for a new source of proteoglycans, an important health food ingredient
31 Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming
32 Diabetes drug improves antibacterial treatment speed and effectiveness, researchers report
33 Trials show AI holds the key to improving biodiversity next to railway tracks
34 Babies Born this Decade Could See Humans Visit Jupiter's Moons and the Asteroid Belt Say Scientists
35 Binary Stars May Stymie Life as We Know It, ALMA Observations Indicate
36 Ukraine's Summer Weather Forecast: Hot, Dry and Bloody
37 AI learns coral reef 'song'
38 The Arctic's tricky quest for sustainable tourism
39 Missing COVID-19 data leave us in the dark about the current surge
40 British coral predicted to be resilient to climate change
41 Hubble looks at a face-on grand spiral
42 Scientists made a Mobius strip out of a tiny carbon nanobelt
43 Scientists make toxic gas sensing nine times more effective
44 Roman soldier labelled a 's****er' in ancient phallic graffiti
45 What guppy guts can teach us about evolution
46 How Will Testing for COVID-19 Change in the Future?
47 Hubble views an interacting spiral
48 Chemists reveal how tau proteins form tangles
49 Two critically endangered red-ruffed lemurs born in captivity
50 Cu-Fe catalyst facilitates ambient-pressure conversion of CO2 into long-chain olefins
51 Monkeypox Is Not the Same as Shingles Despite COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Claims
52 Researchers study adolescents' life aspirations in Cambodia
53 Oil and gas brine 'no better' at controlling dust than rainwater, researchers find
54 Our Mars rover mission was suspended because of the Ukraine war. What we're hoping for next
55 Can we avert the next mass shooting? Yes, and here's how
56 The 'carbon footprint' was co-opted by fossil fuel companies to shift climate blame. Here's how it can serve us again
57 Biosynthesis of cyanobacterin opens up new class of natural compounds for applications in medicine and agriculture
58 Strawberry farms threaten Spanish wetlands
59 Mass shootings leave behind collective despair, anguish and trauma at many societal levels
60 Intensive whaling did not rob the fin whale of its genomic diversity
61 Wild animals are evolving faster than anybody thought
62 Putin masking invasion policies with 1990s humanitarian propaganda, analysis finds
63 UAP Footage Captured by A US Army Helicopter Has Just Been Released
64 Climate Change Threatens Important African Coastal Sites / Science
65 AI solution makes the quest for elusive monolayers a lot simpler
66 Why gun control laws don't pass Congress, despite majority public support and repeated outrage over mass shootings
67 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captures video of record flight
68 NASA images reveal 'Sharkcano' eruption, where sharks live near active underwater volcano
69 New route to build materials out of tiny particles
70 In wake of hurricane, microbial ecosystem remarkably resilient
71 Hummingbirds may struggle to go any further uphill
72 Firearms makers play key role in America's gun culture
73 Ancient viral elements embedded in human genome are not from fossil retrovirus
74 Many attendees of gatherings like Burning Man report 'transformative experiences'
75 New method allows easy, versatile synthesis of lactone molecules
76 New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing
77 No photosynthetic improvement in ictB transformants in field-grown model crop
78 Researchers unravel role of cohesins in embryonic stem cell division
79 Siberian tundra could virtually disappear by mid-millennium
80 Observation of fractional exclusion statistics in quantum critical matter
81 California investigating sick and dying brown pelicans
82 When hurricanes strike, social media can save lives
83 No 'echo chambers' in Reddit climate debate
84 Choking local funding prevents terrorism
85 Scientists identify beetle that triggers production of red propolis in Brazil
86 Linker histone's surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA
87 Humans Are More Likely to Attack an Extraterrestrial Civilization than the Other Way Around Says Scientist
88 Man Suffers Memory Loss 10 Minutes After Having Sex, Here's What Transient Global Amnesia Is
89 17 years post-Katrina, New Orleans-area protections complete
90 Climate change effect on Peruvian glaciers debated in German court
91 Vanuatu declares climate emergency
92 US review traces massive New Mexico fire to planned burns
93 Here Are the Companies that Could Profit as Governments Scramble to Secure Monkeypox Treatments and Vaccines
94 Robotic buoys developed to keep Atlantic right whales safe
95 Our Mood Doesn't Affect Our Behavior as Much as Our Habits Do, Says New Research
96 Nasty La Nina keeps popping up
97 Colombian Research on Nanofibers Spun into Pandemic Boon
98 Summer Space Reading List: Don't Blow Yourself Up
99 The Mind-Bending New Theory that Says this Weird Alien Rock Found in Egypt Comes from A Supernova Explosion
100 Decline in North Sea puffins causes concern
101 2021 Was A Record-Breaking Year for Climate Change
102 Astronomers Should Shift Focus to Understanding Exoplanets We've Already Discovered, Says Researcher
103 Race to save undersea Stone Age cave art masterpieces
104 Antarctica's only active volcano shows how CO2 allows volcanoes to form persistent lava lakes at the surface
105 Gabon takes grassroots approach in anti-poaching drive
106 New flexible and tough superelastic metal alloy shows promise in biomedical applications
107 The enigmatic tropical alpine flora on the African sky islands is young, disturbed, and unsaturated
108 Seeing the intrinsic emission from a single natural protein with ultraviolet optical antennas
109 Researchers realize efficient hydrogen-peroxide production in acid
110 Key insights into a protein linked to diabetes and hypertension
111 Roadside safety messages increase crashes by distracting drivers
112 Chip-scale Floquet topological insulators to enhance 5G wireless communications
113 A Major Science Journal Publisher Adds A Weird Notice to Every Paper. What's Behind This?
114 Investigating a hospital superbug's resistance power
115 James Webb Space Telescope Gets Ready to Study the Geology of Strange New Worlds
116 Lever-inspired triboelectric nanogenerator with ultra-high output for pulse monitoring
117 From Psychedelic Pharma to Crop Gene Editing
118 A new quantum technique could enable telescopes the size of planet Earth