File Title
1 Nutritionist shares foods that can 'work against you' and cause dehydration
2 Why you should take gum health seriously, and what you can do about it
3 Telangana: Doctors remove 206 kidney stones from 56-year-old man
4 Dog sniffs as good as RT-PCR? Research shows they could be
5 Four strange COVID symptoms you might not have heard about
6 How vaginal hygiene can impact your fertility
7 World Schizophrenia Day: Living with the mental illness
8 Watermelon: Best way and time to eat this hydrating summer fruit (plus, health benefits)
9 The current bout of unexplained hepatitis in COVID-hit children is related to the virus in some way
10 'Was hard and I did not act fast enough': Sameera Reddy on dealing with postpartum stress
11 Moms seeking formula tire of those who say, just breastfeed
12 Do summer heat, dehydration increase risk of kidney stone formation?
13 Mira Kapoor on trying intermittent fasting: 'It just doesn't sit well with me'
14 Six fruits and vegetables that have anti-aging properties
15 World Inflammatory Bowel Disease day: 'The incidence of IBD is increasing'
16 Smart changes that can help to tackle childhood obesity
17 Study says antibiotics can lead to life-threatening fungal infection because of disruption to the gut microbiome
18 COVID booster needed for broad protection against Omicron variants, studies show
19 Should you eliminate salt and sugar from the diet?
20 What is the BB glow treatment and should you get one done?
21 What is glutathione, and why do you need to ensure its intake?
22 Things to keep in mind while choosing an alternative to milk
23 Why you must drink water stored in a clay pot or 'matka'
24 All you need to know about migraine attacks and triggers
25 Fruity alert: Here's what makes peach or aadu a summer 'superstar'
26 Expert shares simple diet tips to relieve constipation, insomnia
27 Masaba Gupta swears by ginger ale when sick; know about its benefits (plus, recipe)
28 What we know about long COVID so far
29 Working long hours? This is what you can do for your sight
30 Birth control: What to expect if you choose to come off it
31 Why you mustn't ignore symptoms like bloating, constipation, heartburn
32 Can a diabetic have watermelon?
33 Man born without a jaw on living with Otofocial syndrome; know about the 'rare genetic condition'
34 The best time to drink water is...
35 Cutting Edge: TMS treatment is safe, eases depression just like medication, says expert
36 Five simple ways to reduce bloating quickly
37 Summer health: Does dehydration alter the color of urine?
38 Monkeypox and COVID-19: Expert shares differences
39 Billie Eilish gets candid about living with Tourette syndrome and why she feels 'confident' now
40 More than 1 in 5 adult COVID survivors in US may develop long COVID, CDC study suggests
41 From white petha juice to psyllium husk: Decoding Navjot Singh Sidhu's diet chart in jail
42 FDA warns viral hack to keep avocado fresh may be harmful for health; know what experts say
43 What is osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease?
44 Chhavi Mittal shares her radiotherapy experience, calls it 'eventful'
45 Why you must have the refreshing bael sharbat this season
46 Beat sugar cravings with these effective diet and lifestyle tips
47 No matter how mild or severe your COVID was, you are at risk of post-disease complications
48 Can you be infected with monkey pox and COVID-19 at the same time?
49 Infertility in men and women: Understanding the causes, treatment
50 Some dos and don'ts to follow after your cataract surgery
51 WHO: COVID-19 cases mostly drop, except for the Americas
52 Do you know your sunscreen?
53 Here's why Ayurveda suggests drinking moon-charged water
54 Monkeypox outbreak: Some common myths and facts about the viral infection
55 Monkeypox is largely a self-limiting disease, but high-risk groups can have severe consequences
56 Why is your child a fussy eater and how can you deal with it?
57 Plugged-in lifestyle may be worsening infertility
58 Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022: Mistakes to avoid, tips to follow for a clean period
59 Summer health and nutrition: Here's what you need to know
60 India records 2,685 fresh COVID-19 cases, 33 deaths
61 World Menstrual Hygiene Day: Know all about first period, self-care tips
62 Bad period day at work? Stress not
63 Time restricted eating no better than calorie counting in weight loss, a study finds
64 Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022: Follow these lifestyle dos and don'ts for painless periods
65 Sleepless in summer? Blame climate change
66 Dementia metaphors help describe the condition, but can also perpetuate stigma and hinder treatment
67 COVID or no COVID, Beijing diners won't be denied their Peking duck
68 Nutrition check: Are light foods like poha, upma, murmura really healthy?
69 As zoonotic diseases spiral, how do we live with them?
70 Shweta Kawaatra has celery juice every day on an empty stomach; here's why
71 Two 'tried-and-tested' home remedies to get relief from acidity
72 Malaika Arora enjoys a plate of curd rice; here's why you should too
73 5 foods that will help 'cover your nutritional bases' in the first trimester
74 Chhavi Mittal talks about a bra conundrum after surgery for breast cancer; take a look
75 Six simple steps to mental health management
76 'Wish I can be a man': China's Qinwen Zheng as menstrual cramps crash her French Open dream
77 COVID-19 in babies--here's what to expect
78 A surge in oral cancer cases due to tobacco consumption, say doctors
79 'Don't panic over COVID re-infection or BA.4, BA.5'
80 Baby girl born with permanent smile due to bilateral macrostomia; know more about the rare condition
81 Can coffee consumption lower the risk of death? Here's what a study found
82 Cutting Edge: An early warning system for Alzheimer's?
83 World No Tobacco Day 2022: Effects of long-term exposure to passive smoking on heart
84 Why Zheng Qinwen fell to menstrual pain
85 Understanding the link between tobacco consumption and infertility in women
86 Healthy eating: What you need to know about 'feeling of fullness'
87 What Ayurveda says about sipping on warm water first thing in the morning
88 Could I still be infectious after COVID isolation? And should I bother wearing a mask once I'm all better?
89 Woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant, gives birth to twins; know more about superfetation
90 'The long shadow of Long COVID has taken its toll on mental health,' expert says
91 Mira Rajput consumes this wonder ingredient for her skin: 'No makeup, no skincare, just drinking...'
92 Singer KK reportedly dies of heart attack: what are the warning signs, symptoms, and, preventive measures
93 Why you mustn't ignore symptoms like fatigue, irritability, and inflammation
94 Understanding the emotional and psychological impact of cancer on kids
95 ICMR: India fully prepared to deal with nose-bleed fever virus
96 The doctor prescribed an obesity drug. Her insurer called it 'vanity.'
97 The many benefits of using neem twigs or datun to brush your teeth
98 What should a diabetic keep in mind when having pumpkin?
99 Monkeypox spread no reason to shun pride parades: World Health Organization
100 Why has aspirin advice for heart protection changed?
101 'KK was on antacids': Doctor; how to differentiate between heart problems and digestive issues
102 Indian heatwaves threaten maternal and baby health
103 KK was seen sweating profusely at Kolkata concert; is there a link between perspiration and heart attack?
104 Blood transfusion: From risk factors to care, all you need to know about the procedure
105 Piles in women: Expert shares the causes, symptoms, and treatment
106 These four food items can help control high blood pressure; find out
107 Should I end isolation even if I continue to test positive?
108 Chronic migraine needs early diagnosis, timely attention and lifestyle management, neurologists say
109 'It's not the same as heart attack': Cardiologist busts common myths about heart failure
110 Hailey Bieber opens up about mental health journey, says therapy has been a 'game-changer'