File Title
1 Ferdinand Marcos Jr. proclaimed next Philippines president with huge win
2 A father's worst fear: Losing one of his children
3 In more than 100 GOP midterm ads this year: Guns, guns, guns
4 These are the best--and worst--cities for work-life balance
5 These Are the Best--and Worst--Cities for Work-Life Balance
6 'How to Murder Your Husband' writer convicted of murdering husband
7 A doomed river crossing shows the perils of entrapment in the war's east
8 French court scraps rule allowing burkinis in Grenoble swimming pools
9 Russia says it will pay foreign debt in rubles after US ban
10 Parents in the US face a haunting question: Is any schoolchild safe?
11 Venezuelan man, crowned world's oldest, marks 113th birthday Friday
12 'Not Again': A weary Europe greets Monkeypox with a touch of fatalism
13 After Texas massacre, US senators discuss options against 'very slim' odds
14 1.1 million Afghan children could face severe malnutrition
15 Trump must testify in New York probe, appeals court rules
16 Texas gunman barricaded in classroom with victims for hour before raid ended siege
17 Husband of teacher killed in Texas school shooting dies of heart attack
18 Toronto police kill man carrying gun near schools
19 Southern Baptist leaders release secret list of pastors, church personnel accused of sexual abuse
20 Video of Brazil cops suffocating a man to death in truck of police car draws fury
21 Palestinians: Israel deliberately killed Al Jazeera reporter
22 Texas doctor says it's 'crushing' as she treats mass shooting victims for second time
23 Video of Brazil cops gassing Black man draws fury after his death
24 Baby formula shortage highlights racial disparities
25 Japan reiterates plan to cut reliance on coal
26 Senate GOP blocks domestic terrorism bill, gun policy debate
27 Canada proposes guidelines to manage financial risks from climate change
28 Uvalde had prepared for school shootings. Why did it not stop the rampage?
29 Chile could be home to world's oldest tree, study suggests
30 'Require adequate assurances' on Sri Lanka's debt sustainability restoration: IMF
31 College enrollment drops, even as the pandemic's effects ebb
32 How does it end? Fissures emerge over what constitutes victory in Ukraine
33 Trump urges end to gun-free school zones, easier confinement of 'deranged' people
34 'Send the police now': Kids called 911 from Texas classroom during massacre as police waited
35 US issues sanctions targeting North Korean weapons of mass destruction program
36 Disease experts call on WHO, governments for more action on monkeypox
37 NATO: Turkey urges 'concrete steps' from Sweden, Finland
38 Al Jazeera says it will go to ICC over killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh
39 Russia shows off Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in test-launch at sea
40 G7 working to resume grain exports from Ukraine, UK's Johnson tells Zelenskiy
41 WHO: Nearly 200 cases of monkeypox in more than 20 countries
42 Ukraine's former President blocked from leaving the country
43 Now, like cyclones, heatwaves to get names too
44 Trump's primary losses puncture his invincibility
45 Testing positive and using the 'backdoor' to get into the US
46 329 years later, last Salem 'witch' who wasn't is pardoned
47 As shooting continued, officers questioned commander's decision to wait
48 Fleeing the Russians: Evacuations are slow, arduous, fraught
49 The NRA gathering in Houston spotlights an American divide
50 Gun in Texas shooting came from company known for pushing boundaries
51 Children among 31 killed at church fair stampede in Nigeria
52 Investigators question delayed police response in Texas school shooting
53 UN rights chief says she urged China to review counter-terrorism policies
54 Drones. Crutches. Potatoes. Russians crowdfund their Army.
55 Diplomats fear Russia may use Syrian aid as bargaining chip in Ukraine
56 Tending Russia's dead as they pile up in Ukraine
57 North Korea lifts COVID lockdown amid 'stable' virus situation, according to media
58 Ukraine, Russia battle in the east as Zelenskyy visits front
59 Zero-COVID, big money: China's anti-virus spending boosts medical, tech, construction
60 From baristas to inspectors: Singapore's robot workforce plugs labour gaps
61 EU to pledge support for Ukraine, but not ready with new Russia sanctions
62 For Russian-speaking Ukrainians, language clubs offer way to defy invaders
63 Lavish projects and meager lives: The two faces of a ruined Sri Lanka
64 Texas shooting: During Joe Biden's visit, Uvalde tells him to 'do something'; he pledges 'we will'
65 France to put down Seine killer whale after rescue fails
66 How a billionaire's climate activism forced Australia's top polluter to take a U-Turn
67 European Union to agree on Russia oil ban in principle, but at odds over practice
68 Unlikely monkeypox outbreak will lead to pandemic, says WHO
69 No survivors in air crash, bodies being flown out: Nepal
70 EU, resolving a deadlock, in deal to cut most Russia oil imports
71 Canada introduces law to freeze handgun sales, ban look-alike toys
72 Around 100 killed in clashes between Chad artisanal gold miners last week--govt.
73 Paris demands probe after French journalist killed in Ukraine
74 Monkeypox top developments: Over 300 confirmed cases; WHO says unlikely to become a pandemic
75 Death toll from Brazil floods at least 91, with dozens lost
76 Sri Lankan woman rickshaw driver has to queue 12 hours, or more, for fuel
77 Indian-origin US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi honoured with Distinguished Leadership Award
78 Handgun freeze key feature of Canada's new firearm bill
79 Canada's military, where sexual misconduct went to the top, looks for a new path
80 Egypt displays trove of newly discovered ancient artifacts
81 Shanghai moves toward ending 2-month COVID-19 lockdown
82 As Ukraine fights, does the EU owe it membership?
83 After a bumper 2021, companies might struggle to increase profits
84 Bodies of all 22 victims of Nepal plane crash brought to Kathmandu for post-mortem
85 Oil prices rise after EU bans most Russian oil imports
86 In major blow, EU bans imports of a majority of Russian oil
87 A Russian plane crashed into a house. Death was parceled out randomly.
88 US agrees to send advanced rockets to Ukraine
89 New Australian government includes record 13 women ministers
90 Vladmir Putin likely to get even more dependent on India
91 Jailed Kremlin critic Navalny says he faces 15 more years imprisonment
92 Three doses of same or mixed jabs work equally well against COVID: Study
93 Saudi Arabia is planning the largest buildings ever constructed
94 Colonial looted art: Namibia recovers 23 objects from Germany
95 Elon Musk's ultimatum to Tesla execs: Return to the office or get out
96 Muslim call to prayer arrives to Minneapolis soundscape
97 John Hinckley to get full freedom 41 years after shooting Ronald Reagan
98 The US is sending advanced weapons to Ukraine. But conditions apply
99 WHO believes COVID getting worse, not better in North Korea
100 With Roe in doubt, states weigh letting nurses do abortions
101 As food shortages loom, a race to free Ukraine's stranded grain
102 Carbon emissions dip, at least briefly, in China, study says
103 Why Ukraine's Sievierodonetsk is so important
104 India sees surge in exotic wildlife smuggling
105 Africa home to all of the world's top 10 neglected crises
106 No more Turkey: Country in push to be known as 'Turkiye'
107 French diplomats go on strike in rare protest
108 Investors cash in on food commodities as the poor go hungry
109 Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes conviction is upheld by New York court
110 US lawyer Michael Avenatti gets 4 years in prison for defrauding Stormy Daniels