File Title
1 In Bali, bird sellers help endangered mynah make a comeback
2 Volcanic cones near peak sacred to tribes gain protection
3 Male wolf spiders improvise special dance to woo mates, study finds
4 Global plastic waste on track to triple by 2060
5 Uncovering the inner workings of the molecular machinery that shapes chromosomes during cell division
6 What's next for gene drives that fight malaria-carrying mosquitoes?
7 Promising new materials mimic muscle structure and function
8 Searching for critical minerals in ancient ocean floors
9 Woman receives 3D-printed ear implant grown from her own cells in major breakthrough
10 Just 3 ingredients can quickly destroy widely used PFAS 'forever chemicals'
11 Readers ask about the limits of de-extinction, crater shapes and more
12 Zinc vital to evolution of complex life in polar oceans
13 A new Science News for the young people in your life
14 Unknown structure in galaxy revealed by high contrast imaging
15 Phase separation found in immune response within cells
16 Russian Space Ship Docks on International Space Station Despite Russia's Threats
17 Population trends of butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers
18 Study reveals extreme levels of exposure to violence, risk of being shot for community violence intervention workers
19 Doubling up Cooper pairs to protect qubits in quantum computers from noise
20 Scientists announce a breakthrough in determining life's origin on Earth--and maybe Mars
21 Dogs found to be effective for mass screening people for COVID-19
22 Teachers' stress isn't just an individual thing, it's about their schools too
23 50 years ago, U.S. and Soviet leaders agreed to collaborate on science
24 What makes smoky, charred barbecue taste so good? The chemistry of cooking over an open flame
25 Giving refugees money instead of goods can lead to price gouging, but it doesn't have to
26 Newly discovered coronavirus common in bank voles
27 New research shows long-term personality traits influence problem-solving in zebra finches
28 For a smooth-running economy, rule of law matters
29 How assault-style rifles and ammunition kill and maim
30 In first year of COVID-19 pandemic and after George Floyd's death, rates of some crimes rose while others fell
31 How simulations could help get PFAS out of soil
32 Saving an endangered breed of donkey
33 On social media, people are offering their homes to abortion seekers--but existing networks still need help
34 Novel method for early disease detection using DNA droplets
35 Carbon dioxide peak for 2022 more than 50% higher than pre-industrial levels
36 DNA moves steadily during interphase, providing cells with a robust housekeeping system
37 Great timing and supercomputer upgrade lead to successful forecast of volcanic eruption
38 Researchers find large cost benefits for companies with Machiavellian CEOs
39 Genetic paparazzi are right around the corner, and courts aren't ready to confront the legal quagmire of DNA theft
40 Farm shops and agricultural cooperatives waste up to 80% less fruit and vegetables than supermarkets
41 Using drones, satellite tracking and infrared sensors to improve ocean health
42 Using digital solutions to reduce food waste by tracking and predicting transport conditions
43 Putting the theory of special relativity into practice, by counting galaxies
44 Online instruction blended with face-to-face time is best strategy for students recovering from COVID-19 setbacks
45 Snare injuries decrease reproductive performance of female hyenas in the Serengeti
46 Could the Depp v. Heard case make other abuse survivors too scared to speak up?
47 Rare albino Galapagos giant tortoise born in Swiss zoo
48 Engineers model nanoscale crystal dynamics in easy-to-view system
49 Social media spreads rumors about COVID vaccine harms, but it doesn't always start them
50 Kansas Governor Signs A 'Hollow' Cannabis Measure
51 China plans to complete space station with latest mission
52 US wildlife agency to consider protecting Yellowstone bison
53 Why US gun violence spikes in warm weather
54 Philippine volcano spews ash and steam, alarms villagers
55 Managing inventories a pandemic headache for US businesses
56 Carbon Dioxide Peaked in 2022 at Levels Not Seen for Millions of Years
57 World's largest plant is a vast seagrass meadow in Australia
58 Scientists produce chimp genetic map to combat trafficking
59 Residents return home as Athens firefighters bring blaze under control
60 Ash covers towns after Philippines volcano eruption
61 Three Chinese astronauts arrive at space station
62 Seen from space, the snow-capped Alps are going green
63 Severe COVID cases more likely in places with high air pollution, study finds
64 Tanzania rescinds decision to lift ban on wildlife exports
65 'Several thousands' of dolphins may have already died amid Russia-Ukraine war, Black Sea scientists warn
66 People Living in Pro-Trump Counties More Likely to Die from COVID, Study Finds
67 New study deepens understanding of how animals see, and what colors
68 Growing wildfire threats loom over the birthplace of the atomic bomb
69 Why it's a bumper time to spot our native fungi
70 Africa needs better weather warning systems, urge experts
71 New polymer property could boost accessible solar power
72 Sharp X-ray images despite imperfect lenses
73 New nanoparticles aid sepsis treatment in mice
74 Origin of the boson peak in amorphous solids
75 New model offers physics-inspired rankings evaluation
76 What is the best radiation shielding for the surface of Mars?
77 Research sheds light on relationship between political affiliations and interpretations of COVID-19 graphs
78 Are the ethics of synthetic biology fit for purpose?
79 Research finds tree plantations encroaching on essential ecosystems
80 New way to identify influenza A virus lights up when specific virus targets are present
81 Many gun policy solutions are effective and popular, experts say
82 Developing the next generation of quantum algorithms and materials
83 Passport and Visa Privileges in Global Health
84 Has a beautiful songbird become an invasive species in Britain?
85 How wolf personalities can alter wetlands
86 Genetically modified corn found to not damage non-target organisms
87 A call to action on the issue of gun violence
88 Exploring wildlife's 'worm-wide web'
89 A new approach to reach back to the Big Bang
90 Research reveals when and how chickens were domesticated
91 Domestic chickens' origin story may have begun about 3,500 years ago
92 A novel all-optical switching method makes optical computing and communication systems more power-efficient
93 Study explores the promises and pitfalls of evolutionary genomics
94 Study proposes mathematical tool to help understand fractal structure of quark-gluon plasma
95 Breakthrough paves way for photonic sensing at the ultimate quantum limit
96 The evolution of SELF in American Sign Language
97 This Collaboration Will Use Quantum Computing to Make Manufacturing More Sustainable
98 All wound up: A reversible molecular whirligig
99 Chesapeake Bay watershed earns a C+ on latest 'report card'
100 New panels want to talk ethics, rules of climate tinkering
101 Racially charged events spark classroom intervention
102 Human-triggered California wildfires are more severe than natural blazes
103 Bacterial cellulose in kombucha enables microbial life under Mars-like conditions
104 What the tangled history of polar bear and brown bear relations tells us
105 Antagonistic interactions of plant defense compounds
106 Attempted suicide rates lower in women who use hormonal contraceptives--study
107 Examining how lichens defend themselves against toxic metals and high acidity
108 Researchers unravel the stability mystery of ocean rings
109 Cover crops not enough to improve soil after decades of continuous corn
110 How bumps in 2D materials could smooth quantum investigations
111 We May Have Found A 'Dune Moon' Around Jupiter Say Scientists
112 Melatonin Overdoses Among Kids Up 530% from 2012 to 2021
113 Nano-sensor detects pesticides on fruit in minutes
114 New study shows welfare prevents crime, quite dramatically
115 Exotic tree plantations can disturb local wildlife