File Title
1 Cannabis Use Impacts Sleep Duration
2 Black Holes Don't Always Kill, They Give Birth to Stars too
3 Coffee's Impact on Cholesterol Depends on Drinker Sex, Brewing Method
4 Secondary Tasks in Interviews Help Identify Liars
5 Researchers Show Influenza Directly Infects the Heart
6 How Diet & Gut Microbes Can Combine to Cause Depression
7 A Genetic Mutation that Improves Intelligence
8 Pet Cannabis Poisoning is on the Rise
9 Increased Mental Health Risks Linked to High Potency Cannabis Concentrates
10 Is cannabis good or bad for the environment?
11 How Do Bananas Ripen? The Dynamics of Spot Formation Reveal Secrets About Keeping the Fruit Fresh
12 Promising New Treatment for Cat Litter Parasite T. Gondii
13 Oldest Brain Surgery in North America
14 From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button!
15 Multiple Mental Health Diagnoses are Increasingly Common. Why?
16 Brain Area for Reward Perception 10% Larger in Psychopaths
17 Opioid Addiction Treatments Minimize Fetal Brain Changes
18 A Novel Trigger for Cell Death is Identified
19 Long-Term Antibiotics Raise the Risk of Death from a Systemic Fungal Infection
20 A Virus Was Used to Cure an Antibiotic-Resistant Lung Infection
21 This Day in Science: Mount St. Helens Eruption Anniversary
22 Implanted Insulin-producing Cells for Diabetes Treatment
23 Virus-Infected Pig Heart Transplanted into a Human
24 Animal Study Edits Genes to Treat Anxiety and Associated Alcohol Use Disorder
25 Sarin Gas Revealed as Cause of Gulf War Syndrome
26 Pawsitive Effects of Pet Therapy
27 Sleep Allows Our Brains to Process Emotions
28 How to Ensure You Are Using High Quality Laboratory Consumables that Produce Consistent Results
29 Trial Underway for Alzheimer's Vaccine
30 Ceres: King of the Asteroid Belt
31 An Implantable Vascular Monitoring Device
32 A Strange 'Black Widow' Pulsar Candidate in Our Galaxy
33 Single-Cell Atlas Reveals Gene Activity Across Human Tissues
34 JAMA Reports US Nursing Home Industry Needs Fundamental Overhaul
35 Looking for an Easier Way to Scale-up Your Benchtop Cell Cultures?
36 New Study Identifies Heart Attack Risk Factors for Younger People
37 Reducing sedentary time mitigates the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
38 Broad International Cooperation Needed to Save Coral Reefs
39 The Pioneering Project to Change How We Predict Space Weather
40 CDC Investigation into Severe Hepatitis Cases in over 100 Children: What to Know
41 Landslides can have a major impact on glacier melt and movement
42 'Nanomagnetic' computing can provide low-energy artificial intelligence
43 Non-toxic, Eco-friendly Solar Panels
44 Top Hack for Growing the Best Cannabis
45 COVID-19, MIS-C & Kawasaki Disease Lead to the Same Immune Response
46 Proteins that Seem to Cause Migraines are Found
47 Developing Methods to Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence
48 There's an uptick in kids going to the E.R. because of eating weed edibles--what's going on??
49 Io: The Volcano World
50 Astronomers Photographed the Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
51 The Unconscious Brain at Work
52 Death from Heart Attacks More Common in US than Other High-Income Countries
53 Vaccine for Deadly Mosquito-borne Virus Shows Promising Trial Results
54 NASA Rocket to Discover the Key to Life on Earth
55 Experimental Drug Shows Promise Against ALS
56 Fruits and Vegetables May Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Children
57 Repurposed Antibiotic Shows Promise Against COVID-19 in Mice
58 Daily Cranberry Consumption Boosts Cognitive Function, Reduces Cholesterol
59 Mars Rover InSight to End Mission in July
60 Bacteria with recording function capture gut health status
61 Virtual reality & holograms will improve astronaut mental health during long-term space travel
62 Why Staph Infections are Only Severe for Some
63 Drug Shows Promise in treating Spinal Cord Injury
64 Friendly Gut Bacteria Can Help Eliminate Pathogens
65 Second COVID Boosters Not Recommended for All Adults
66 Suppressing Negative Memories Makes Them Fade Away
67 What to Know About the Recent Monkeypox Outbreak
68 Taboo Bird Flu Vaccines Considered in Europe Amid Poultry Outbreak
69 A Review of COVID-Era Data Reveals Changes in Childbirth Practices
70 Do E-cigarettes Cause Cardiovascular Disease?
71 The Effect of a Genetic Mutation Can Change Over Time, and Evolution
72 Are Planets Responsible for the Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts?
73 Opinion: Renaming Earth's Moon to 'Luna'
74 Cannabis and PTSD
75 Psychological Hurdles Preventing People from Buying Electric Cars
76 Gout Medication Helps Hospitalized People with Heart Failure
77 The Genetics Underlying Susceptibility to Severe COVID-19
78 Cerebrospinal Fluid from Young Mice Improved Memory in Old Mice
79 Video games can help boost children's intelligence
80 Dolphins Use Coral to Treat Skin Conditions
81 How Antibiotics Can Lead to a Persistent Fungal Infection
82 A Possible Therapy for Infantile Spasms
83 Evolution of Planet-Forming Disks Depends on Mass
84 The Oat Genome Reveals Why It's Good for the Gut
85 Obesity in Pregnancy Increases Child's Risk of Heart Disease
86 CRISPR Cockroaches? Gene-Editing in Insects is Now Possible
87 Why are volcanoes so awesome?
88 Saving Rice from Climate Change
89 Sleepio the First Digital Therapeutic to Receive NICE Guidance for Insomnia Treatment
90 What is Happening in Antarctica? 85,000 Earthquakes Near Previously Inactive Volcano
91 Brain Circuit in Anterior Thalamus Plays a Key Role in Memory Function
92 TCGA: An Important Tool for Cancer Research
93 Dietary Cholesterol Exacerbates Flu Infection
94 These Gene-Edited Tomatoes Carry High Levels of Vitamin D
95 Exploring Drug Targets in Neurodegenerative Diseases
96 The Connection Between Bizarre Dreams and Deeper Learning
97 Deadly Heart Arrhythmia Linked to Air Pollution May be Avoidable
98 Algae-powered computing: Scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell
99 NYU Researchers Find CBD effectively Reduces Post Operative Pain
100 Molecular Biology: What is it, and how is it used?
101 Preventing Tooth Decay Using Tooth Gems: A Look into Ancient Mayan Dentistry
102 Cannabis Crystal Polymorphism
103 Reducing Salt Intake Improves Heart Failure Symptoms
104 Titan: The Hazy Moon
105 New Technology for Electronics Improves Cooling and Reduces Bulkiness
106 What is LiDAR? How Archaeologists See Through Forests to Find Ancient Ruins
107 Top Colleges with Cannabis Science Programs
108 Sonic Hedgehog gene speeds up large-scale bone regeneration
109 What is CBC?
110 Differences in Cannabis Use Among Two- and Four-Year College Students
111 Astronomers Discover Over 700 Ultracool Dwarfs
112 Puzzling features deep in Earth's interior illuminated
113 Mothers Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic Effects Child Fear in Kids with Developmental Disabilities
114 Strong as Steel: Hemp Reinforcing Bar
115 Microbes Orchestrate Gut Gene Expression
116 How Certain Genetic Mutations Can Increase the Risk of Blood Cancer
117 A New Kind of DNA Editor in Miniature
118 New measurements from Northern Sweden show less methane emissions than feared
119 Stars in other galaxies more massive than we thought
120 How T Cells Get Some Much-Needed Rest