File Title
1 China plays for influence in South Pacific with security proposal and diplomatic tour
2 Australians voted for stronger action on climate change. Will they get it?
3 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' brings 'Star Wars' out of the desert and onto Disney+
4 Ancient volcanoes may have created a rare resource for lunar explorers
5 G7 commits to decarbonizing electricity by 2035 but leaves wiggle room for fossil fuels
6 'Dr. Beach' names the top 10 US beaches for 2022
7 Two critically endangered Amur leopard cubs were born at the Saint Louis Zoo
8 Soon you'll be able to buy solar panels at Ikea
9 Where to go this summer: 11 top destinations
10 Faster, cleaner, greener: What lies ahead for the world's railways
11 Europe's scramble for gas could cause the next energy shortage
12 The patients at this New Zealand rehab center aren't people--they're penguins
13 Russia could cut off Denmark and the Netherlands' natural gas
14 German Chancellor accused of comparing climate activists to Nazis
15 Scientists propose 'invisible barriers' in space to explain 'planes of satellite galaxies'
16 Examination of meteorite from Mars reveals limited water exposure
17 China, US are racing to make billions from mining the moon's minerals
18 Food security in space: Farming salad in moon soil
19 Boeing's Starliner spacecraft--finally--blasts into orbit
20 Digging Deep: How animal soundscapes reveal levels of Amazon forest degradation
21 Boeing Starliner: 5 facts you need to know about the spacecraft
22 NASA: Hubble Telescope data hints 'something weird' going on in universe
23 Boeing's Starliner successfully docks at International Space Station during second attempt
24 Scientists create graphyne, the next generation wonder material
25 Hubble reveals a 'curious couple' and river of star formation
26 With U.S. help, Japan wants to go from player to power in space
27 NASA announces early plan to send astronauts to Mars
28 NASA's InSight Mars lander takes one last selfie
29 Boeing Starliner capsule returns to Earth, capping key uncrewed test mission
30 'Potentially hazardous' asteroid, twice Burj Khalifa's size, to fly past Earth on May 27
31 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures galactic 'dancing duo'
32 'Quantum Internet' inches closer with advance in data teleportation
33 Moon's ancient volcanoes could have created thick sheets of ice on its surface
34 Digging Deep: Genetics gives a closer look into origins of the world's first farmers
35 Quarter of world's internet users' infrastructure susceptible to attacks
36 5 stargazing apps for spotting constellations in the night sky
37 NASA video shows Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on a daring record-breaking flight
38 Hubble space telescope captures two star-forming spiral galaxies
39 This is the space station China is building to challenge the US
40 Sweden signs NATO request, Finland formally endorses move
41 In Europe's first, Spain aims to introduce paid menstrual leave
42 Buffalo shooting: US President Joe Biden condemns racism, mourns new victims
43 Flight data from China Eastern jet points to intentional nosedive, says report
44 'They are unexplained, but they are real': US officials say Pentagon committed to understanding UFO origins
45 US military chief says Taiwan must strengthen its defenses
46 Russia Ukraine War News Highlights: Finland says Russia suspending natural gas supplies
47 India intends to operate S-400 missile system to defend against threats from Pakistan, China: Pentagon
48 Finland, Sweden submit application to join NATO
49 UNICEF warns of more child deaths as food costs soar
50 Azovstal eyewitness recounts her evacuation from Mariupol steel plant
51 Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, finds study
52 Fears for Mariupol defenders after surrender to Russia
53 On a Russian talk show, retired colonel stuns colleagues by saying Ukraine invasion isn't going well
54 No money to buy petrol, says Lankan govt. as it urges citizens not to queue up for fuel
55 Russian soldier pleads guilty in war crimes trial in Ukraine
56 US confirms monkeypox infection in Canada traveller
57 Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine, Zelenskiy mocks 'wonder weapon'
58 Portugal finds 5 monkeypox cases in men as outbreak spreads
59 North Korea's suspected COVID-19 caseload nears 2 million
60 'Unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq...I mean Ukraine': George Bush's faux pas caught on camera
61 China relaxes some COVID test rules for US, other travellers
62 Russia will rebuild 'freed' territories in Ukraine: RIA
63 US warns North Korea could greet Biden with nuclear, missile tests
64 Ukraine President Zelenskyy's life story told in new comic book
65 Joe Biden invokes Defense Production Act for formula shortage
66 Why some young Swedes remain uneasy about joining NATO
67 At London vigil, UK Tamils seek justice for civil war victims
68 Russia-Ukraine War: How does a prisoner exchange work?
69 China's zero-COVID policy dashes global hopes for quick economic return to normal
70 Indonesia to lift palm oil export ban from Monday, president says
71 Gay men asked to be alert as monkeypox cases rise to seven in UK
72 Silence from Kyiv as Russia claims more than 1,700 surrender in Mariupol
73 Russian soldier on trial asks victim's widow to forgive him
74 Afghan Taliban order women TV anchors to cover their faces
75 Monkeypox: Canada confirms first two cases; Australia reports probable case
76 Canada bans China's Huawei Technologies from 5G networks
77 China: Scientists find 192m-deep sinkhole with 'well-preserved primitive forest'
78 Human skull about 8,000 years old is found in Minnesota river
79 Rights groups urge FIFA to earmark $440mln for Qatar migrant workers
80 German parliament OKs 3 months of cheaper public transport
81 Finland says Russia suspending natural gas supplies
82 WHO calls emergency meeting as monkeypox cases cross 100 in Europe
83 Russia Ukraine War News Highlights: Russian attack in Donbas 'largest one on European soil since WW II,' says Ukrainian official
84 Donald Trump pays $110,000 fine, must submit paperwork to end contempt
85 Biden, South Korean leader to consult on how to check North Korea
86 N. Korea reports over 200,000 fever cases for 5th day amid COVID wave
87 Ginni Thomas' emails deepen her involvement in 2020 election
88 In South Korea, Biden seeks to rebuild economic ties across Asia
89 Crisis-hit Sri Lanka lifts state of emergency as law and order situation improves
90 Biden signs USD 40B for Ukraine assistance during Asia trip
91 Australian prime minister concedes defeat in election
92 Three Air Force cadets who refused vaccine won't be commissioned
93 The Russian orthodox leader at the core of Putin's ambitions
94 How Anthony Albanese went from public housing kid to Australia's new PM
95 Biden says 'hello' to N. Korea's Kim amid tensions over weapons tests
96 Taliban Pressure Women in Afghanistan to Cover Up
97 Adoptions another facet of life halted by war in Ukraine
98 Biden says monkeypox cases something to 'be concerned about'
99 Fate of 2,500 Ukrainian POWs from steel plant stirs concern
100 As Russia intensifies push for Donbas, Ukraine rules out ceasefire
101 How an energy expert triggered Vladimir Putin with one word
102 COVID-19, shootings: Is mass death now tolerated in America?
103 Biden pushes economic, security aims as he ends South Korea visit
104 Indian-origin businessman Sunil Chopra elected as mayor in UK
105 Australia: PM-elect Anthony Albanese wants to 'end climate wars'
106 Ukraine war, pandemic to top agenda of World Health Assembly
107 How a French bank captured Haiti
108 Ahead of Quad summit, China says US' Indo-Pacific strategy 'bound to fail'
109 India-Japan will contribute to open, free and inclusive Indo-Pacific defined by respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity: PM Modi
110 Third possible case of monkeypox found in the US
111 Ukraine parliament bans Russian war symbols
112 Russia's laser weapon in Ukraine: Does it exist?
113 Argentina reports first suspected case of monkeypox
114 Rural Philippines, long neglected, newly appealing in COVID-19 times
115 'Such bad guys will come': How one Russian brigade terrorized Bucha
116 Ukrainian court convicts Russian soldier of war crimes and sentences him to life in prison
117 Expert: Monkeypox likely spread by sex at 2 raves in Europe
118 Russian-speaking technologists rebuild their lives in a San Francisco home
119 Russian diplomat to UN in Geneva resigns over war in Ukraine
120 Joe Biden says US military would defend Taiwan if China invaded
121 COVID-19: North Koreans suffer amid surge in cases, food shortages