File Title
1 Hubble observes super hurricanes, rain of vapourised rocks on Jupiter-sized planets
2 Emirates Mars Mission to collaborate and share data with NASA's MAVEN project
3 NASA's new tests to evaluate readiness of astronauts upon landing for Atremis missions
4 Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti: ISS is a 'beacon of hope'
5 Distant object found by Hubble connects two rare celestial bodies
6 Digging Deep: What a videogame reveals about our navigation abilities
7 Shenzou 13: China's longest crewed space mission comes to an end
8 NASA shares picture of Martian sunrise clicked by InSight rover
9 A massive asteroid impact may have covered craters on the moon's near side: Study
10 Researchers successfully use cost-effective Cherenkov radiation device to detect cancer
11 Australian scientists to power Tesla on 15,000-km trip with printed solar panels
12 Why a 'double ridge' in Greenland hints at possibility of life on Jupiter's icy Europa
13 Digging Deep: New study shows how climate informed hominin evolution
14 NASA to roll back its SLS Rocket for repairs
15 Researchers develop solar energy storage and transport technology without need for solar panels
16 China plans to test asteroid monitoring and defense system by 2025: Report
17 All-private astronaut team returns safely from landmark space station visit
18 Astronomers observe gravitational waves giving high-speed kick to black hole
19 SpaceX set to launch space station's next astronaut crew for NASA
20 SpaceX Crew-4 mission launches successfully; astronauts settle in for ride to ISS
21 Latest astronaut crew of 4 welcomed aboard International Space Station
22 NASA sees 'otherworldly' wreckage on Mars with Ingenuity helicopter
23 Engineers at Drexel University develop new Lithium-Sulphur tech that can revolutionise batteries
24 Mars probe discovers 'shocking' new aurora
25 Started out as a fish. How did it end up like this?
26 Digging Deep: Neighbourhood air quality has spill over effects beyond what was previously thought
27 Mimi Reinhard, who typed up Schindler's list, dies at 107
28 EAM Jaishankar says his pathway to diplomacy started from his interest in music
29 Russia-Ukraine War Highlights: Russian warship Moskva that Ukraine claimed to hit sinks in Black Sea
30 UN: COVID plunged 77 million into poverty before Ukraine war
31 Howard University has played an important role in building bonds between India and the US: Blinken
32 Canada vs. Australia vs. UK immigration points system
33 How to apply for a UK work visa
34 China sets aside push to spread wealth in pivotal year for Xi
35 Indian Consulate in Shanghai closes in-person services as COVID crisis worsens in China
36 Stressed drivers, lots of guns: An explosion in road rage shootings across US
37 Continuing to monitor 'several descendent lineages' of Omicron variant: WHO
38 UK inflation rises at fastest pace in 30 years
39 IS supporter given life sentence for murdering UK lawmaker David Amess
40 New York subway shooting suspect arrested on mass transit violence charge
41 UK's Johnson rejects calls to resign amid 'partygate' fine
42 The solitary journey of Frank James, who wanted to 'watch people die'
43 A 'silent victim': How nature becomes a casualty of war
44 Wind whips destructive wildfires in New Mexico, Colorado
45 Class and air-raid sirens: School in wartime for Ukraine's children
46 Russians planted thousands of land mines and booby traps, Ukrainians say
47 'Prophet of Doom': US subway suspect left ranting video clues
48 China's Xi says sticking to tough COVID curbs will bring victory
49 The Ukrainian refugee crisis is a women's crisis
50 The Philippines toppled one Marcos, now his son may become President
51 Sister of suspect in Brooklyn subway shooting says 'he's been on his own his whole life'
52 Ukraine war pushes Germans to change. They are wavering.
53 Russian tech industry faces 'brain drain' as workers flee
54 Pfizer to seek COVID-19 booster for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds
55 India finally on board, but Trincomalee oil farm now waits for economy crisis to lift
56 IMF's Georgieva says Ukraine war hits growth, threatens to fragment global economy
57 Vladimir Putin warns against phasing out Russian gas
58 Africa COVID cases on longest run of declines since pandemic's start: WHO
59 China's 'zero-COVID' mess proves autocracy hurts everyone
60 Israel successfully tests new laser missile defense system
61 Indian-origin UK doctor guilty of sex offences against 48 patients over 35 years
62 FDA authorizes 1st breath test for COVID-19 infection
63 UK's Prince Harry and Meghan visit Queen Elizabeth
64 N. Korea marks key anniversary, but no word on army parade
65 Ferrero to stop buying palm oil from Malaysia's Sime Darby over labour concerns
66 Arizona man arrested after 183 dead animals found in freezer
67 As Russia loses warship, Zelenskyy hails Ukrainians' resolve
68 Growing defiance of COVID curbs in China brings wave of arrests
69 Recaptured Ukrainian village left with wrecked tanks, bodies and questions
70 12 jobs that increased in demand due to the pandemic in Canada
71 Australia is facing a severe manpower crunch, and migrants are needed
72 Five people to share $50,000 reward for tips on New York subway shooting suspect
73 More than 900 civilian bodies found in Kyiv region, says police
74 Bidens paid 24.6 percent taxes on $610,702 earnings, returns show
75 Mysterious liver illness seen in kids in US, Europe
76 How hypersonic missiles work and the unique threats they pose--an aerospace engineer explains
77 A new COVID-19 breath test holds promise, but wide use may still be far off
78 Sweden prepares for more clashes as far-right demos continue
79 UN says boat capsizes off Libya, 35 dead or presumed dead
80 Vladimir Putin's Ukraine gamble pivots to a very different battlefield
81 Mounting attack may end scope for negotiation: Zelenskyy
82 North Korea says it tested new tactical guided weapon
83 Police arrest suspect in South Carolina mall shooting
84 'We're exhausted': Palestinians decry Israeli raids as collective punishment
85 Will Ukraine war derail the Middle East's solar power boom?
86 Russia strikes Ukraine's big cities, bears down on Mariupol
87 Where Russians turn for uncensored news on Ukraine
88 A Nazi soldier stole a watch in 1942. It turned up 80 years later.
89 Disney, built on fairy tales and fantasy, cofronts the real world
90 Who's next? Lithuanians prepare for potential Russian aggression
91 Ukraine conflict intensifies Nepal's economic woes
92 China sending up next space station crew in June
93 Clashes erupt again near flashpoint Jerusalem holy site
94 Germany in a dilemma amid calls to do more to stop Russia
95 US rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead
96 Turkey launches new ground, air offensive in northern Iraq
97 'No surrender': Ukrainians fight on in Mariupol steel plant
98 Is COVID-19 more dangerous than driving? How scientists are parsing COVID risks
99 China's economic data hints at cost of zero COVID strategy
100 Rare overlap of holy days shows Jerusalem's promise and problems
101 'They are gone, vanished': Missing persons haunt Ukrainian village
102 Mar-a-Lago machine: Donald Trump as a modern-day party boss
103 Days after the sinking of a Russian warship, questions linger
104 Atrocities in Ukraine war have deep roots in Russian military
105 Who is Akshay Nanavati, the former US Marine who skied a treacherous Antarctica glacier?
106 US CDC lifts COVID 'Do Not Travel' recommendations on about 90 countries
107 Gaza militants fire rocket into Israel as tensions soar
108 Second arrest made in South Carolina mall shooting
109 White House commits to barring anti-satellite missile tests
110 To push back Russians, Ukrainians hit a village with cluster munitions
111 These art sleuths are taking on traffickers in a $10 billion black market
112 Ukraine war divides Orthodox faithful
113 A 'Wild West' of marijuana shops grows in Toronto
114 Indian-American Navy veteran Shanti Sethi appointed Kamala Harris's defense advisor