File Title
1 Capturing Solar Energy and Converting It to Electricity When Needed--Up to 18 Years Later
2 Genetic Mutations Across Animal Kingdom Shed New Light on Aging
3 Small HDL "Good Cholesterol" Particles May Help Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
4 Excess Weight Nearly Doubles a Woman's Risk of Endometrial Uterine Cancer
5 Russian Cosmonauts Complete Spacewalk to Set Up 37-Foot-Long Robotic Arm
6 Using Ultrasonic Waves to Charge Underwater and Body-Implanted Electronic Devices
7 A 'Mirror' to Protons and Neutrons Allows Scientists to Study the Particles that Build Our Universe
8 Pacific Northwest Wildfires Alter Air Pollution Patterns Across North America--Posing Potential Health Risks to Millions of People
9 Private Ax-1 Astronauts Extend Stay on Space Station: Dragon Endeavour Departure Postponed
10 NASA's SpaceX Crew-4 Astronauts Arrive at Florida Spaceport for Final Preparations Before Launch
11 16/8 Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner's Guide
12 Popular Snack or Marijuana Edible? Study Finds Some Cannabis Products Look like Common Snack Foods
13 Noninvasive Sound Technology Breaks Down Tumors, Kills Cancer Cells, and Spurs the Immune System
14 Surprising Changes in Neptune's Temperatures Detected by Astronomers
15 Vegan Diets for Dogs May Be Linked with Better Health Over Raw or Conventional Meat Diets
16 Breaking News in Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Evidence of Water Near Europa's Surface
17 SpaceX Dragon "Freedom" Spacecraft Mated to Falcon 9 Rocket for NASA Crew-4 Launch
18 Private Ax-1 Astronauts Prep for Departure from Space Station as Crew-4 Mission Nears Launch
19 New Tests Evaluate Mission Readiness of Astronauts upon Landing on a Moon or Planetary Surface
20 Smokers with Heart Disease Could Gain Five Healthy Years of Life by Quitting
21 The Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Water Therapy
22 New Drugs for Bad Bugs: From Rare Soil Microbe, a New Antibiotic Candidate for Drug-Resistant Infections
23 Over 5,500 New Viruses Identified in the Ocean--Including a Missing Link in Viral Evolution
24 Time Might Not Exist, According to Physicists
25 New Atomically Thin Material that Improves the Efficiency of Light-Based Tech: Solar Panels, Cameras, Biosensors
26 Snuggling Sea Turtles Filmed for the First Time
27 Climate Geoengineering Could Have Massive Repercussions for the Health of Billions of People at Risk of Malaria
28 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Arrives at Ancient Delta for New Science Campaign
29 About 30% of COVID Patients Develop "Long COVID"--Here's Who Is Most at Risk
30 New "Electric Eye" Neuromorphic Artificial Vision Device Developed Using Nanotechnology
31 Seismic Algorithm Reveals Tonga Islands Eruption Was the Largest Explosive Eruption of the 21st Century
32 Private Astronaut Mission Undocking Waved Off--NASA, Axiom Space, and SpaceX Assessing
33 Errors in DNA Inside Brain Cells May Build Up at a Faster Rate in People with Alzheimer's Disease
34 Uncovering How Our Gaze Is "Anchored" in the Brain--How Our Eyes Stay Focused on What We Reach For
35 Sun Releases Significant Solar Flare--Powerful Burst of Energy Captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
36 COVID-19 Infection Granted Unvaccinated People Strong, Long-Lasting Protection on Par with mRNA Vaccines
37 SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket with Crew-4 Dragon Rolls to Launch Pad, Completes Dry Dress Rehearsal
38 Celebrating Hubble's 32nd Birthday: A Magnificent View of an Unusual Collection of Five Galaxies
39 Delicious Foods that Are Good for Your Heart
40 Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Woman Catches COVID Omicron Infection Just 20 Days After Delta
41 7 Health Food "Imposters" that Aren't as Healthy as You Think
42 Pterosaur Discovery Solves Ancient Feather Mystery: Flying Reptiles Could Change the Color of Their Feathers
43 SpaceX Completes Falcon 9 Critical Static Fire Test in Preparation for NASA Crew-4 Launch
44 Astronomers Discover Micronovae: A New Kind of Thermonuclear Stellar Explosion
45 What Lies Beneath: The Surprising Power of Game Theory to Explain Odd and Irrational Human Behavior
46 Sun Releases Moderate and Strong Solar Flares--Captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
47 MIT Chemists Devise "Spring-Loaded" System to Pop Phosphorus into Molecular Rings
48 Mental Illness Linked with Increased Death from Cardiovascular Disease
49 NASA Selects 6 Companies for Development of Space Communication Services
50 Incredible Video of Solar Eclipse on Mars--Captured by NASA's Perseverance Rover
51 Weird World of High-Pressure Chemistry Made Simple by Revision of a Key Chemical Concept
52 New Explosive Compound Synthesized from Strange World of High-Pressure Chemistry
53 Private Axiom Astronauts "Stuck" on Space Station Until Saturday
54 New Materials Enable Cheaper Solar Cells that Are Easier to Make
55 Stellar Devastation on a Massive Scale: Black Holes Destroy Thousands of Stars to Fuel Growth
56 A Grand New Dam on the Nile: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
57 SeaHawk Satellite: Little CubeSat Is a Throwback to a Previous Era and a Glimpse of the Future
58 Humans Disrupting 66 Million-Year-Old Fundamental Feature of Ecosystems--"This Hasn't Happened Before"
59 Moderate Solar Flare Erupts from Sun--Captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
60 Space Station Crew Busy with Research as Managers Work Axiom Ax-1 and SpaceX Crew-4 Missions
61 Scientists Discover How Air Pollution Alters Lung Tissue, Increasing Cancer Susceptibility
62 Do Antidepressants Help? Study Finds They're Not Associated with Improved Long Term Physical or Mental Health
63 New Factors that Can Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence Identified by Investigators
64 Watch It Live: NASA Coverage for Private Astronaut Axiom Mission 1 Departure from Space Station
65 Large Hadron Collider Measures Mass of the Top Quark with Unparalleled Accuracy
66 A Small Mutation Can Make Zika Virus Even More Dangerous--And Potentially Breakthrough Pre-Existing Immunity
67 Star Collisions Fuel Massive Black Holes: Mysterious Origins of Gravitational Wave 190521
68 NASA's Lucy Mission Is "Go" to Attempt Solar Array Deployment Fix
69 Where Neurons Begin in the Brain Isn't Necessarily Where They End
70 Exploring Earth from Space: Earth Day [Video]
71 Introducing the MIT Oreometer--Mechanical Engineers Put an Oreo's Cream Filling Through a Battery of Tests
72 Large Hadron Collider Reveals Secret of Antimatter Creation in Cosmic Collisions
73 MIT's Low-Cost Fabrication Method for Thin Mirrors and Silicon Wafers Could Be a Game-Changer
74 Large Hadron Collider Restarts After 3 Years of Upgrades: Particle Collisions at World-Record Energy Levels
75 Simulating Supernova Remnants and Star Formation with a High-Power Laser in Earthbound Lab
76 Jupiter's Innermost Moon--Io--Has Spectacular Dunes
77 Longer Interval Between COVID-19 Vaccines Generates Up to 9x as Many Protective Antibodies
78 NASA Packing Up Artemis I Mega Moon Rocket for Return to Vehicle Assembly Building
79 Axiom Ax-1 Departure and Spacewalk Preps Wrap Up Work Week on Space Station
80 Glowing Spider Fossils Prompt Breakthrough Research on Treasure Trove of Amazingly Well-Preserved Specimens
81 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Dwarf Galaxy
82 NASA's X-59 Quiet Supersonic Experimental Aircraft Arrives Back in California Following Critical Ground Tests
83 7 Ways to Boost Your Mental Focus & Clarity Naturally
84 Atomic Layer Etching Could Lead to Ever-More Powerful Microchips and Supercomputers
85 Plasma-Powered Rocket Designed for Deep Space Exploration
86 This Week @NASA: Next Crew of Astronauts Heading to Space Station, Mega Moon Rocket
87 Why Cats' Eyes Glow in the Dark
88 Diamonds that Formed Deep in the Earth Could Help Explain Earthquake Mystery
89 The FDA Approved a New Drug to Treat Alzheimer's, but Medicare Won't Always Pay for It--a Doctor Explains Biogen's Aduhelm
90 NASA, Axiom Space, and SpaceX Teams Wave-Off Ax-1 Undocking--Space Station Reboosts
91 Structures Considered Key to Gene Expression Are Surprisingly Dynamic and Short-Lived
92 Celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope's 32nd Birthday with a Stunning Galaxy Grouping
93 Evidence of Zoonotic Spread: Superbug C. difficile Can Jump Between Pigs and Humans
94 Do You Need a Second COVID Booster Shot? An Epidemiologist Scoured the Latest Research for Answers
95 Weird New Type of Stars--Covered in Helium Burning Ashes--Discovered by Astronomers
96 Beer and Spirits Are Worse for the Waistline and Cardiovascular Disease Risk than Red or White Wine
97 Hydrogen Molecule Turned into a Quantum Sensor--With Unprecedented Time and Spatial Resolutions
98 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Electromagnetic Spectrum
99 NASA's New "Lunar Backpack" Can Generate a Real-Time 3D Terrain Map to Aid Moon Explorers
100 NASA and SpaceX Delay Crew-4 Launch
101 Disruptions from the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Can Now Be Countered 10 Times Faster
102 Supercharge Your Diet with These 5 Science-Backed Benefits of Grapefruit
103 Variations in Climate Don't Drive Evolutionary Change as Much as Previously Thought
104 How to Lower Your Risk of Developing Colorectal Cancer
105 The Far Side of Mars Rocked by Two of the Largest Marsquakes Ever Recorded
106 A Decade of Science and Trillions of Collisions Show the W Boson Is More Massive than Expected--a Physicist Explains What It Means
107 Previously Unexplained Light and Heat Emissions May Be Caused by Whirling Masses of Plasma Near Black Holes
108 COVID-19 Third Dose Vaccine Protection Against Hospitalization Wanes After 3 Months
109 Stanford's New Experimental Hardware Integrates Mechanical Devices into Quantum Tech
110 A "Five-Colored Light" Seen in the Sky: Earliest Record of a Candidate Aurora Found in Chinese Annals
111 NASA's Curiosity Rover Reports Back on "Most Chemically Diverse Part" of Gale Crater on Mars
112 Black Holes Devour Thousands of Stars to Fuel Growth
113 Graphene Quantum Magic Delivers a New Class of Superconducting Material
114 The Moon: Going Where No Satnav Has Gone Before
115 Ganymede Casts a Massive Shadow Across Jupiter in Spectacular New Image from NASA's Juno Spacecraft
116 Dragon Endeavour Departs Space Station--Axiom Astronauts Finally Returning to Earth
117 Hubble Space Telescope Spies a Tenuous Diffuse Galaxy
118 Mix-and-Match Approach to Booster Vaccination Offers the Best Protection Against COVID-19
119 Scientists Discover Protein in Fungus that Allows It to Bypass Plant Defenses