File Title
1 New ASM Academy report shows critical role microbes play in climate change
2 Lyrid meteor shower set to delight stargazers
3 What experts told me to do after my positive COVID-19 at-home test
4 Readers discuss hot Jupiters, Earth's inner core oddities and more
5 To solve mysteries, scientists look to muons
6 Should Traditional Vaccines Be Used in the Global Fight Against COVID? / Science
7 Evaluating the morality of actions found to be culturally universal
8 World's most powerful particle accelerator comes back to life
9 Biden order aims to protect old-growth forests from wildfire
10 Researchers take a step toward creating an axle-rotor nanomachine
11 Large Hadron Collider restarts after three-year break
12 Muons spill secrets about Earth's hidden structures
13 Researchers reveal cellular diversity of esophageal tissue
14 The Danger of Overlooking Meteorology for Climate Change Action
15 Theoretical model offers a new perspective on black hole formation and evolution
16 How Your Brain Interprets Aesthetic Enjoyment
17 Hubble explores galactic wings
18 The Large Hadron Collider has restarted after 3 years of upgrades
19 How to control invasive rats and mice at home without harming native wildlife
20 ENSO's influence has not reached the eastern north tropical Atlantic since the mid-1980s
21 Does Laughing at TV Violence Mean You Have A Dark Personality? New Psychological Research Weighs In
22 Dingoes aren't just feral dogs, says study
23 Where Is Halley's Comet? Why 1986's 'Giant Snowball' Will Cause Streaks of Light this Month and When We Will See It Return
24 A rediscovered flower named after its own extinction
25 Glowing spider fossils may exist thanks to tiny algae's goo
26 Anti-COVID Pill Coming to All U.S. Pharmacies Under Reported Biden Plan
27 Breakthrough in estimating fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions
28 Star Trek-Style Hologram Doctor Signals 'Live Long and Prosper' in Space
29 Federal research funding has positive 'ripple effects'
30 What Causes Athlete Burnout? A New Study Suggests Perfectionism Plays A Role
31 Remote working is a 'mixed bag' for employee well-being and productivity, study finds
32 COVID Was Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S. Last Year
33 A roadmap for deepening understanding of a puzzling universal process
34 Woman, 31, Catches COVID-19 Twice in 20 Days, Omicron After Delta Variant
35 Scientists turn a hydrogen molecule into a quantum sensor
36 Scientists scour 'Mexico's Galapagos' for quake, volcano clues
37 Why 4 Million Human Photos from Space Matter for Earth Day
38 California breaks ground on largest urban wildlife crossing
39 Two largest marsquakes to date recorded from planet's far side
40 New hardware integrates mechanical devices into quantum tech
41 Logging 'amplified' severity of Black Summer bushfires
42 Where your recycling actually goes--and what you can do about it this Earth Day
43 New experiment gives insight into the chaotic behavior of flows in planets
44 Meteorites from the red desert of Australia support search for life on Mars
45 A cougar passage rises over a deadly Southern California freeway
46 Nanoclusters self-organize into centimeter-scale hierarchical assemblies
47 Atomic terahertz-vibrations solve the enigma of ultrashort soliton molecules
48 Strong light-matter coupling in organic crystals
49 Fluid flow stimulates chemosynthesis in a 'Greek salad' of hydrothermal microbes
50 Topological synchronization of chaotic systems
51 Droughts self-propagate, just like wildfires
52 Large-scale bovine vaccine study reveals the role of genetics in immune response
53 Marine mollusk shells reveal how prehistoric humans adapted to intense climate change
54 Nuclear expert cautions against unfamiliar new nuclear age
55 Water on Jupiter's moon closer to surface than thought: study
56 Leave Space Exploration to the Robots, Says New Book
57 13-year-old Minnesota youth set to graduate from college
58 Scientists to scour African waters to gauge ocean pollution
59 Study finds superbug C. difficile can jump between pigs and humans, providing evidence of zoonotic spread
60 Birds Really Are More Colorful in the Tropics
61 Getting It Now Versus Waiting Until Fall
62 No 'significant' harm from Galapagos diesel spill: reserve
63 Earliest Evidence of Plate Tectonics Found in 3.8-Billion-Year-Old Crystals
64 Displacement, erasure, and the gentrification of vulnerable communities in 'liveable' Vancouver
65 Three critically endangered Sumatran tigers killed in Indonesia
66 Newly discovered protein in fungus bypasses plant defenses
67 Reframing Brand Marketing like A Neuroscientist
68 Meet the forest microbes that can survive megafires
69 Gravitational waves gave a new black hole a high-speed 'kick'
70 Analyzing bird population declines due to renewable power sources in California
71 'The Last Days of the Dinosaurs' tells a tale of destruction and recovery
72 Scientists find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight
73 New Research Explains How Humility and Being A Good Listener Go Hand-In-Hand
74 Indonesia raises alert level for Krakatoa's offspring volcano
75 Why stored linseed oil tastes bitter and how to correct it
76 Breakthrough for efficient and high-speed spintronic devices
77 New and surprising duality found in theoretical particle physics
78 Electronic structure study of kagome metals bolsters understanding of correlated phenomena
79 Fresh signs of mosquito insecticide resistance in South Africa
80 Ecotourism is having a negative effect on primate behavior
81 LOFAR survey aids in study of clustering property of radio galaxies
82 These male spiders catapult away to avoid sexual cannibalism
83 Researchers discover drug-resistant environmental mold is capable of infecting people
84 New research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs
85 Study examines resilience of immigrant youth in various living arrangements
86 Scientists model landscape formation on Titan, revealing an Earth-like alien world
87 Managing UK agriculture with rock dust could absorb up to 45% the atmospheric carbon dioxide needed for net-zero
88 New scholarly database documents the rise in publicly identifying LGBTQI+ elected officials across the globe
89 Astronaut Captures Space Station View in A Quilting Pattern
90 California family finds 5 bears hibernating under their Lake Tahoe home
91 Scientists Suspect A Hidden Black Hole Embedded in this Galaxy
92 Parents' reactions while helping with math shape young children's achievement
93 Drug-resistant environmental mould 'capable of infecting people,' study suggests
94 Could eating bug powder and fungus meat help fight climate change? Yes, but there are easier ways
95 Rich trio back on Earth after charter trip to space station
96 Unvaccinated People Increase Risk of COVID Infection Among Vaccinated, Study Finds
97 A new type of cell death discovered in fly guts
98 New research provides better understanding of skin's durability
99 Ancient goddess sculpture found by farmer in Gaza Strip
100 Indonesia's Anak Krakatau Volcano Erupts Raising Alert Status
101 Ruins of ancient temple for Zeus unearthed in Sinai
102 Surge of desert surf parks stirs questions in dry California
103 Crew-4 astronauts head to space station to conduct microgravity science
104 How to assess a community's resilience
105 FDA Approves First COVID Treatment for Children Under 12
106 Meat consumption must fall by at least 75% for sustainable consumption, says study
107 A connection between fenbuconazole and mating behavior
108 Some mammals shift their schedules in urban environments
109 New research finds boardrooms must still do more to eradicate modern slavery
110 Researchers use machine learning to speed up counting of microplastics
111 How Do Galaxies Grow? How We Are Finding the Right Environment
112 Terahertz imaging reveals hidden inscription on early modern funerary cross