File Title
1 Dark Stars--a Brief History of Black Holes
2 Frozen Testicular Tissue Can Be Reimplanted After 20 Years and Go on to Make Viable Sperm
3 Wild Fluctuations in Sierra Nevada Snow--Alternating Extremes on California Mountain Range
4 Sizing Up the "Shadows" of Two Supermassive Black Holes in the Process of Colliding
5 Complicating the Opioid Epidemic: Scientists Estimate Fentanyl Has Hundreds of Millions of Chemical Variants
6 Measuring the "Wettability" of Graphene and Other 2D Materials at the Molecular Level
7 Resurgence of Bird Flu--Avian Influenza Virus--Raises Concern with Experts
8 NASA ICON Finds Effects of Massive Tonga Volcanic Eruption Reached Space
9 Human Research Underway as Space Station Awaits Boeing Starliner Mission
10 NASA's CAPSTONE Spacecraft Ships to Launch Site
11 Surprising Discovery: How a Gene Mutation Causes Higher Intelligence in Humans
12 How Do Genomes Evolve Between Species? The Key Role of 3D Structure in Sperm Cells
13 Unexpected Semiconductor Properties Revealed by Innovative New Tool
14 Powerful X-Class Solar Flare Erupts from Sun--NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Image
15 Chemists Develop a Non-Toxic Glue for Plywood--From Glucose and Citric Acid
16 Coffee's Link to Raised Cholesterol Depends on Drinker's Sex Plus Brewing Method
17 Hubble Captures a Dwarf Spiral Galaxy with Multiple Mysteries
18 Gene that Shapes Mutation Rate Discovered in Mice
19 3D Structure of the "Gateway" to the Liver Could Enable Treatments to Fight Hepatitis
20 Life After Death for the Human Eye: Reviving Light-Sensing Cells
21 NeuroMechFly: A Morphologically Realistic Biomechanical Model of a Fly
22 Structure of "Gliding Bird" Plant Defense Protein Could Lead to Better Crops
23 Increased Genetic Mutations in Children Can Be Traced Back to Mistakes in Father's Sperm
24 Astronomers Detect Supermassive Black Hole Precursor--Could Be Evolutionary "Missing Link"
25 Surprising Bacterial Nanowire Discovery May Lead to Living and Self-Repairing Electrical Circuits
26 Higher Quality Wheat: Increased Yields and Up to 25% More Protein Content
27 Groundbreaking "Chameleon Metal" Invented that Acts like Many Others
28 Patent-Pending Technology Converts "Waste" Carbon into Valuable Chemicals and Useful Elements
29 Eating Blueberries Regularly May Reduce Risk of Dementia
30 Flight Readiness Review Begins for Boeing's CST-100 Starliner system
31 Doomed to Collide: Astronomers Announce Discovery of Supermassive Binary Black Holes
32 Cockroach Courtship and Mating: Sugar Aversion Hampers Cockroach Coupling
33 Violent Coastal Storms Could Help Protect Beaches from Sea Level Rise
34 Groundbreaking Milky Way Results from the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration--Watch Live
35 Exploring Underground Ecosystems: Scientists Identify New Soil Viruses
36 Daytime Napping in Seniors May Signal Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease
37 Meet Sagittarius A*--Astronomers Reveal First Image of the Black Hole at the Heart of the Milky Way
38 Yale Research Identifies Causes of Cancer
39 Stunning Reveal: First Image of the Black Hole at the Center of Our Milky Way Galaxy
40 Poor Sleep Undermines People's Attempts to Keep Weight Off After Dieting
41 Astronomers Map the Movement of White Dwarfs of the Milky Way
42 Copper Eliminates the COVID-19 Virus on Surfaces--Silver Does Not
43 4,100 Feet Underground, Scientists Test a Unique Geothermal Energy System
44 New Hope for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease: Designer Neurons
45 Our Reality May Only Be Half of a Pair of Interacting Worlds
46 The Origin of Life on Earth: A Paradigm Shift
47 Kilauea's Lava Lake Persists on Hawaii After Volcano's Biggest Eruption in at Least 200 Years
48 First-Ever Image of the Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
49 Cellular Dynamics: First Panoramic Spatial Atlases of Life
50 World First Breakthrough Could Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
51 Watch What Happens to Astronauts on the Space Station During an Orbital Reboost
52 Gene Editing a "Factory Reset" for the Brain to Cure Anxiety and Excessive Drinking
53 Supernova Forensics: Eight Years Later, a Mysterious Stellar Explosion Is Still Revealing Secrets
54 Space Station Crew Preps for Boeing Starliner During Human Research and Robotics
55 This Week @NASA: Webb Telescope Mission, Historic Black Hole Image, Monster Quake on Mars
56 Scientists Estimate that the Embodied Energy of Waste Plastics Equates to 12% of U.S. Industrial Energy Use
57 Researchers Surprised by Unusually Fast Beaked Whale's Deep-Sea Hunting Strategy
58 NASA Reveals the Eerie Sounds of Hoag's Object--a Galaxy Stretching Over 100,000 Light-Years Across
59 Massive New Mexico Wildfire Spawns 7.5 Mile Fire Cloud
60 Massive Hunga Volcano Eruption Created an Atmospheric Pulse that Caused an Unusual Tsunami-Like Disturbance
62 Fountain of Youth: Cutting Calories and Eating at the Right Time of Day Leads to a Longer Life
63 Photosynthesis Power: A Reliable and Renewable Biological Photovoltaic Cell
64 Explosion on a White Dwarf Star Observed for the Very First Time
65 Laser Pulses for Ultrafast Signal Processing Could Make Computers a Million Times Faster
66 Watch the Official Trailer: NASA's Psyche Mission to a Metal World
67 Successful Weight Loss: Scientists Show that It Might All Be in Your Head
68 Seventeen Modes to Discovery: Webb Space Telescope's Final Commissioning Activities
69 Life Unlikely: Meteorite from Mars Indicates Limited Water Circulation Late in the History of the Red Planet
70 Printable, Self-Assembled Logic Circuits Created from Proteins
71 Revolutionary Technology Generates Incredible 4D Images of Earth's Subsurface
72 A Hunt Gone Wrong! What Caused this Megalodon Shark's Massive Toothache?
73 On the Edge: New Magnetic Phenomenon Discovered with Industrial Potential
74 Research Exposes Long-Term Failure of Russian Propaganda in Ukraine
75 Exploring Earth from Space: Arc de Triomphe, Paris in High Resolution
76 The Standard Model of Particle Physics May Be Broken--a Physicist at the Large Hadron Collider Explains
77 After 30 Years, Genetic Study Confirms Sarin Nerve Gas as Cause of Gulf War Illness
78 Intense Exercise While Dieting May Reduce Cravings for High-Fat Food
79 Stunning First Imagery of Earth from Advanced GOES-18 Satellite
80 Higher Antioxidant Levels Linked to Lower Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia Risk
81 For the First Time Ever, Scientists Grow Plants in Lunar Soil
82 How Properties of Mechanical Quantum Systems Can Be Measured Without Destroying the Quantum State
83 What Is the Multiverse? Is It Just Science Fiction, or Does It Really Exist?
84 Fecal Transplants Reverse Hallmarks of Aging in the Gut, Eyes, and Brain
85 Hubble Spies a Spectacular Glittering Gathering of Stars
86 A Simple One-Week-Long Break from Social Media Can Improve Your Health
87 Rapid Neutron Capture: Astronomers Discover "Gold Standard" Star in Milky Way
88 COVID-19, MIS-C and Kawasaki Disease Share Underlying Molecular Patterns and Immune Response
89 Faster than the Speed of Light: Overcoming the Physical Limitations of Today's Telecommunications
90 41-Million-Pixel Vertex Locator May Unlock Some of the Most Enduring Mysteries of the Universe
91 Komodo National Park Is Home to Some of the Largest Manta Ray Aggregations in the World
92 Weird Link Between Parkinson's Gene and Vocal Issues Could Lead to Earlier Diagnosis
93 A Chilling Feat: Superconducting X-Ray Laser Reaches Operating Temperature Colder than Outer Space
94 Cutting Air Pollution Emissions Would Save 50,000 U.S. Lives and $600 Billion Each Year
95 Maui's Iconic Waves Break with the Crushing Speed of a Freight Train
96 How to Avoid Eating the World: From Degrowth to a Sustainable Food System Transformation
97 Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems and the Flight of the Bee
98 Antibiotics Can Lead to Life-Threatening Fungal Infection Because of Disruption to the Gut's Immune System
99 Producing High-Quality Graphene Cheaply Using Carbon Monoxide
100 Astronomers Discover Mysterious Circular Ring--Likely of Intergalactic Origin
101 Horrifying Discovery: Scientists Find that DNA Mutations Are More Common than Previously Thought
102 Trained Sniffer Dogs Accurately Detect Airport Passengers with COVID-19
103 New Organic Transistor Enables Higher Density Circuit Integration for High-Performance Mobile Devices
104 Extraterrestrial Stone Could Be First Evidence on Earth of Supernova Ia Explosion
105 What Is Dead Pool? It Sounds Ominous. And It Is.
106 Hubble Spies an Exquisite Hidden Galaxy
107 Solving the Baffling Mysteries of Invisible Frost and Dust Avalanches on Mars
108 Peek-a-Boo Moon: Astronaut on Space Station Captures Spectacular Photos of the Lunar Eclipse
109 Temperature Records and Chemical "Tracers" Show Deep Ocean Warming as Climate Changes
110 Sonic Hedgehog to the Rescue: Impressive Regeneration to Repair Large Bone Injuries
111 Growing National Security Threat: Obesity Threatens US Military Readiness
112 First Direct Visual Evidence that the Object in the Center of the Milky Way Is Indeed a Black Hole
113 Scientists Discover a Key Reason Why Running Boosts Brain Health
114 New Clues to Understanding the Mysterious Origin of Supernovae
115 CRISPR Gene Editing Now Possible in Cockroaches
116 Desktop Air Curtain System Developed that Prevents Spread of COVID-19
117 Prices Paid to Hospitals by Private Insurers Were 224% of What Medicare Would Pay in 2020
118 Melatonin and Insomnia: What Science Says About the Use of Melatonin Supplements
119 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines--Like Pfizer and Moderna--Work Better Against Variants of Concern
120 NASA's EMIT Mission Will Map Tiny Dust Particles to Study Big Climate Impacts
121 Using AI to Cure Blinding Eye Diseases
122 Reducing Protein in Diet Improves Health and Extends Lifespan
123 Volume of Choroid Plexus in Brain Linked to Alzheimer's Disease