File Title
1 Improving the composition of radiation protection glasses
2 Adriatic ecosystems withstand major climate shifts but wither under human impact
3 Exploring how winter rye varieties can suit different climates
4 Exploring the job support needs of people with disabilities
5 Chiral gold nanoparticles increase vaccine efficacy by more than 25%, study suggests
6 Nanoparticles prove effective against the yellow fever mosquito
7 Review summarizes recent advances in nanomaterial-based antiviral strategies
8 Study details why 2D molybdenum disulfide formation gets a speed boost from salt
9 NASA is having a tough time testing the SLS
10 Bacterial soundtracks revealed by graphene membrane
11 Scientists name a new species after the singer
12 How blending Inuit knowledge and Western science can help improve polar bear health
13 Climate change will transform how we live, but these tech and policy experts see reason for optimism
14 High school grades matter for post-secondary study, but is pandemic assessment fair?
15 NASA moon rocket faces more flight delays as repairs mount
16 Sun releases significant solar flare
17 How effective is it really?
18 Study finds local voluntary programs are effective in promoting green energy
19 How fear about crime impacts presidential approval
20 How the Future of Shark Conservation Lies in the Nexus of Science and Art
21 It Was Last Seen in 1986 but Halley's Comet Will this Week Make Its Mark with A 'Shooting Star' Display
22 Scientists discover 17 new millipede species, one named after Taylor Swift
23 Antarctic sea ice experiences record low extent for the second time in 5 years
24 Iraq 'green belt' neglected in faltering climate fight
25 Iran fights to recover stolen antiquities
26 Officials say bird flu found at 3rd Indiana duck farm
27 California gives rivers more room to flow to stem flood risk
28 Pacific Northwest wildfires alter air pollution patterns across North America
29 Here's how NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has spent 1 year on Mars
30 Strong tides, vanishing lakes may prove beneficial to Antarctic ice shelf
31 How the protein industry is innovating to meet demand
32 How will we know if they have been used in Ukraine?
33 Observation of the branched flow of spatially incoherent light in dish soap
34 Space dust, asteroids and comets can account for all water on Mercury
35 Some jack-in-the-pulpit plants may use sex to lure pollinators to their death
36 Why does my cat wake me up so early, and what can I do about it?
37 Child tax credit reduced usage of high-cost financial services
38 Women are 'running with leaded shoes' when promoted at work, says study
39 Knowledge may help plant breeders
40 Telemedicine Fails to Counter Healthcare Disparities During the Pandemic
41 All-sky cameras capture bright fireball event
42 Friend or foe of riverine greenhouse gases?
43 Europa may have much more shallow liquid water than scientists thought
44 Researchers develop near-infrared responsive nanoassemblies for combined breast cancer therapy
45 Extremely sensitive nano-sensors can detect trace amounts of molecules
46 Record low Antarctic sea ice extent could signal shift
47 Celebrating Hubble's 32nd birthday with a galaxy grouping
48 We're Going to Uranus! NASA Will Spend $2 Billion Each on New Flagship Missions to the 'Ice Giant' and Saturn's 'Wet Moon' Enceladus
49 Study identifies most vital strategies for successfully implementing changes in industry
50 New promising nanogel separates chemicals continuously
51 Explanation for formation of abundant features on Europa bodes well for search for extraterrestrial life
52 Study predicts thawing of gas-saturated permafrost around oil and gas wells of Russian Arctic
53 Collaboration and resource investment can positively affect a firm's logistics performance
54 Indigenous lands block Brazil deforestation: study
55 A 'greener' alternative for red-colored smoke
56 Utopia-likeness that utilizes the energy of true utopias activates regional development
57 Inspired by prehistoric creatures, researchers make record-setting lenses
58 Study of two wastewater treatment plants in Cordoba equipped with different technology evaluates their odorous impact
59 A new explanation for why Jupiter's moon has splendid dunes
60 Olympic National Park's glaciers could be gone by 2070
61 87% of Kids Hospitalized with COVID During Omicron Wave Were Unvaccinated, CDC Says
62 Students with caring responsibilities face significant challenges
63 Payment apps asking for specific tips before service annoy the heck out of users--but still generate bigger gratuities
64 Scientists discover a new species of deep-sea crown jelly in Monterey Bay
65 Research team measures the mass of the top quark with unparalleled accuracy
66 A Psychology Professor Teaches Us How to Overcome Our 'Rejection Emotion'
67 Eyes of 500-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Inspire Revolutionary High-Tech Camera
68 Devastating Ice Age Floods that Occurred in the Pacific Northwest Fascinate Scientists / Science
69 Girls excel in language arts early, which may explain the STEM gender gap in adults
70 First international initiative to end street homelessness
71 US pledges to end anti-satellite missile tests
72 Bright Fireball Likely Littered Lakeside Region with Meteorites
73 New wage gap calculator aims to help close earnings gap
74 What does it take to procure more effectively in a future crisis?
75 N/A
76 Looking beyond the standard model to explore neutron decay
77 Why African scientists are studying the genes of African species, and how they do it
78 Building a better spacesuit
79 Researchers develop new ways of visualizing ancient small objects by combining technologies
80 Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
81 Modeling the potential role of super spreaders on COVID-19 transmission dynamics
82 NOAA showcases new mapping tool for marine species
83 Lab creates superfluid circuit using fermions to study electron behavior
84 Scientists tag giant porbeagle shark off Donegal coast
85 Wildlife community to come together to help quenda with debilitating skin disease
86 Jaguars could return to the US Southwest--but only if they have pathways to move north
87 Five types of bacteria linked to aggressive prostate cancer--study
88 Perseverance rover arrives at ancient river delta for new science campaign
89 New study finds male lyrebirds sample, compose and share songs
90 The New 83 Megapixel Photo of Our Sun Is One of Five Astonishing Hi-Rez Space Images You Must See and Download
91 How will climate change affect where high-elevation Alpine birds live?
92 The answer to keeping moose populations healthy? Wolves
93 Birth of endangered Hawaiian monk seal caught on camera
94 Under shadow of drought, Santiago ditches exotic plants
95 Five types of bacteria linked to aggressive prostate cancer--study
96 Geoengineering could return risk of malaria for one billion people
97 Impact of family background on children's education unchanged in a century, research reveals
98 Urine bugs may be symptom of aggressive prostate cancer, study warns
99 Planet's atmosphere explains the gravity of the situation
100 Can wind turbines and migrating birds coexist?
101 New method for detecting pre-eruption warning signals at Whakaari White Island and other active volcanoes
102 More than you might think
103 U.S. planetary scientists want to explore Uranus and Enceladus next
104 Structural and functional studies of adhesion receptors disclose intrinsic activation mechanism of orphan GPCRs
105 Bumblebees' nutrition influences their pesticide resistance
106 New report shows flat income taxes can also redistribute tax burden
107 Future of Earth's defense is ground-based planetary radar
108 Eelgrass beds important for resilience of fish stocks
109 Accessible developmental screening tools needed to ensure children from diverse backgrounds have proper support
110 An efficient electrochemical intercalation method for high-yield production of TMD nanosheets