File Title
1 Study: Lack of Sleep Predisposes to Abdominal Visceral Obesity
2 Methane in Exoplanetary Atmosphere Could Be Sign of Extrarerrestrial Life
3 ASKAP Finds Rogue Supernova Remnant near Large Magellanic Cloud
4 Fading of Long-Period Comets Begins beyond Saturn, Study Says
5 Hubble Uncovers Most Distant Star Ever Seen
6 Distinct Gut Bacterial Communities are Associated with Personality Traits: Study
7 Planet Mercury Has Magnetic Storms, New Research Shows
8 Deserts Inhale and Exhale Water Vapor through Their Surface, Scientists Say
9 Mars Express Sees Fascinating Ice-Related Features in Utopia Planitia
10 New Research Shows Stingrays and Cichlid Fish Can Add and Subtract
11 Orb-Weaving Spiders Use Their Web as Acoustic Antenna
12 Complete Human Genome Sequenced for First Time
13 SDO Observes Two Powerful Solar Flares
14 Hubble Space Telescope Zooms in on NGC 5921
15 Perseverance Characterizes Acoustic Environment of Mars
16 Higher Avocado Consumption Tied to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular and Coronary Heart Diseases
17 Proto-Jupiter Underwent Significant Orbital Migration, Research Suggests
18 Huayna Picchu is Original Name of Inca City Now Known as Machu Picchu
19 New Type of Human Lung Cell Discovered
20 Culture Plays Minimal Role in Perception of Odor Pleasantness, Says New Study
22 New Study Reveals Anatomical Features that Could Explain what Makes Dogs' Faces So Appealing
23 Milky Way's Inner Ring is Nearly 6 Billion Years Old, Astronomers Say
24 Passerine Birds are More Colorful Close to Equator, Study Confirms
25 Volcanic Activity Could Be Responsible for Triggering Marsquakes in Cerberus Fossae
26 Mother Nature Prefers Symmetry and Simplicity, Researchers Say
27 Ultrahot Jupiters WASP-178b and KELT-20b Have Extreme Weather
28 Astronomers Spot Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen
29 Colossal Ancient Impact Explains Moon's Two Faces
30 MeerKAT Discovers Farthest Hydroxyl Megamaser to Date
31 Hubble Snaps Stunning Image of Messier 91
32 Cretaceous-Period Horned Dinosaur Had Combat Injuries
33 Neptune is Cooler than Astronomers Thought
34 Physicists Precisely Measure Mass of W Boson
35 Scientists Have New Theory on Origin of State
36 Study: Vegetarian Weaver Birds are More Sociable than Their Insect-Eating Counterparts
37 Quantum Teleportation Can Be Used to Avoid Loss in Communication Channels, Researchers Say
38 New Drug Effective in Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
39 Earliest Known Report of Aurora Found in Ancient Chinese Chronicle
40 Hubble Detects Giant Nucleus of Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein
41 Orchid Species Missing for 89 Years Rediscovered in Australia
42 New Antibiotic Candidate Identified in Soil Bacterium
43 New Measurements Shed Light on How Neutrinos Change Their Flavor
44 Mystery of Missing Apex Predators in Cretaceous North American and Asian Ecosystems Solved
45 Hubble Finds Rapidly Growing Black Hole in Early Universe
46 Osteopathy May Relieve Pain Associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders, New Review Says
47 Why Do Eyes of Cats, Dogs and Other Animals Glow in the Dark?
48 Diverse Microbial Life Forms Existed at Least 3.75 Billion Years Ago, Study Confirms
49 MAGIC Telescopes Detect Gamma Rays from Recurrent Nova
50 Researchers Develop Highly Efficient Heat Engine
51 New Math Model Describes Swelling, Elasticity and Adhesion of Pasta as It Cooks
52 Two New Classes of Low-Mass Red Giants Discovered
53 Scientists Confirm Discovery of 'Hottest Rock on Earth'
54 Fungi Use Electrical 'Language' to Communicate with Each Other: Study
55 Hubble Witnesses Stunning Galaxy Collision: VV 689
56 Botanists Rediscover Cloud Forest Herb in Ecuador after 37 Years
57 Researchers Reconstruct Australia's Fire History from Cave Stalagmite
58 Seventeen New Species of Millipedes Discovered
59 Ukrainian Astronomers Spot Five New Exocomets around Beta Pictoris
60 Researchers Create Map of Human Blood Stem Cell Development
61 New Light Shed on Vocal Mimicry Abilities of Albert's Lyrebirds
62 Scientists Use Curcumin to Create Highly Efficient Electrode
63 Dune-Like Features Spotted on Jupiter's Moon Io
64 New Species of Deep-Sea Crown Jelly Discovered in Pacific Ocean
65 NASA Marks Hubble's 32nd Birthday with Amazing Image of Compact Galaxy Group
66 CERN Physicists Measure Mass of Top Quark
67 Study: Shallow Liquid Water is Ubiquitous across Ice Shell of Jupiter's Moon Europa
68 New Study Sheds More Light on Dynamics of Venus' Atmosphere
69 Pterosaurs Could Control Their Color Using Melanin Pigments
70 New Type of Nova Discovered: Micronova
71 Magdalenian Hunter-Gatherers Created Art by Firelight, Archaeologists Say
72 Dust from West Africa Crosses Atlantic Ocean, New Study Says
73 Massive Black Holes Form in Dense Stellar Environments, Study Suggests
74 Time Might Not Actually Exist, Researchers Say
75 Hubble Spots Distant Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy
76 Australian Dingoes are Early Offshoot of Modern Breed Dogs, Study Shows
77 Planetary Researchers Model Landscape Formation on Saturn's Moon Titan
78 Study Sheds New Light on 'Fall of Star Formation' in Post-Starburst Galaxies
79 Study: Bloodworms Use Copper Harvested from Marine Sediments to Form Their Unique Jaws
80 3.8-Billion-Year-Old Zircons Offer Clues to When Earth's Plate Tectonics Began
81 Archaeologists Find Fragment of Medieval Hand Grenade
82 Key Components of DNA and RNA Found in Three Meteorites
83 Time Travel Necessarily Implies Existence of Multiple Histories, Physicists Say
84 Scientists Discover Six New Diminutive Frog Species
85 NASA's InSight Mission Detects Two Far-Side Marsquakes
86 Ultra-Thin, Lightweight Loudspeaker Created
87 Eukaryotic Cells Emerged in Anoxic Environment, New Study Suggests
88 Scientists Engineer New Plastic-Eating Enzyme
89 New Study Unravels Mysteries of Hot-Jupiter Exoplanets
90 Fossils of Three Giant Ichthyosaurs Unearthed High in Swiss Alps
91 Anomalous Gamma-Ray Signal from Milky Way's Core May Actually Come from Millisecond Pulsars
92 Ingenuity Spots Perseverance Rover's Landing Equipment on Mars
93 New Animal Study Pinpoints Molecular Basis of Deep Sleep
94 Webb Successfully Completes Alignment Phase
95 Male Characters are Four Times More Prevalent in Pre-Modern Literature than Female Characters: Study
96 New Study Reveals Function of Bronze Age Daggers
97 Hubble Space Telescope Photographs Messier 99
98 60-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Evidence of Seed Beetle Predation on Coconuts
99 Honeybees Demonstrate Ability to Learn Concepts of Odd and Even
100 NICER Detects Echoes from Eight Black Hole X-Ray Binaries
101 New Carnivorous Dinosaur Unearthed in Argentina
102 VLT Observes Spiral Galaxy Messier 66
103 Martian Deposits of Carbon Dioxide Ice Flow as Glaciers: Study
104 ASKAP Radio Telescope Discovers New Extragalactic Pulsar
105 Lizards, Snakes, and Their Relatives Diverged 50 Million Years Earlier than Previously Thought
106 North American and Australian Indigenous Communities Farmed Oysters for 5,000-10,000 Years
107 Two Teams of Astronomers Want to Broadcast Earth's Location for Intelligent Extraterrestrials
108 Swimming Marine Bacteria Can Make Beeline to Escape Tight Spaces: Study
109 DECam Spots Bizarre Pair of Interacting Galaxies
110 Study: Beetle Iridescence is Form of Warning Coloration against Predators
111 Solar Gravity Telescope Could Directly Image Exoplanetary Atmospheres