File Title
1 Study provides new insights into steelmaking off-gas treatment
2 Sinhcaf-dependent histone deacetylation essential for primordial germ cell specification
3 Scientists show reduced heavy metal toxicity in goldfish using hard water
4 Satellite mission finds that Tonga volcanic eruption effects reached space
5 Machine learning framework IDs targets for improving catalysts
6 Scientists renew efforts to find ship torched by colonists
7 Smartphone app helps locate mosquitoes and combat malaria
8 Artificial cell membrane channels composed of DNA can be opened and locked with a key
9 Research documents domestic cattle genetics in modern bison herds
10 How an atom-thin insulator helps transport spins
11 New technique could provide powerful insights into early cell differentiation
12 Investment in public schools reduces contact with criminal justice system, according to study
13 Scales are tipping against walleye; time to get hooked on new fish
14 Fruit flies prioritise mating over survival, new study suggests
15 DNA provides unique look at moa and climate change
16 Fruit flies prioritize mating over survival: study
17 Machine learning improves Hawai'i rainfall mapping
18 Superconducting X-ray laser reaches operating temperature colder than outer space
19 It was this big! Cambodian fishermen hook giant endangered stingray
20 California lays out plan to drastically cut fossil fuel use
21 Psychopaths are more likely to have larger striatum region in the brain, study finds
22 Most Great Barrier Reef coral studied this year was bleached
23 How do genomes evolve between species? Team explores the key role of 3D structure in male germ cells
24 Neoliberal policies, institutions have prompted preference for greater inequality, new study finds
25 Banana spots can help tackle food waste, study finds
26 Modern influenza strains direct descendants of 1918 flu pandemic virus, study suggests
27 How to get people to choose more plant-based foods instead of meat
28 India relaxes environment rules for coal mines, citing heatwave
29 Every heatwave enhanced by climate change: experts
30 A nontoxic glue for plywood--from glucose, citric acid
31 Templeton Prize-winning physicist pushes back against anti-intellectualism
32 Here's the latest good and bad news about COVID-19 drugs
33 How can businesses find the right mix between office and home?
34 Smoke from wildfires ages in the atmosphere
35 Modeling how a bird's individual speed is regulated within a flock, such as during murmurations
36 Future of deer management clouded by coming steep decline in hunter numbers
37 Scientists Use Big Data to Fight HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa
38 Attending school every day counts--but kids in out-of-home care are missing out
39 Unusual quantum state of matter observed for the first time
40 D-peptide ligand of Y1 receptor developed for targeting gliomas
41 Discovering new properties of magnetism that could change our computers
42 AI and gravity signals could rapidly detect big earthquakes
43 Wealthy nations are carving up space and its riches, and leaving other countries behind
44 Mountain Rain or Snow citizen scientists hit milestone
45 3D structure determination of the 'gateway' to the liver
46 A digital twin of Drosophila
47 Vision scientists revive light-sensing cells in organ donor eyes
48 Novel supramolecular CRISPR-Cas9 carrier enables more efficient genome editing
49 Bottled water sales rose globally as pandemic took hold
50 Study identifies barriers for women returning to work after breast cancer
51 Colorado's snowpack is melting at a 'ridiculous' rate
52 Why can't smoggy Southern California improve air quality? Local regulators blame the federal government
53 Dust and smoke are turning Colorado's blue skies red. Here's where it's coming from
54 Key global warming threshold may be crossed in next 5 years, study says
55 Copying others can lead to greater comfort with riskier behavior
56 10-minute meditation could help reduce Brexit polarization
57 Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires
58 Higher wheat yields and protein content on the horizon
59 Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia, study shows
60 Restaurant menu design could impact carbon footprint of dining
61 Developing an efficient production technique for a novel 'green' fertilizer
62 Scientists show how to store liquid fuels in polymeric gels to prevent explosions and fires
63 Most Americans Don't Care if People Around Them Mask in Public, Poll Finds
64 A promising solution to improve the surface hydrophobicity of hydrophobic membranes
65 Study finds same-race friends help teens connect to school
66 Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes
67 For the first time, researchers have observed an X-ray explosion on a white dwarf
68 Varied functionality of an enzyme that breaks down lipids
69 Thwarting cellular enzyme can fight viral infections
70 Ancient microorganisms found in halite may have implications for search for life
71 New research reveals how to expose liars by distraction
72 Poor police training lets down disabled people, says new research on hate crime training
73 Investigating mercury contamination in freshwater lakes in Korea
74 Dropping permit requirement for carrying concealed weapon increases officer-involved shootings with civilian victims
75 Moderna COVID Vaccine Safe and Effective in Kids Ages 6-11, Study Finds
76 World 'at a crossroads' in management of droughts, up 29% in a generation and worsening, reports the UN
77 Exploring how forest restoration affects water cycles
78 New research finds that preference for remaining is key to successful immigration
79 Why do people watch porn at work?
80 Museum discovers 150-year-old platypus and echidna specimens that proved some mammals lay eggs
81 Discovered: 150-year-old platypus specimen that proved some mammals lay eggs
82 International satellite to track impacts of small ocean currents
83 Is the standard model of particle physics broken?
84 Marine sponge chemical and synthetic derivatives hijack human enzyme to kill cells
85 Half of patients hospitalised with COVID still struggling with symptoms two years later, study shows
86 Online retail images reveal skin tone discrepancies
87 More gender segregation in jobs means more harassment, lower pay
88 Classifying exoplanet atmospheres FTW!
89 Here's How Mosquitoes Detect Human Odor
90 Learning from Our Mistakes, with These Neurons
91 Genetic Inversions Seem to be More Common than We Knew
92 A Relative of Some of the World's Deadliest Viruses is Found in Europe
93 Higher Antioxidant Levels Linked to Lower Dementia Risk
94 Ibuprofen and Blood Pressure Medication Linked to Kidney Damage
95 Detecting Cytokine Storm Through Sweat
96 How A Dangerous Microbe Can Survive for Months Without Water
97 A Gel Implant Protects from Cancer Recurrence
98 Can Gene Therapy Treat Psychiatric Disorders?
99 How Adult Acne Affects Women
100 What's the Best Amount of Sleep in Middle and Old Age?
101 More Brain Regions Linked to Voice Control than Previously Thought
102 COVID-19 Vaccine Technique Guiding Heart Disease Research
103 Taking a Break from Social Media Improves Mental Health
104 A Failed Immunotherapy Trial Leads to a Crucial Discovery
105 Screen Time is Linked to Heart Disease and Cancer
106 Water scarcity predicted to worsen in more than 80% of croplands globally this century
107 Cutting calories and timely eating increases mice longevity
108 Legal Recreational Cannabis Reduces Prescription Drug Demand
109 Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Neuropathic Pain
110 Poor Eyesight Skews Cognitive Test Results
111 Younger exoplanets possibly make better Earth-like planets
112 Tasting Robot Chef FTW!
113 The Natural World May Help Mental Health, but Studies Lack Diversity
114 A High-Fiber Diet Lowers Antibiotic Resistance in Gut Microbes
115 Crisis in Ukraine Disrupts Delivery of Critical Cancer Care
116 Links between Neuroscience and Paranormal Beliefs
117 Resources for Growing Your Own Cannabis
118 New Research Helps Predict Dementia Before Symptoms Develop
119 Gut Bacteria Composition Predicts Resposnse to Statins
120 Precipitation helped drive distribution of Alaska dinosaurs