File Title
1 Rare beetle larva found in amber
2 Open sharing of biotechnology research--transparency versus security
3 Light amplification accelerates chemical reactions in aerosols
4 Researcher confirms hottest rock on record
5 New Research Reaffirms Mindfulness as an Important, and Teachable, Component of Personality
6 International approval shapes public perceptions of drone warfare
7 A perennial grass could mitigate climate change in the Midwest
8 Researchers identify biggest threats to Larsen C ice shelf
9 New research into threat posed to climate change policies by the rise of the populist right
10 Phase transitions in the early universe and their signals
11 Huge Amazon swamp carbon stores are under threat, study says
12 Looking back on climate extremes in 2021
13 Seso Wants to Help Solve A $3.1 Billion Farm Labor Crisis Through Automation
14 2 bird flu cases confirmed in US zoos as virus spreads
15 'Rare' springtime blizzard wallops parts of Canada
16 Mars rovers could be superseded by swarms of two-wheeled robots
17 Urban street networks that encourage encounters among strangers could build familiarity
18 Vitamin K2 repairs nerve cells via mitochondrial quality control loop
19 Researchers find declining nitrogen availability in a nitrogen rich world
20 FDA Approves First COVID Breath Testing Device
21 Theories of how loops control gene expression may need to be revised
22 Urgent action is required to protect world's coral reefs from disappearing within three decades, warn experts
23 From cell fat to cell fate
24 First hybrid quantum bit based on topological insulators
25 For climate change mitigation, bipartisan politics can work
26 Extreme enhancement of carbon hydrogasification via mechanochemistry
27 New approach can predict pollution from cooking emissions
28 Research finds pandemic adversely impacts already stressed national forests
29 NASA's New 'To Do' List Is Published this Week. Will It Go to Mars, an 'Ice Giant' or Saturn's 'Slam Dunk' Ocean Moon?
30 New BA.2.12.1 Omicron Subvariant Is More Contagious, Fueling COVID-19 Upswing in New York State
31 Omicron More Likely to Cause Upper Airway Infections Among Children than Previous COVID Varieties, Study Says
32 Why Amazing Discoveries About Bear Hibernation May Help Improve Human Health / Science
33 More hepatitis cases in young children likely to emerge in coming days, says WHO
34 Most bats don't echolocate in broad daylight. Here's an exception
35 Protests will be even more disruptive if they kick off panic buying
36 New, corrected research shows California migration may be returning to normal
37 NASA releases equity action plan to make space more accessible to all
38 Earliest record of a candidate aurora found in Chinese annals
39 Injectable stem cell assembly for cartilage regeneration
40 Changes in vegetation shaped global temperatures over last 10,000 years
41 New methods for visualizing small objects and artifacts
42 Unlocking complex workings of the biological clock
43 Tropical birds are changing because of us
44 Research could enable assembly line synthesis of prevalent amine-containing drugs
45 Methane from waste should not be wasted: Exploring landfill ecosystems
46 Are cities mitigating the hazards equitably?
47 Global natural gas demand set to decline slightly in 2022 as Russia's war disrupts markets and economies: Report
48 Highly pathogenic avian influenza confirmed in three Georgia bald eagles
49 Do mushrooms really use language to talk to each other? A fungi expert investigates
50 Ariane 6 cryo-arms test mimics liftoff
51 Meet the Founders of the $2.7 Million Startup Behind the New COVID Breathalyzer
52 Opening of Apollo 17 core sample, vacuum-sealed since 1972
53 Ancient Namibian stone could hold key to future quantum computers
54 A new understanding of how COVID infects humans
55 Why birds migrate vast distances, and how you can help during their breeding season
56 Researchers find 12 semidetached mass-transfer massive binaries in galaxy M31
57 Nationwide maps of bird species can help protect biodiversity
58 Study finds an unexpected upside to imposter syndrome
59 Plan to become a 'cryptoassets hub' may just be the UK government hedging its bets
60 Some cities, states say Big Oil should pay for climate damage
61 Bioengineers visualize timing and location of fat storage in fruit flies
62 Revising the lifecycle of an important human parasite
63 Scientists find reworking of juvenile crust in the late Mesozoic in North Qinling, Central China
64 Researchers discover yeast self-destruct pathway
65 In US, every dog has its...DNA test
66 A Long March to the Moon and beyond
67 Three Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six months in space
68 Cuckoo finch's long con may be up
69 Researchers decode pigs' well-being through oinks and grunts
70 How Concerning Is the So-Called 'Frankenstein' COVID-19 Variant?
71 This Flower Was Named for Its Own Extinction, but It Didn't Get the Memo
72 GoDaddy Billionaire Bob Parsons Believes Psychedelics Can Heal Trauma--And He's Putting His Money (And Brain) on the Line
73 Astronomers confirm size of largest comet ever discovered, bigger than Rhode Island
74 Brazil's Military Reportedly Purchased Over 35,000 Viagra Pills, Raising Questions
75 Divers find 'no leaks' from fuel-laden ship sunk off Tunisia
76 US intelligence satellite launched from California
77 With dwindling water supplies, the timing of rainfall matters
78 Study of ancient coins sheds new light on Roman financial crisis
79 Crumbling planets might trigger repeating fast radio bursts
80 What's behind South Africa's flood disaster
81 Hubble snaps yet another spiral galaxy
82 Microplastics permeate seafood across southern Australia
83 Another Season of Increased Storm Activity
84 Scientists resurrect ancient enzymes to improve photosynthesis
85 Egyptian fruit bat found to use echolocation during daylight hours
86 Study evaluates deep learning models that decode the functional properties of proteins
87 Neural network model helps predict site-specific impacts of earthquakes
88 Visualizing spin angular momentum in water waves
89 A new nuclear imaging prototype detects tumors' faint glow
90 Effects of shrub encroachment on land surface temperature in temperate semi-arid areas of the Northern Hemisphere
91 At what cost are we tapping into the nation's petroleum reserve?
93 Variable schedules harm workers and businesses
94 Study shows simple, computationally-light model can simulate complex brain cell responses
95 Scientists record first case of harmful bacteria in ubiquitous weed found throughout US
96 Agency says majority of Michigan's lakes, streams have healthy fish
97 As drought hammers Mono Lake, thirsty Los Angeles must look elsewhere for water
98 Excitement building at Baltimore institute for the James Webb Space Telescope's observations
99 Extract from a common kitchen spice could be key to greener, more efficient fuel cells
100 USDA identifies new bird flu cases in Pennsylvania, Utah
101 Mangroves vs. seawalls? Mix may be 'best of both worlds' to take on South Florida sea rise
102 Glacier retreat in the Andes is bankrupting a billion-dollar corporation
103 Legacy of Jim Crow still affects funding for public schools
104 Policies must reflect why Zimbabwe's small tobacco farmers use trees for firewood
105 Chemical traces in ancient West African pots show a diet rich in plants
106 County exploring ways to use San Diego's land to fight climate change
107 Western U.S. Drought Approaches Historic Levels
108 Why accurate numbers are hard to come by
109 Study finds trees vary in their recovery from drought stress, with implications for future forests
110 California field campaign helping scientists protect diverse ecosystems