File Title
1 Ancient Maya Tended Sacred Groves of Cacao Trees in Humid Microclimates of Karst Sinkholes
2 Astronomers Spot Second-Generation Planet-Forming Disks around Ancient Binary Stars
3 There Are About 73,000 Tree Species on Earth, New Study Shows
4 Astronomers Identify Second Earth Trojan Asteroid: 2020 XL5
5 Hormone Treatment Suppresses Alcohol Consumption in Non-Human Primates
6 Astronomers Release Unprecedented Radio Image of Milky Way's Center
7 Near-Earth Comet Exploded over North America about 1,500 Years Ago
8 Trace Gas Orbiter Spots 'Tree Stump' Crater on Mars
9 Two New Flower Species Found Preserved in Burmese Amber
10 Scientists Create Ultrastrong Polymeric Material
11 New MeerKAT Image Reveals Radio-Emitting Filaments in Milky Way's Center
12 Inscribed Pottery Fragments Document Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
13 Supermountains May Have Played Crucial Role in Evolution of Life on Earth
14 Study: Our Desire to Be in Nature and How We Experience It are Partially Heritable
15 Researchers Sequence Gene Space of European Mistletoe
16 Two Mini-Neptunes Lose Their Puffy Atmospheres, Transform into Super-Earth Exoplanets
17 Mosquitoes are Attracted to Specific Colors, New Study Shows
18 Hubble Looks at Beautiful Star-Forming Cloud
19 We Still Don't Know What Megalodon Really Looked like, Scientists Say
20 Hubble Observes Interacting Galaxy Pair: Arp 282
21 Chimpanzees Regularly Capture Insects and Apply Them onto Wounds
22 520-Million-Year-Old Fossil Sheds Light on Origin of Gills in Arthropods
23 Webb's Camera Captures Its First Photons of Starlight
24 New Species of Titanosaur Unearthed in Spain
25 Galaxy Substructure Plays Important Role in How Active Black Holes Affect Their Galaxies: Study
26 Improving and Maintaining Adequate Sleep Duration Could Reduce Weight, New Research Suggests
27 110-Million-Year-Old Lizard Found in Burmese Amber
28 Weather Drives Saturn's Powerful Aurorae, Planetary Scientists Say
29 Potential Third Planet Discovered Orbiting Proxima Centauri
30 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Captures Stunning Images of Venus' Night Side
31 White Dwarf Spotted Eating Planetary Debris
32 New Triassic Archosaur Species Identified in Tanzania
33 Two Protoclusters of Galaxies Spotted in Early Universe
34 Genetic Secrets of Steller's Sea Cow Revealed
35 Jurassic Long-Necked Dinosaur Suffered from Aspergillosis-Like Respiratory Infection
36 54,000-Year-Old Molar is Earliest Known Evidence of Anatomically Modern Humans in Western Europe
37 Astronomers Find Planetary Bodies in Habitable Zone of White Dwarf
38 Hubble Observes Triple Galaxy Merger: IC 2431
39 James Webb Space Telescope Spots Its First Star
40 Astronomers Find First-Ever Quadruple Asteroid
41 Cretaceous Crocodiles Ate Ornithopod Dinosaurs, Fossil Evidence Shows
42 Astronomers Discover New Type of Subdwarf Star
43 Fairy Pittas Prepare Food for Their Nestlings, New Study Shows
44 IXPE Space Observatory Collects Its First Imaging Data
45 KATRIN Experiment Sets New Limit on Neutrino Mass
46 Scientists Sequence Genome of Numbat
47 Arrokoth's Prominent Features Given Official Names
48 72.5-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Canada
49 Psyche Isn't Pure Iron Asteroid, New Research Suggests
50 Juno Spots Dark-Rayed Crater on Ganymede
51 LOFAR Telescope Spots Biggest Radio Galaxy Ever
52 New Kind of Quantum Object Created
53 Astronomers Find Obscuring Dust Ring around Supermassive Black Hole in Messier 77
54 Scientists Investigate Stone Tool Making and Using Abilities in Orangutans
55 Laser-Driven Light Sails Will Need to Billow like Parachute: Study
56 Gaia Discovers New Fossil Galaxy Hidden in Milky Way's Halo
57 Study: Caffeine Impacts Expression of Genes Known to Mediate Cardiovascular Risk
58 Astronomers Find Widest-Separation Brown Dwarf Pair to Date
59 Youngest Sea Scorpion Fossil Found in Australia
60 Astronomers Use Distributed Supercomputer to Reconstruct Ancient Dwarf Galaxy
61 Hubble Sees Stunning Pair of Interacting Galaxies: Arp 298
62 New Study Sheds Light on How Colorado Potato Beetles Rapidly Evolve Resistance to Insecticides
63 Sun-Watching Space Observatories Spot Giant Solar Eruption
64 Scientists Use Sound Waves to Turn Human Stem Cells into Bone Cells
65 New Spinosaurid Dinosaur Unearthed in Portugal
66 Microplastic Particles Detected in Roots of Birch Trees
67 Two New Prehistoric Bird Species Identified in China
68 Can Planets Be Intelligent?
69 Study: Meat Consumption is Positively Associated with Life Expectancy
70 Meet Guemesia ochoai, New Abelisaurid Dinosaur from Argentina
71 Head-On Galaxy Collision Creates Tsunami of Starbirth
72 New Species of Large-Sized Pterosaur Unearthed in Scotland
73 Hubble Maps Dark Side of Tidally-Locked Ultrahot Jupiter
74 Dawn Detects Organics and Salts in Giant Crater on Ceres
75 Circumbinary Exoplanet Detected via Radial Velocity Measurements
76 Hubble Looks at Galaxy Pair NGC 4496
77 Artificial Electrochemical Neurons Make Venus Flytrap Close Its Lobes
78 LOFAR Radio Telescope Maps More than Quarter of Northern Sky
79 Dark Energy Camera Snaps Breathtaking New Photo of NGC 1566
80 New Species of Orchid Discovered in Ecuador
81 Webb Continues on Its Path to Becoming Focused Observatory
82 Tyrannosaurus rex Is Not One Species, but Three Different Ones
83 Study: Cocoa Supplements Don't Improve Exercise-Related Digestive Issues in Endurance Athletes
84 Chandra Detects 'Sonic Boom' from Powerful Kilonova
85 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds 'Coral' on Mars
86 Tuataras May Have Originated as Early as 190 Million Years Ago
87 HR 6819 is Binary System with No Black Hole, Astronomers Say
88 New Stegosaur Species Unearthed in China
89 Hubble Observes Energetic Outburst from Distant Protostar
90 Stonehenge was Designed as Solar Calendar, Archaeologist Says
91 Astronomers Spot Type II Supernova in Cartwheel Galaxy
92 New Species of Green Alga Discovered
93 Engineers Begin Assembly of NASA's Europa Clipper
94 Dimethyl Ether Detected in Protoplanetary Disk for First Time
95 Megalodon Grew to Larger Sizes in Cooler Waters: Study
96 Researchers Sequence Genome of Tetraploid Potato Cultivar
97 Carboniferous Vampire-Squid-Like Cephalopod Had Ten Arms
98 NICER Observes Merger of X-Ray Spots on Distant Magnetar
99 Saffron Crocus was First Domesticated in Ancient Greece
100 Scientists Propose Nine Steps to De-Extinction of Tasmanian Tiger
101 New Species of Fairy Wrasse Discovered
102 Giant Bubbles Above and Below Milky Way's Center Caused by Galaxy's Central Black Hole
103 Enormous Asteroid Crater in Greenland is 58 Million Years Old, Scientists Say
104 New Theoretical Study Sheds Light on How Information Escapes from Evaporating Black Hole
105 Brandt's Voles Trim Tall Grass to Watch Predatory Birds, Study Shows
106 Hubble Space Telescope Focuses on NGC 1097
107 Study: Two Blob-Like Structures in Earth's Mantle Have Different Densities and Compositions
108 Cretaceous-Period Softshell Turtle Lived alongside Giant Dinosaurs
109 VLT Observes Hidden Depths of Messier 99
110 Honeybee Tongue Hairs are Stiff and Hydrophobic, New Study Shows