File Title
1 Neptune--The Distant Planet
2 In Early Embryonic Development, Gene Expression Goes Wild
3 Daily Coffee May Improve Longevity and Heart Health
4 Repurposing an Alcoholism Drug to Treat Anxiety
5 Small Genetic Differences in TB Lead to Very Different Illnesses
6 New Tool for Detecting Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
7 Researchers Use AI to Predict the Onset of Mental Illness
8 Microplastics Found in Human Lungs. Are They Dangerous?
9 Pandemic Creates Opportunity to Study Rare Vaccine Side Effects
10 Online Program Improves Stroke Survivors' Quality of Life
11 Saturating the Liver with Chemotherapy to Treat Cancer
12 A Specialized Mouse Model Identifies Genetic Regulators of Immunotherapy Response
13 Rapid AST: A key weapon in the fight against AMR
14 The Link between Mental Health and COVID Breakthrough Infection
15 Neptune: Cooler than We Thought, Temperature Wise
16 Vitamin E Stimulates Dendritic Cells, Boosts Immunotherapy Effectiveness
17 Gut Microbes Can Control Pancreatic Growth & Function
18 Nutrigenomics--Understanding how Genes Affect Nutrient Tolerance
19 Rare Soil Microbe Shows Promise as New Antibiotic
20 Melatonin Under Investigation
21 An Emerging Need to Diagnose Maladaptive Daydreaming
22 The Largest Ever Comet Discovered is Heading our Way
23 COVID-19 Increases Risk for Blood Clots and Bleeding Months after Infection
24 Physical Activity Improves Memory Function
25 Inhibiting a Key Signaling Pathway in Immune Cells Slows Alzheimer's Progression
26 One of the most lucrative skillsets in cannabis
27 Antidepressants and Anti-epileptics During Pregnancy May Affect Infant Brain Development
28 Making LEDs from Discarded Rice Husks
29 No Link Between Antidepressants and Improved Quality of Life
30 Potential for New Anxiety Med in an Alcohol Dependence Drug
31 An Immune Cell Subset Provides New Insights into IBD
32 A Missing Link Between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes is Found
33 Cannabis and Cravings: Why you have the munchies when you're high
34 Differences in the Impact of Acute and Chronic Cannabis Use on Stress Response Regulation
35 How Diet Affects Your Immune System
36 Researchers Generate Quantum Light--a Step towards Faster Quantum Computers
37 Microbes Could Change How Methane Gas in Landfills is Produced
38 Identifying "Cancer Culprits" in the Genome
39 New W boson Mass Measurement Challenges Standard Model
40 Happy Anniversary, Hubble!
41 Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Preeclampsia in Pregnant Women
42 COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe, Effective for Kids & Teens
43 Portable MRIs for Detecting Stroke
44 Changing Our Perception of a Common Brain Receptor
45 Exercise Reduces Proliferation of Colon Cancer Cells
46 Oxytocin Release Increases with Age, and Boosts Life Satisfaction
47 Personality at Age 8 Predicts Health Outcomes in Midlife
48 Sex differences in association between cannabis use and diabetes
49 How a Serious Infection Can Cause Mood Disorders
50 Gut Bacteria May Be Responsible for Food Cravings
51 Wearables Highlight Physiological Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine
52 Unraveling the Mystery of an Immune Cell Checkpoint
53 How Neurons Move as the Brain Forms
54 Another Study Shows Alcohol Is Bad for the Heart
55 NASA's Perseverance Rover Captures Solar Eclipse on Mars
56 From Haze to Photosynthesis--How research may lead to better air purification methods
57 Scientists Make a Breakthrough in Mitochondrial Genome Editing
58 A Blood Test Could Detect Cancer Before a CT Scan or MRI
59 In Infants, the Gut Virome is Linked to a Deadly Disease
60 Asthma Risk Increased in Children Conceived with Infertility Treatment
61 Why Is Weed So Much Stronger than It Used to Be?
62 One Inflammatory Disease Increases the Risk of Another
63 Can Urine Help Detect Prostate Cancer?
64 Does Cannabis Make Depression Better or Worse?
65 Stay Hydrated to Reduce Heart Failure Risk
66 Antidepressants Not Associated [with] Improved Quality of Life
67 A Genetic Cause of Lupus is Identified
68 Weighing an Invisible Object in Space
69 Essential Vitamins and Minerals Help Children with ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation
70 The Search for the Quantum Glow
71 Keto Molecule Shows Promise for Treating Colorectal Cancer
72 Lipid Supplement May Reduce Inflammation in MS
73 Blood Biomarker Predicts Dementia Before Symptoms Develop
74 Childhood Abuse Increases Risk for High Cholesterol and Diabetes
75 A Protein that Can Promote Growth & Prevent Atrophy in Muscle
76 What is Causing the Red Planet to Shake?
77 Mental Health and Our Immune System
78 Dying Stars Can Give Birth to Planets too
79 Is There a Link Between Personality and Cognitive Decline?
80 This Genetically Diverse Superbug Can also Jump Species
81 Studying the Microbes that Can Survive a Megafire
82 Plastic-eating enzyme could prevent plastic waste world domination
83 Predicting Radiotherapy Resistance in Brain Metastases
84 Prostate Cancer: What's in a Name?
85 A New Type of Cell Division is Discovered
86 A Gene Defect that Causes Deadly Reactions to Viruses & Vaccines
87 Pipette Matchmaker: Tip Compatibility like Never Before
88 A Lyme Disease Vaccine Could be Available Soon
89 Synthetic Coating Improves Survival of Oral Medications During Digestion
90 Research Indicates Dog Breed Doesn't Determine Personality
91 Marathon Training Reduces Your Heart's Age
92 Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars
93 Climate Change Could Cause the Next Pandemic
94 Scientists discover new methods of production for Sulphur-based medications
95 How Star Wars and Star Trek Shaped Technology
96 Pathogens can hitchhike on plastic to reach the sea
97 A New Sleep Molecule Has Been Discovered
98 A Single Mutation Made Us More Susceptible to Cancer
99 A Sense of Purpose Improves Heart Health and Life Expectancy
100 Did Asteroids Bring Life to Earth?
101 What to know about edibles before trying them
102 Paper-thin loudspeaker FTW [for the win]!
103 Mapping study paves way for new treatments
104 Insulin Nasal Spray Improves Cognitive Outcome for Diabetes Patients
105 This Simple Technique Renders Big Specimens Transparent
106 Electricity Can Have a Surprising Effect on Biofilms
107 What's hemp packaging, and why does it matter?
108 How Sunscreen Damages Reefs: A Mechanism Discovered
109 Earth's Atmosphere: A Possible Contributor to the Water on the Moon?
110 Two Largest Marsquakes Recorded to Date FTW [for the win]!
111 This Day in Science: The Hindenburg, What Went Wrong?
112 Video Chats Limit Creative Idea Generation
113 Epstein-Barr Virus Vaccine Enters Phase 1 Trials
114 Smartphone App Screens for Neurological Conditions Using Pupil Scans