File Title
1 Why Venus Rotates, Slowly, Despite Sun's Powerful Gravitational Pull
2 Princeton Physicists Unravel a Puzzle to Speed Fusion Energy Development
3 Innovative Brain-Wide Mapping Reveals a Single Memory Is Stored Across Many Connected Brain Regions
4 50% of Parents Regularly Give Kids Dietary Supplements
5 Validating Models for Next-Generation Fusion Power Plants
6 We've Arrived! NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Starts the Delta Front Campaign
7 Clinically Proven Automated Nutrition App Can Help People Follow Healthier Diet
8 Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cell Invented--Enabling Better Green Energy Options
9 Lesser-Known Ozone Layer Discovered to Play Outsized Role in Planet Warming
10 National Economic Burden of PTSD Is "Staggering"--More than $230 Billion in Annual Costs
11 Male Spiders Catapult off Their Mates to Avoid Sexual Cannibalism [High-Speed Video]
12 How Prehistoric Humans Adapted to Intense Climate Change--Revealed by Marine Mollusk Shells
13 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Galaxy
14 NASA Extends Exploration for 8 Planetary Science Missions--Substantial Potential for New Discoveries
15 Learning Chemical Networks Give Life a Chiral Twist--Symmetry Breaking to Optimize Energy Harvesting
16 Microplastics Can Carry Parasites to Ocean, Affecting Wildlife and Human Health
17 New Insight into "Blobs" Improves Scientists' Understanding of a Universal Process
18 Laguna Ojo de Liebre: A Salty Sanctuary in Baja California Sur
19 New "Electromagnets" Could Facilitate Development of Fusion and Medical Technologies
20 Models of Landscape Formation on Saturn's Moon Titan Reveal an Earth-Like Alien World
21 MIT Engineers Develop a Flexible, Paper-Thin Loudspeaker
22 Damaged Liver Tissue Restored Faster than Ever with Cellular Regeneration Therapy
23 Open-Source "Unique Building Identifier" Can Help Track and Reduce Energy Use and Emissions
24 How to Rejuvenate the Immune System of Elderly People and Reduce Their Risk of Infectious Disease
25 The Elusive Unruh Effect: Physicists Embark on a Hunt for a Long-Sought Quantum Glow
26 New Energy Storage System Is More Efficient and Potentially Transformative
27 New Discovery Shows the Blueprint for Life May Have Been Generated in Asteroids
28 Childhood Abuse Linked to Higher Risk for High Cholesterol as an Adult in New Research
29 Why the 100-Year-Old BCG Tuberculosis Vaccine Is So Broadly Protective Against Infections in Newborns
30 International Space Station Crew Changes Command to Russian Cosmonaut
31 New Discovery Shows the Blueprint for Life May Have Been Generated in Asteroids
32 Bacterial Enzyme Converts CO2 into Carbon Compounds 20x Faster than Photosynthesis
33 Researchers Assess the Power of T-Cell Immune Response to COVID-19 BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron Variants
34 A Step Towards Seasonal Storage: "Freeze-Thaw Battery" Can Freeze Its Energy for Later Use
35 Improved Silver Coating for Medical Devices Kills Bacteria to Prevent Infection
36 Asthma Drug Montelukast (Singulair) Can Block Crucial COVID Protein, Reducing Viral Replication
37 Researchers Create Strange Magnetic Particles with Laser Light--May Revolutionize Quantum Computers
38 Breakthrough Discovery of the One-Way Superconductor--Thought to Be Impossible
39 Dying Stars' Cocoons Might Explain Mysterious Fast Blue Optical Transients
40 How to Include More Iron in Your Diet--Treat Anemia and Improve Energy
41 Nearly Pure Argon Left Undisturbed Since Earth's Formation May Soon Whisper Secrets About Universe's Dark Matter
42 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft to Visit Another Near-Earth Asteroid, Apophis
43 NASA Ingenuity Helicopter Spots Spacecraft Wreckage on Mars Perseverance's Cone-Shaped Backshell
44 After 15 Years of Research, Scientists Reveal the Fourth Signature of the Superconducting Transitions
45 Loud Fireball: A Fiery Meteor Streaked Across the Mississippi Skies at 55,000 MPH
46 Unchecked Global Emissions on Course to Trigger Mass Extinction of Marine Life
47 What Does a Solar Eclipse Look like on Mars? NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Captures "Amazing" Video
48 Gigantic New Beast--One of the Largest Animals Ever--Discovered High in the Alps
49 New Pumpkin-Shaped Atomic Nucleus Radiates Protons at Record-Setting Rate
50 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Alignment Complete--Capturing Crisp, Focused Images
51 Cosmonauts Set Up Robotic Arm's First Motion During Spacewalk Outside ISS
52 Atherosclerotic Plaques "Talk" with the Brain--Innovative Therapies to Fight Atherosclerosis
53 Biochemists Identify How Genome Organization Influences Cell Fate
54 Not an Introvert or Extrovert? Perhaps You Are an Ambivert
55 Making Electricity Cheaper: A Cellphone-Sized Device Automatically Adjusts a Home's Power Use to Save Money
56 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System
57 Rapid Magnetic Explosions in Space: Explaining Mystery Behind Fast Magnetic Reconnection
58 Toddler's Cognitive Development Could Be Impaired by Stress, Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy
59 Stronger Nuclear Fusion Materials May Be Possible Thanks to Photos of a Tiny Aluminum Crystal
60 Plant Protein Kills Bacterial Cells--New Model for Antibacterial Mechanism Could Result in New Antibiotics
61 An Experiment that Could Confirm the Fifth State of Matter in the Universe and Change Physics as We Know It
62 In Einstein's Footsteps and Beyond: New Insights into the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
63 Antarctic Orca Submarine Volcano Blasted by Swarm of 85,000 Earthquakes
64 ACME Project: The Space Station's Quest for the Secrets of Fire
65 Extraordinary Supernova Reveals Secrets to Astronomers--"A Sort of Time Machine"
66 Hubble Space Telescope Observations Used to Answer Key Exoplanet Questions
67 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Infrared Astronomy
68 Experiments Show Source of the Aurora Borealis: Electrons Surfing on Alfven Waves
69 Space Station Expedition 67 Crew Wraps Up Busy Week After Crew-4 Arrival and Spacewalk
70 Scientists Warn that Climate Change Could Spark the Next Major Pandemic
71 Parallel Ice Ridges Increase the Odds that Jupiter's Moon Europa Harbors Alien Life
72 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Technique Shows Promise for Treating Heart Disease
73 New and Surprising Duality Discovered in Theoretical Particle Physics
74 Hidden Inscription on Early Modern Funerary Cross Revealed by Terahertz Imaging
75 7 Tips for Exercising During Allergy Season
76 Exploring Earth from Space: Mount Aso--The Largest Active Volcano in Japan
77 The Hottest Rock on Earth--Record-High Proven by Researchers
78 Scientists Are Blasting Out Earth's Location with the Hope of Reaching Aliens--Stephen Hawking Warned They Might Destroy Humanity
79 Molecular Cage Reveals Near-Atomic Level Details of Cancer Proteins
80 New Atlases Will Map All 180+ Billion Cells in the Human Brain
81 Science Made Simple: What is Genomics?
82 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Habitable Zone
83 What Is It like to Work at a Particle Accelerator?
84 A Combination of Three Simple Treatments May Reduce Risk of Invasive Cancer by 61%
85 Increased Risks to Corn Crops and Society from Clusters of Weather Extremes
86 New Catalyst Could Clean Natural Gas Engine Emissions
87 Scientists Discover Genetic Cause of Lupus, a Chronic Autoimmune Disease
88 Instability at the Beginning of the Solar System--Implications for Mysterious "Planet 9"
89 5 Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home
90 Filling the Climate Change Data Gap: Amazon Rainforest Gases Affect the Earth's Atmosphere
91 New Connection Discovered Between Two Weird Quantum Phenomena--Superposition and Entanglement
92 Does Autism Begin in the Womb? Research Breakthrough May Lead to New Treatment Strategies
93 Hubble Sees Double in M99--a "Grand Design" Spiral Galaxy
94 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Dwarf Planet
95 Researchers Discover Pathways to Severe COVID-19 in Children--Paving Way for Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment
96 Using Sound to Control Enzymatic Reactions
97 Don't Miss: Planets of Dusk and Dawn, a Lunar Eclipse, and the Coma Star Cluster
98 Electron Motion Tracked in a Quantum State of Matter Using X-Ray Pulses Less than a Millionth of a Billionth of a Second Long
99 Genetic Links Revealed Between Severe COVID-19 and Other Medical Conditions
100 A Smart Electric Grid Could Save Consumers $50 Billion a Year
101 Unlocking the Mystery of Why a Plant Virus Is So Powerful at Fighting Cancer--Even Metastatic Cancer
102 NASA Celebrates 3 Years of Astrobee Robotic Free-Flyers Buzzing on Space Station
103 Older Men with High BMI Have More Sperm Cell Irregularities
104 Quantum Future: Developing the Next Generation of Quantum Algorithms and Materials
105 Oppressive Heat Waves Strike India, Leaving More than a Billion People Sweltering
106 A Calorie-Reduced Diet Can Delay the Development of Diabetes and Boost the Immune System
107 Coronavirus Particles Likely Travel Farther than Thought--Infectious Up to 200 Feet
108 New Research Examines Keys to Making Batteries Last Longer
109 From Seawater to Drinking Water at the Push of a Button--With No Filters!
110 Stanford's Futuristic Gravity Telescope Could Image Exoplanets--1,000x More Powerful than Current Technology
111 Not All Dietary Fibers Are Equal--Health Benefits of Dietary Fiber Vary
112 Citizen Scientists Help Map Ridge Networks on Mars that May Hold Records of Ancient Groundwater
113 Powerful X-Class Solar Flare Erupts from Sun--Captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
114 Children with Vegetarian Diet Have Similar Growth and Nutrition Compared to Meat-Eating Peers
115 New WHO Report: Overweight and Obesity Rates Have Reached Epidemic Proportions Across Europe
116 Gene Responsible for Miscarriages Is Identified and Cured in Mice
117 Scientists Discover Surprising Applications of Nanodiamonds
118 Large Bodies Helped Ancient Sea Monsters with Extremely Long Necks Swim
119 Hear the Eerie Sounds of a Black Hole Echo--Search Reveals 8 New Sources of Black Hole Echoes