File Title
1 Washington Having Largest Tuberculosis Outbreak in 20 Years
2 Look! A polar bear meanders way down south in Canada
3 Rare birth of Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran
4 How to Reduce Objectification in Society? New Psychological Research Has an Answer
5 Later, gator? One-fifth of all reptile species could go extinct, new study says
6 Scientists discover how bees activate natural medicine against parasite infection during pollination
7 Contrary to popular belief, a dog's breed won't predict behavior
8 Do 2 'Studies' Suggest Hepatitis Linked to COVID-19 Vaccines? Here's What They Really Say
9 Giant tooth of ancient marine reptile discovered in Alps
10 Shark Teeth Can Resist Ocean Acidification
11 Ex-Trump Advisor Birx Warns of Summer COVID 'Surge'
12 Public participation in environmental planning suffered during COVID-19 crisis in Ontario
13 Scientists create enzyme that breaks down plastic in hours to days instead of decades
14 'Lungs of the Mediterranean' at risk
15 Ancient zircons may record the dawn of plate tectonics
16 Rapid Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Critical for Avoiding A Major Mass Extinction of Ocean Species
17 Four lessons from online learning that should stick after the pandemic
18 What is the future of Black Twitter under Elon Musk?
19 A New Study Suggests Sexual Compliance Is More Common Among Men than You Might Think
20 The device hoping to answer the ultimate existential questions
22 Research identifies key connection between gravitational instability in physical gels and granular media
23 Earthquake modelers unite to compare and improve code
24 What to do in a dog attack, and why they hate postal workers so much
25 First-ever study of LGBT+ experiences in physics reveals red flags
26 Mountains of sugar under seagrass meadows
27 New study 'exonerates' urban pests like rats as one-of-a-kind disease reservoirs
28 'Extreme' plants grow faster in the face of stress
29 Hydroponic native plants to detox PFAS-contaminated water
30 Here's why people with allergic asthma are at lower COVID-19 risk
31 A 'beyond-quantum' equivalence principle for superposition and entanglement
32 A new strategy for active metasurface design provides a full 360 degree phase tunable metasurface
33 Are Australians socially inclusive? Five things we learned after surveying 11,000 people for half a decade
34 Spatiotemporal regulation of chemical reactions using only audible sound
35 A new model predicts forest tree growth in new environments
36 Climate action is critical for health equity. Community health clinics are key--and need more support
37 Study supports stronger conservation efforts in Southeast glacial refugia regions
38 How the Seasons Shaped an Earth-Like Moon Near Jupiter
39 Punishing heat wave in India reaches 115 degrees, part of a 'hotter and more dangerous world'
40 Idaho water officials issue emergency drought declaration for majority of state
41 As climate shifts, species will need to relocate, and people may have to help them
42 Enzymes discovered in capybara gut could accelerate utilization of agroindustrial waste
43 Strong solar flare erupts from sun
44 A long-forgotten toxic dump site is raising new worries for this Los Angeles neighborhood
45 Scientists explore the importance of two-pore channels in plants
46 Using tiny sensors to monitor migrating monarchs
47 Carbon, climate change and ocean anoxia in an ancient icehouse world
48 Highly valuable Asian rosewood trees face a host of threats to survival
49 Researchers home in on Thera volcano eruption date
50 Photons can enable real-time physical random bit generation for information security app
51 Study finds how Acinetobacter baumannii survives without water on hospital surfaces
52 Water Is Not Your Friend While Getting Ready for Bed in Space
53 Researchers develop powerful strategy for creating new-to-nature enzymes
54 Automated synthesis allows for discovery of unexpected charge transport behavior in organic molecules
55 Discovery about coral-algal symbiosis could help coral reefs recover after bleaching events
56 Team develops method to increase gene editing efficiency while minimizing DNA deletion sizes
57 New process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater
58 Markets Inch Higher--But Experts Warn of 'Continued Volatility' After 'Brutal' Stock Selloff
59 Precipitation helped drive distribution of Alaska dinosaurs
60 Using 'counterfactuals' to verify predictions of drug safety
61 Researchers bridge the gap between disciplines to better understand chemical reactions
62 Telescope dons 'sunglasses' to find brightest-ever pulsar
63 Park rangers use butterflies to take planet's pulse in a biodiversity hotspot
64 With climate catastrophe looming, experts say world also needs carbon removal solutions
65 Augmented reality devices in the workplace boost short-term productivity, risk long-term innovation and efficiency
66 Scientists describe a gravity telescope that could image exoplanets
67 Natural gas could bridge gap from gasoline to electric vehicles, thanks to metal-organic frameworks
68 Scientists map living corals for the first time before and after marine heat wave: Winners and losers discovered
69 Satellite Launch Company Uses Helicopter to Pluck Spent Rocket from Midair
70 Research team unravels the trick of evolving the GTP sensor
71 New California bill could require 'blue carbon' to offset coastal development
72 Tree loss in tropics casts doubt over climate goals
73 We've created a device that could allow instant disease diagnosis, while fitting inside your phone lens
74 Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Shallow Water and an Earth-Like Ocean Where Life Could Exist, Say Scientists
75 Baby Shark Isn't Fussy About the Temperature of Its Nursery
76 Optimizing the Materials and Energy of Tomorrow
77 New Zealand rocket caught but then dropped by helicopter
78 Heat wave sparks blackouts, questions on India's coal usage
79 Bacteria make a beeline to escape tight spaces
80 Want more students to learn languages? Win over the parents, research suggests
81 Research exposes long-term failure of Russian propaganda in Ukraine's Donbas region
82 Maip macrothorax: Giant 32ft.-long 'death shadow' dinosaur discovered by scientists in Argentina
83 Ancient smells are wafting out of artifacts and old texts
84 Children's products labeled water- or stain-resistant may contain PFAS, study says
85 How Drones Are Shedding Light on the Secret Lives of Great Whites
86 Why Psychedelic Drugs May Become a Key Treatment for PTSD and Depression / Science
87 Indigenous peoples 'have globally harvested billions of oysters sustainably'
88 Some hamsters are extremely susceptible to COVID-19
89 A species of mouthbrooding male fish in Australia carries wildly different egg parentage in its mouth
90 See the Exquisite New 100 Megapixel Photo of Two Galaxies Merging 40 Million Light-Years from Us
91 Lava and frost may form the mysterious lumps on Jupiter's moon Io
92 More than 1,100 species live in Antarctica, but they're at risk from human activity
93 Drought Reveals Homicide Victim as Lake Mead Recedes
94 New machine learning maps the potentials of proteins
95 Republicans Push Drug in State Bills
96 How to get the best seat in the house
97 Severe COVID Can Drop Your IQ 10 Points, Study Suggests
98 Researchers manipulate demographic of bacterial community with novel electronic technology
99 A New Study Uncovers Yet Another Reason Why It Is Difficult to Date A Narcissist
100 Astronomers discover a rare 'black widow' binary, with the shortest orbit yet
101 Space Dishes Enhanced by Cultural Fusions--Like AAPI Dishes
102 Tethers bring distant genes together to coordinate embryo development
103 Standard Signals in Space Keep Spacewalkers Safer in Emergencies
104 Cold-survival strategies in animals: A spectrum, not either-or
105 Tree Rings Could Pin Down Thera Volcano Eruption Date
106 New sustainability and climate change strategy for schools in England doesn't match what young people actually want
107 Moderna Stock Falls Despite Vaccine Sales More than Tripling from Last Year
108 Flood risk reduction confers multiple benefits
109 Violent Volcanic Explosions Blamed for Odd Martian Rocks
110 After more than a century, California condors soar over redwoods once again
111 As drought crisis deepens, government will release less water from Colorado River reservoir
112 International team releases first panoramic atlases of life in cells
113 A new 225-million-year-old reptile from Brazil
114 Researchers use silicon nanoparticles to visualize coalescence of quantized vortices that occur in superfluid helium
115 Jaws hold crucial knowledge on the fate of sharks
116 Scientists identify the most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally