File Title
1 Is the origin of cultivated kumquat species implicated with Hong Kong kumquats? Probably not
2 Study reveals genetic diversity of a particularly problematic pathogen
3 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter spots gear that helped Perseverance rover land
4 Brain imaging shows what happens when we question fake news
5 In Florida panther, multi-pronged approach critical to disease management
6 RNA binding proteins help T cells pick their weapons before battle
7 Researchers update measurement ratios key for inertial confinement fusion experiments
8 Supernova reveals its secrets to team of astronomers
9 New cocoa processing method produces fruitier, more 'flowery' dark chocolate
10 Emerging efforts by states to decriminalize possession of most controlled substances
11 Give bidi cigarette rollers a voice to find new jobs, researchers say
12 How does cannabis really affect our cognition and psychology?
13 How did the Thames become one of the world's cleanest city rivers?
14 Before Stonehenge monuments, hunter-gatherers made use of open habitats
15 Loneliness leads to higher risk of future unemployment, study finds
16 Huge new ichthyosaur, one of the largest animals ever, uncovered high in the Alps
17 Over one-fifth of reptile species are at risk of extinction, study warns
18 Earth's atmosphere may be source of some lunar water
19 Solar Edges Nuclear as A Power Source for Many Potential Mars Settlements
20 New study finds climate change could spark the next pandemic
21 The future of food from the warming sea
22 Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals
23 How quantum weirdness is improving electron microscopes
24 Service workers' volatile shifts linked to reliance on high-cost debt
25 American politicians have become less civil on Twitter over time, new study confirms
26 Stonehenge 'was built on land inhabited by deer and wild boar 4,000 years earlier'
27 When it comes to dating advice, why is it always women who must improve?
28 Are you more likely to believe misinformation about Ukraine or COVID-19?
29 Removing planktivorous fish mitigates cyanobacterial blooms in large subtropical highland lake
30 New strategy to boost pseudocapacitive performance of micro-supercapacitors
31 Joggers naturally pace themselves to conserve energy even on short runs
32 New proton capture rate of arsenic-65 changes periodic thermonuclear X-ray bursts
33 Jack Russell terriers have the longest lifespan among pet dogs, study suggests
34 Bird populations in eastern Canada declining due to forest 'degradation,' research shows
35 Runners prefer the same pace, regardless of distance
36 Runners prefer the same pace, regardless of distance--study
37 Large bodies helped extinct marine reptiles with long necks swim, new study finds
38 Thinking about God lowers consumer interest in self-improvement products
39 New study reveals how human embryo develops the precursor to blood-forming stem cells
40 Rainforest birds in decline in black summer bushfire aftermath
41 We must halve our energy use to avoid climate catastrophe, according to new modelling
42 How Do We Know A Species Is Really Extinct?
43 Tigray in Ethiopia was an environmental success story, but the war is undoing decades of regreening
44 As kids become teens, mom's voice matters less to their brains
45 Without Action on Climate, Another Mass Extinction Event Will Likely Happen in the World's Oceans / Science
46 Dog breed is a surprisingly poor predictor of individual behavior
47 Patagonian sheepdogs are the closest living representative of the ancestor of sheepdog from UK
48 An Eating Disorder Researcher Tells Us What We Need to Know About Selectively Avoiding Certain Food Groups
49 An alternative to a European energy embargo against Russia
50 New study could help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
51 Study shows how to balance economic development goals with environmental conservation using freely available data
52 Menu design key to increased wine sales and customer satisfaction
53 First leaf fossil study of Borneo's rainforest reveals current ecosystem is ancient
54 Research shows why a no-protest zone is needed at Birmingham abortion clinic
55 Research team finds that some magmas originate from mantle portions containing remnants of Earth's earliest crust
56 Canada looks to prosecute crimes on the moon
57 South Asia wilts in heat as Delhi rubbish dump burns
58 Diminishing Arctic sea ice has lasting impacts on global climate
59 Shark nets remain a deadly obstacle as humpback whales begin their East Coast migration
60 Breed Has Little Effect on Dog Behavior, Study Says
61 Enigmatic rock layer in Mars' Gale crater awaits measurements by the Curiosity rover
62 Space-based system using GPS satellites could warn of incoming tsunamis
63 New study simulates San Francisco's worst storms in future climate conditions
64 NASA's Webb telescope is now in full focus, ready for instrument commissioning
65 Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable, study finds
66 Developing inorganic lead-free perovskite for broadband emission
67 'Polaroids' help scientists detect hazardous ice on airplane plating
68 'Lensless' imaging through advanced machine learning for next generation image sensing solutions
69 Why are [we] obsessed with parallel universes?
70 Researchers create self-assembled logic circuits from proteins
71 Study finds relationships among herbicide-resistant weeds, tillage practices and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
72 New study shows that the resilience of ecosystems can be measured from space
73 What drives rechargeable battery decay? Depends on how many times you've charged it
74 Scientists call for cap on production to end plastic pollution
75 Heat wave scorches India's wheat crop, snags export plans
76 California subpoenas ExxonMobil in probe of plastics waste
77 Dog breed alone a poor indicator of canine behaviour, study suggests
78 How love changes your brain
79 Why Is Uranus So Much Fun to Joke About?
80 19 cannons in river likely sunk in 1779
81 Education systems were first designed to suppress dissent
82 Research discovers new bacteria that stick to plastic in the deep sea to travel around the ocean
83 Underwater cables linked to deformities and poor swimming ability in lobsters
84 U.S. Reports First Human Case of Contagious Bird Flu in Colorado
85 Scientists find fossil tooth that may have belonged to largest ever carnivorous sea monster
86 Loud boom and streaking fireball spook people in three US states
87 Pterosaurs may have had brightly colored feathers on their heads
88 Two rocky exoplanets discovered around nearby star
89 What the Latest Private Mission to Space Says About the Future of Science
90 Scars on Snails Offer a 100,000-Year Record of Crab Populations / Science
91 How I decided on a second COVID-19 booster shot
92 The Webb Telescope Is Finally Focused and Just Sent Back 10 Jaw-Dropping New Hi-Def Images
93 High coherence and low cross-talk in a superconducting qubit architecture
94 Decoding the lifecycle of photogenerated charges
95 Blasting Earth's location out to potential aliens is a controversial idea. Two teams of scientists are doing it anyway
96 Bingo seems like harmless fun, but higher stakes and new technology are making it more dangerous
97 How colonialism is a major cause of domestic abuse against women around the world
98 First Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu Reported in China
99 Power cuts, forest fires in South Asia heatwave
100 Anatomical study confirms that harbor seals are good at learning varied calls
101 Light-infused particles go the distance in organic semiconductors
102 New Tool Can Anticipate Marine Heatwaves
103 Families of people who died after taking COVID vaccine 'ignored' as zero compensation payouts made
104 More evacuations expected near dangerous Southwest wildfires
105 Red Tides Are Currently Blooming in Southern California
106 Loud boom and streaking fireball spook people in three US states
107 Changing climate impacts biodiversity in protected areas globally
108 First recent US case of human bird flu confirmed in Colorado
109 Russian Military Dolphins Spotted in Ukraine via Satellite
110 New research recommends multinational ocean sanctuaries to help corals survive climate change
111 Eight years later, an explosion far out in space is still revealing secrets about the lives of stars
112 Dingo? Bingo! How you can help dingo research from your home
113 Scorching Heatwave in India Reaches 115F
114 This Floofy Sheepdog Reveals Its Ancestral Dog from 200 Years Ago