File Title
1 Nathusius' pipistrelle bat sets a new bat migration record with a 2,400 km flight
2 To cut costs, Weddell seal pups keep swimming when trading in their fluff
3 'I know this song!' Evolutionary keys to musical perception
4 Bean cultivation in diverse agricultural landscapes promotes bees and increases yields
5 Research shows clever monkeys plan their food trips to avoid stronger rivals
6 Zebrafish offspring weaken when parents are given antibiotics
7 Predicting distribution of phosphoric acid and water in high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
8 Maryland's Back River is unsafe for any human contact, environment officials declare amid wastewater plant problems
9 Drought boon or boondoggle? Critics blast Poseidon desalination plan as crucial vote looms
10 Decoding leaf angle genetics for better crop yields
11 Talking therapy may ease depression for people with dementia, study suggests
12 Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak Has Led to One Child Dying, 17 Needing Liver Transplants
13 NASA and Argonne Lab Tackle Hypersonics with Supercomputing A.I. Software
14 Serious violence peaked after COVID-19 restrictions eased: report
15 Coal still top threat to global climate goals: report
16 Weary of many disasters? UN says worse to come
17 New study links red tides and dead zones off west coast of Florida
18 Higher environmental benefits to be had where homeowners are less willing to pay
19 Pathogens can hitch a ride on plastic to reach the sea
20 The first scientific expedition to Panama's unexplored Cordillera de Coiba sets sail
21 TV Clip Study Suggest that People Prefer Voice-Only AI Companions Over Human-Like Robots
22 Explosive weapons in medieval Jerusalem during Crusades
23 This camera lens can focus up close and far away at the same time
24 Enigmatic rocks on Mars show evidence of a violent origin
25 Mars may have less water than previously estimated
26 Self-cleaning optical fiber can help in monitoring environment and diagnosing cancer
27 Why you should care about 'The Insect Crisis'
28 Study inspects properties of four galactic open clusters
29 Getting ID after exiting prison is harder than you might think. So we built a chatbot to help
30 How early childhood education is responding to climate change
31 When parents turn children into weapons, everybody loses
32 Climate change quickly warming Scottish lochs: study
33 Chemists invent an efficient thermal camera to reduce costs of chemical research
34 Four ways we can change our behavior to adapt to the climate crisis
35 The impact of companies mitigating labor shortages with automation
36 All of the bases in DNA and RNA have now been found in meteorites
37 Exploring the origins of molecular paleontology
38 Visualizing the proton through animation and film
39 Insufficient menstrual cycle education provided in UK schools, study finds
40 China plans system to take out asteroids hurtling toward Earth
41 There should be more evidence of alien technology than alien biology across the Milky Way
42 Protecting species for the good of global climate
43 Measuring the 'wettability' of graphene and other 2D materials
44 Online outdoor science lessons run during the pandemic boosted teachers' skills, study shows
45 Forest trees also take up nanoplastics
46 Scientists discover evidence of major genes influencing flowering time in chickpeas
47 Mysterious Child Hepatitis Outbreak Could Be Linked to Common Cold Virus
48 Animals essential to seed dispersal are the first to disappear owing to deforestation
49 Could the blueprint for life have been generated in asteroids?
50 How the rabbit virus myxoma leapt into a new species
51 Rare, endangered insects and spiders illegally for sale online
52 Good dog or bad dog? New study shows that breed isn't really a predictor of behavior
53 Environmental helicity may affect the outer-core size of tropical cyclones
54 A new guide to extremely powerful light pulses
55 Biofilm bacterial dynamics and changes in inorganic nitrogen density due to the presence of freshwater pearl mussels
56 Research shows pet cats rarely stray far
57 Reforming coral reefs using 3D printing
58 Italian nurse acquitted of murder after statistical analysis
59 Specially sourced argon may soon whisper secrets about universe's dark matter
60 New graphite based rapid sensor chip for real-time theophylline monitoring
61 Rock lizards help transfer mite-transmitted infections
62 Research team follows nearly 8,000 paths towards better cell factories
63 New study reveals how microscopic algae became exceptionally nutritious over time, driving evolution forward
64 Recent research on intramembrane proteases could lead to new Alzheimer's treatments
65 Canada lynx protections deal sealed by US, environmentalists
66 New molecule sets stage for nickel as a 'greener' photocatalyst, reveals key steps in reaction process
67 Physicists embark on a hunt for a long-sought quantum glow
68 Vegetarians Are More Sociable than Carnivores--In Birds
69 Canada needs Indigenous-led fire stewardship, new research finds
70 Researchers have a formula for getting in the flow
71 Novel particle detector used to study alternate path to carbon creation in stars
72 Research reveals a new mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in the nanoscale field
73 Researchers find that environmental concern does not motivate consumption
74 Microbial response to a changing and fire-prone arctic ecosystem
75 Pfizer Asks FDA to Authorize COVID Booster for Kids 5-11
76 Antibiotics diminish babies' immune response to key vaccines
77 Study finds that males are represented four times more than females in literature
78 Indian capital engulfed in smoke after landfill catches fire
79 Global aid response on Ukraine too short-term, says study
80 Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars
81 Threatened South American coati found roaming in a large city
82 UK wildlife watchers welcome 'ecological refugees'
83 Scientists study microorganisms on Earth to gain insight into life on other planets
84 Clusters of weather extremes will increase risks to corn crops, society
85 Leonardo da Vinci's rule for how trees branch was close, but wrong
86 Preventing infection with an improved silver coating for medical devices
87 Direct printing of nanodiamonds at the quantum level
88 How the Russia-Ukraine war is worsening climate-linked food shortages
89 Portland alternative police response yields social services, no arrests in first year
90 Fault-tolerant quantum computer memory in diamond
91 Snakes and lizards evolve minus key T cells
92 Southern California's Metropolitan Water District declares water shortage emergency
93 Students identify Chicago neighborhoods most at risk of urban flooding
94 From conventional to strange metal behavior in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
95 Rats Repeatedly Listened to the Happy Birthday Song, for Science
96 Extreme heat waves threaten honeybee fertility and trigger sudden death
97 Wildfire smoke accelerates glacier melt, affects mountain runoff
98 Change in diet may contribute to rapid recovery of apex predator, new research reveals
99 Developing the world's smallest gear wheel
100 Do zoom meetings kill creativity?
101 Any effort to limit California offshore oil could be costly to taxpayers
102 A more fluid approach saved Lamborghini and it could save other businesses, say experts
103 Using satellite data to help direct response to natural disasters
104 Key findings about potential drinking water contamination
105 Does it portend an undiscovered planet?
106 Privatization, poverty threaten water affordability
107 Young mothers with children by multiple partners more likely to experience abuse, study finds
108 Cilia-free stem cells offer new path to study rare diseases
109 Summer Space Reading List: The Interstellar Age
110 Zero-index metamaterials offer new insights into the foundations of quantum mechanics
111 Machine learning, harnessed to extreme computing, aids fusion energy development