File Title
1 Genetically-modified Lettuce Could Help Prevent Bone Density Loss in Astronauts
2 FDA Encourages Inclusion of More Older Adults in Cancer Clinical Trials
3 Fearful Memories Stored in Sensory Cortex, not Amygdala
4 Earth-forming meteorites may have formed in the outer Solar System
5 New "Quantum Battery" Makes Charging an Electric Vehicle as Quick as Pumping Gas
6 Scientists Reverse Aging in a Mouse Model
7 Fecal Implants Alter Behaviors in an Alzheimer's Model
8 An Alternative to Morphine Could Come from a Poisonous Snail
9 The Role of Flow Cytometry in Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndromes
10 Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against All Variants of SARS-CoV-2
11 Heart Disease Patients Show Altered Gut Microbiomes
12 Teen Mental Health: A Key Factor in Transitioning from Vaping to Cannabis Use
13 1 in 4 Children with Mild Head Injury Develop Symptoms of ADHD, Migraine, Depression
14 The Negative Impact of Social Media on Teenager Wellbeing Varies by Age
15 Keto Diet Boosts Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer
16 A Master Regulator that Helps Power Immune Cells on the Attack
17 Catching an RNA Switch in Action
18 The Claustrum--a Mysterious Part of the Brain is Now Linked to Pain
19 Strategies to Improve Your Lab's Blood Culture Process
20 Universal Flu Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice
21 Killifish Research Model Shows Antibody Diversity Declines with Age
22 New Study Finds No Link between Childhood Obesity and Thyroid Cancer
23 Light Exposure While Sleeping is Linked to Cardiovascular Issues
24 Stars Hiding in Plain Sight
25 Asteroid Ryugu: Remnant of an ancient comet?
26 New Genetic Test Rapidly IDs Over 50 Difficult-to-Diagnose Disorders
27 Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis Estimated in the United States Population
28 460-Million-Year-Old Ancestor of the Vampire Squid Discovered with Ten Functional Arms
29 Detecting Chemical Weapons with Flies
30 Is it possible to O.D. on cannabis?
31 Cannabigerol's Potential to Trigger Neuroregeneration
32 Can weed cure COVID?
33 Effects of Having a Medical Cannabis Card on Symptom Management
34 Pill Form of Remdesivir Treats COVID-19 in Mice
35 Researchers Successfully 'Transplant' Mitochondria from One Cell to Another
36 Insight into the Maturation of Giant Viruses
37 The Human Genome Sequence is Finally, Truly Complete
38 Another Study Shows Ivermectin Does Not Treat COVID-19
39 Saturn--The Ringed Planet
40 Treating Diabetes with Ultrasound
41 Deltacron: How Dangerous Is It?
42 Risk of Colorectal Cancer in the Chronically Obese
43 Sweeteners Linked to Increased Cancer Risk
44 Researchers ID Neurons that Hardwire a "Winning Mindset" & Social Rank
45 Almost Half of Older People Die with Dementia
46 Human Genes that are Essential to HIV Offer New Insights on Chronic Infection
47 Unique Mechanism of Respiration Discovered in a Single-Celled Organism
48 Study Reveals How Much Avocado Can Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
49 Some Immune Disorders Have an Epigenetic Basis
50 Socioeconomic Deprivation Linked to Premature Cardiovascular Death
51 Alzheimer's Drug May improve Symptoms of Down Syndrome
52 How Eating Mushrooms Improves Gut Health
53 Using Water to Estimate Universe's Temperature ~13 billion Years Ago
54 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen
55 Mobile App Predicts Genetic Risks for Coronary Artery Disease
56 Are Leadless Pacemakers the Future?
57 Music Therapy Offers an Innovative Approach to Cancer Therapy
58 Resistance Exercise Leads to Better Sleep
59 Potential Gas Giant Exoplanet Spotted in Formation
60 Thinking of trying THC-O? Read this first
61 NASA's Kepler Telescope Makes New Discovery Long After Retirement
62 Huge Genetic Risk Studies Reveal More About Schizophrenia Basis
63 Loneliness Offset by Meaningful, Challenging Activities
64 Bongs and Fine Particle Exposure
65 New Type of 'Immune System' is Discovered in Bacteria
66 Top 10 Best Cannabis Grinders for Sale in 2022
67 Baby Boomers and Cannabis Use
68 Does CBN really cure insomnia?
69 Mysterious Odd Radio Circles in the Sky
70 Puberty-triggering Hormone Reverses Fatty Liver Disease in Mice
71 How Zinc Can Boost the Function of the Immune System
72 What is the driving force behind geysers on Enceladus?
73 Advances in Cannabis Sciences at the 2022 Labroots Virtual Event
74 Turmeric Helps Regenerate Blood Vessels and Tissue
75 Raised Without Antibiotics Labels Found to be Misleading
76 What is a Cancer Center?
77 How Work Shifts Outside of Normal Business Hours May Affect Menopause Onset
78 Acid Reflux Meds Not Recommended in People with Persistent Throat Symptoms
79 Upcoming Preventative Cancer Vaccine Trial Will Investigate Effects in Lynch Syndrome
80 Uranus--The Sideways Planet
81 AI Accurately Predicts if Someone Will Die of Cardiac Arrest
82 Standardizing the Hematology Stain Workflow with Aerospray and CellaVision
83 A New Way to Inhibit a Master Regulator
84 Thousands of Novel RNA Viruses Found in Ocean Water Samples
85 What Happens During a Heart Attack?
86 Your Brain on Natural vs. Added Sugar
87 Several New Studies Broaden Our Understanding of Metabolism & Obesity
88 Celebrate Humanity on the International Day of Human Space Flight
89 Fiber Could Reduce Inflammation. But What Kind of Fiber is Best?
90 A wearable microphone that can listen to and monitor your body
91 Infected Immune Cells--How COVID-19 Causes Catastrophic Inflammation
92 Human or Host? Parasites in Human History & Prehistory
93 Creating a foundation for change: A tangible strategy to fight AMR
94 Some Fish Species Can Count
95 Old Skin Cells Made Young Again with Reprogramming
96 Does Telehealth Help Alleviate Health Inequities?
97 April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
98 COVID-19 Drug Combo More Effective than Single Drugs
99 Confirmation Bias or Captivating Discovery? Paleontology at the Tanis Site, North Dakota
100 Half of Young Adults Struggled with Mental Health in 2021
101 Sleep and Heart Health
102 Delta 10 is weird. Here's why.
103 NASA's Perseverance Rover Hears the Sounds of Mars
104 The notorious CBG, and its benefits
105 CBD and THC are Safe Supplements to Opioid Treatment
106 The Link Between Fetal Cannabis Exposure and Obesity
107 First Drug for Sleep Apnea Shows Promise in Patients
108 Immigration Patterns of Women Changed the Bronze Age in Scotland as we know it
109 Low-dose Lithium Has Anti-aging Effects on Liver
110 Chaos Theory Hints at Controlling Our Weather
111 Exercise May Protect Brain Volume by Regulating Insulin Metabolism
112 Intriguing Mutations in 'Junk' DNA Can Protect Against ALS
113 Immune Cell Fingerprints Can Help Reveal New Autoimmune Disease Treatments
114 A New Approach to Seizure Treatment
115 Do Your Easter Eggs Impact Cancer Risk?
116 Finding the Cause of Severe Asthma
117 A Direct Link Between the Brain and the Microbiome
118 Earth's Oldest Life Forms May be Over 4 Billion Years Old!
119 Search for the Cause of Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Children
120 Neptune--The Distant Planet