File Title
1 Newly identified cell type could be the key to restoring damaged salivary glands
2 Climate change made 2020 hurricanes rainier
3 Study finds high energy use provides little benefit for health and well-being in richer nations
4 Climate Change Made Hurricanes More Intense During Record-Breaking 2020 Season, Study Says
5 Pervaporation membranes show promise for alkaline wastewater reclamation
6 New 3D printing technique is a game changer for medical testing devices
7 Threat of untreatable gonorrhoea 'could be tackled with meningitis vaccine'
8 Climate change will reshuffle marine ecosystems in unexpected ways, study finds
9 Now Is the Time to Jettison Russian in-Space Propulsion from All Future Satellites
10 Exactly 7 Years from Today A Massive Asteroid Will Get Closer to Earth than Some of Our Satellites. Should NASA Visit It?
11 How many bee species does a meadow need?
12 Two studies identify factors that correlate with high blood-lead levels in children
13 Your morning coffee could hasten species' extinction
14 Lost golden toad heralds climate's massive extinction threat
15 Endangered pangolins get fresh chance in S. African clinic
16 Emaciated mountain lion cub rescued, treated at Oakland Zoo
17 Bird flu found at 2nd Indiana duck farm
18 Scientists find earliest record of aurora in ancient Chinese chronicle
19 Deforestation drives climate change that harms remaining forest
20 Researchers find limited economic cost to robust carbon emission goals
21 Edible, fluorescent silk tags can suss out fake medications
22 Nanoparticles could enable a more sensitive and durable rapid COVID-19 test
23 Calculating the costs of multiple switchgrass gene copies
24 Use of metal-organic frameworks to degrade plastics
25 Archaeological site along the Nile reveals the Nubian civilization that flourished in ancient Sudan
26 As kids' activities reopen, parents share insights about keeping families active during COVID-19 shutdowns
27 Time to pull out all stops to save the endangered koala
28 Team creates compact device to help spaceships land safely on planets
29 Worries about finances outstrip concerns about catching COVID-19
30 Peers can help cut juvenile re-offending
31 The largest antenna ever tested in ESA's Hertz radio frequency test chamber
32 How Did Climate Change Affect Ancient Humans? / Science
33 How ancient, recurring climate changes may have shaped human evolution
34 Fossil of dinosaur killed in asteroid strike discovered in North Dakota, scientists say
35 Structure of the active ingredient bismuth in Pepto-Bismol revealed
36 A new, fine-grained map shows radon-gas risk zones in Williamsburg
37 New study and interactive map point to environmental justice disparities (and solutions) in land conservation
38 Studying the effects of dust and drought on climate change
39 Keeping climate pledges limits warming to 2 degrees
40 Aotearoa's first strontium isoscape developed
41 Physics models better define what makes pasta 'al dente'
42 Why we shout during video calls if the image gets blurry
43 Increasing temperatures and drought reduce growth of Toona ciliate trees
44 Sir Mark Rylance urges university to ban rat swim experiments
45 This is the biggest known comet in our solar system
46 Social connections influence brain structure of rhesus macaques
47 Diverse life forms may have evolved earlier than previously thought
48 This hieroglyph is the oldest known record of the Maya calendar
49 Vegan diets may be linked to better health in dogs, study suggests
50 The California Joshua tree is not threatened, regulators say. It could bring more development
51 New model could help save koalas at a fraction of the price
52 Researchers investigate garlic's hidden powers
53 Greening food preservation nourishes the environment
54 New polymer materials make fabricating optical interconnects easier
55 Team simulates collider physics on quantum computer
56 Act of sabotage determines mammalian embryonic development
57 Vegan diets for dogs may be linked with better health, and could be less hazardous, than meat-based diets
58 Pandemic may have intensified US workplace prejudice against East Asian and Hispanic colleagues
59 Is Netflix Transforming How Hollywood Approaches Climate Change?
60 Discovery of new phenomenon a game-changer for efficient bioproduction of useful chemicals
61 James Webb telescope's coldest instrument reaches operating temperature
62 Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth's surface
63 Tear-free brushing? All you need is math
64 Few Americans see race as key factor in environmental inequality
65 Historically redlined neighborhoods burdened by excess oil and gas wells
66 AI gives algorithms the means to design biomolecules with a huge range of valuable functions
67 International team completes first whole-body cell atlas of a non-human primate
68 Climate-smart policies could see crop yields soar
69 Monarch butterflies increasingly plagued by parasites
70 Cutting down on one 'super fat' could help plants survive climate change
71 Stability maintenance and sustainable management of shrub plantation on Loess Plateau
72 How far back in time is it possible to see?
73 Scientists discover a new form of pesticide that neutralizes pathogens attacking rice
74 Any plans to dim the sun must be led by those most affected
75 Mars astronauts will create fuel by having a shower
76 Monkeys with more grooming partners have bigger brain regions linked to empathy, study finds
77 Freezing koala sperm 'a crucial step' to save endangered marsupial from extinction, new study suggests
78 Expanding drought leaves western US scrambling for water
79 From sponge microbiome, insights into evolutionary past
80 Ecuador expands oil extraction from Amazon reserve
81 European Space Agency stops cooperation with Russian lunar missions
82 Scientists develop indoor-active photocatalyst for antiviral coating against various COVID variants
83 A newly discovered planet renews debate about how some giant worlds form
84 The State of Quantum Computing: Future, Present, Past
85 Do You Know Your Carbon Dioxide Birth Number?
86 Targets of common insult are middle-aged, male and seen as uninterested in changing behavior
87 The COVID-19 pandemic impacted research and tourism, even in Antarctica
88 Time might not exist, according to physicists and philosophers, but that's okay
89 Oldest Microfossils on Earth Found in Canada
90 Coastal cities around the globe are sinking
91 Earliest evidence of a Maya sacred calendar found in Guatemala
92 Silver nitrate can re-sensitize the last-line antimicrobial colistin in combination therapy against superbugs
93 What's the white stuff on my Easter chocolate, and can I still eat it?
94 Strategy for evaluating energy performance of metal-organic-framework-based carbon dioxide adsorbents
95 Searching for dark matter with a haloscope
96 Homeschooling surge continues despite schools reopening
97 Ranking nanodevice functionality methods
98 Role of manganese in soil carbon and climate change
99 Colombia becomes first case study on how to balance biodiversity goals with limited economic resources
100 COVID Linked to Disorder that Causes Sudden Vision Loss, Study Says
101 Silicon-carbide modulator overcomes decades long 'missing block'
102 Psychiatric Disorders May Increase Risk of Breakthrough COVID, Study Finds
103 Valneva: Everything we know about the new COVID vaccine
104 Motivating public engagement for at risk groups: The case of refugees
105 Research connects the porous structure of silicon and its ability to 'trap' incident light
106 Stalagmites reveal Australia's pre-colonial bushfire history
107 Researchers create miniature wide-angle camera with flat metalenses
108 Monterey Bay Aquarium Showcases Rare Denizens of the Deep Sea in New Exhibit
109 Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs, quantum computing
110 A novel computing approach to recognizing chaos
111 Seafloor spreading has been slowing down
112 Many factors influenced the severity of burns from Oregon's devastating 2020 megafires
113 New research highlights the role of green spaces in conflict
114 US Navy conducts test of new laser weapon system
115 Mystery sarcophagus found in Notre-Dame to be opened