File Title
1 Neolithic made us taller and more intelligent but more prone to heart disease
2 The dark matter of the brain
3 System helps severely motor-impaired individuals type more quickly and accurately
4 Researchers adapt technology made for astronomical observations to biomedical imaging
5 406 Day: how Galileo helps save lives
6 Colombian flooding kills 12, two missing: authorities
7 Residents evacuate as floods threaten Sydney suburbs
8 UN inaction on China abuses 'huge disappointment': Uyghur campaigner
9 NBA player Kanter out to corner UN rights chief on China
10 Former Hong Kong security chief declares leadership bid
11 Leader-in-waiting light on policy details in Hong Kong reboot vow
12 Study suggests abrupt climate change during the last ice age was controlled by CO2 levels
13 After COVID blues, French saxophone maker hits the right note
14 Australian flood disinformation sparks threats to pilots
15 In tragic Bucha, people search for the missing
16 Mines kill, injure more than 500 children in Iraq: UN
17 Red Cross says team held near Mariupol 'released'
18 East Ukrainians twice in flight from Russian offensive
19 Russian soldiers likely exposed to Chernobyl radiation: Ukraine
20 The global "plastic flood" reaches the Arctic
21 An uncertain future for livestock production in the tropics
22 Early humans kept old stone tools to preserve memory of their ancestors
23 Grains hints at origin of 7,000-year-old Swiss pile dwellings
24 Hunger crisis across Africa 'going unnoticed,' says Red Cross
25 Climate scorecard: good news and bad news
26 Study: T. rex's short arms may have reduced biting risk of hunting in packs
27 Lots of low- and no-cost ways to halt global warming
28 Compact, green and car-free. Can city living beat climate change?
29 The road to renewable energy in Japan, a top CO2 emitter
30 Freeze-thaw battery is adept at preserving its energy
31 The material that could save industries heat
32 Can sunflowers help defeat the 'insect apocalypse'?
33 Record 1st-quarter deforestation in Brazilian Amazon
34 Rome unveils 650 million euros eco cars boost
35 Interurban Vehicle--Green and comfortable travel even on long journeys
36 Smarter 3D printing makes better parts faster
37 3D-printed bone
38 ATLANT 3D Nanosystems developing a space-certified Nanofabricator 0G
39 Robots dress humans without the full picture
40 Shanghai lockdown snarls world's busiest port and China supply chains
41 G7 countries agree new economic sanctions against Russia
42 Germany warns against over-reliance on China trade
43 First integrated laser on lithium niobate chip
44 Hydrogen fuel cell technology key to Germany's energy future
45 North Sea oil project wins Israeli takeover boost
46 China is gunning for supremacy in the global green hydrogen race
47 Canada approves controversial Bay du Nord offshore oil project
48 World's fossil fuel assets risk evaporating in climate fight
49 Oil extends rally on Russia sanctions bets, stocks edge higher
50 Does this artificial intelligence think like a human?
51 Teleoperation steps in when an autonomous vehicle does not know what to do
52 Advanced Navigation launches AI-powered Micro AUV
53 Drones over Ukraine: fears of Russian 'killer robots' have failed to materialise
54 NATO RQ-4D Phoenix achieves major milestone with full system handover
55 Germany to get weaponised drones for the first time
56 Teal Drones to supply Golden Eagle drone units to NATO Country for deployment in Ukraine
57 'Punishment from above': Hobby pilots build Ukraine's drone fleet
58 Toshiba pauses spin-off plan, weighs going private
59 Novel use of iron-laced carbon nanofibers yields high-performance energy storage
60 Nuclear fusion hit a milestone thanks to better reactor walls
61 Thai national parks ban single-use plastics
62 Nearly entire global population breathing polluted air: WHO
63 'Trash has value': Kenyan inventor turns plastic into bricks
64 Tesla recalls nearly 128,000 cars in China due to defect
65 Indonesia begins electric car production with Hyundai plant
66 Ford to introduce 7 new EVs in Europe by 2024, invest $2 billion in EV plant
67 Atom by atom: building precise smaller nanoparticles with templates
68 Keep getting lost? Maybe you grew up on the grid
69 Russians' yellow and blue flight suits were not a political statement
70 Dartmouth engineers develop rapid printing technology for rigid and flexible solar modules
71 Japanese robot can peel bananas cleanly, most of the time
72 Hubble finds a new Jupiter-like planet forming in an unusual way: NASA
73 Digging Deep: How forest cover change could impact global temperatures
74 Astronomers find what might be the most distant galaxy yet
75 Shards of Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have been found in fossil site
76 NASA resumes Artemis 1 moon mission's 'wet dress rehearsal'
77 Hopkins researchers develop AI technique to predict cardiac arrests
78 UK government will ban gay conversion therapy, changing previous plan, says report
79 7 neighbours ask nations 'responsible' for present Afghan plight to help in its recovery
80 'Human challenge' study offers valuable insights on COVID infection
81 Want to see the weirdest of Wikipedia? Look no further.
82 Pope begs forgiveness of Indigenous for Canada school abuses
83 China rejects sanctions as Ukraine war tops summit agenda
84 Amazon workers in New York warehouse vote to form a union
85 Yemen's warring parties agree two-month truce in major breakthrough
86 Amazon workers on Staten Island vote to unionise in landmark win for labour
87 Biden announces his intent to nominate 2 Indian Americans to key administrative positions
88 Australia-India trade deal to open 'biggest economic door': Morrison
89 S. Africa surpasses 100,000 COVID deaths; curbs to be eased despite warning of 5th wave
90 Sarah Palin files paperwork to run in Alaska US House race
91 Delta pilots land jet safely after cockpit windshield cracks
92 Sri Lanka declares public emergency amidst protests over worst economic crisis
93 US to end COVID order blocking asylum seekers at border with Mexico
94 India starts supplying rice to Sri Lanka in first major food aid
95 Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank gun battle
96 Former ambassador pleads guilty to defrauding Sri Lankan government
97 Shaken at first, many Russians now rally behind Putin's invasion
98 In European classrooms, questions about a war so close to home
99 COVID-19: Top developments worldwide April 2
100 Shanghai separates COVID-positive children from parents in virus fight
101 Pope Francis for the first time implicitly criticises Putin over Ukraine
102 India, Turkmenistan sign 4 MoUs for cooperation, agree to expand bilateral trade
103 UK media watchdog suspends Khalsa TV licence over Khalistani propaganda
104 China to back military-ruled Myanmar regardless of situation
105 Ukrainian photographer and Reuters contributor, Maksim Levin, killed covering war
106 New Omicron strain, first detected in UK, appears to be more transmissible than previous strains of COVID-19: WHO
107 Ukraine claims control over Kyiv region as Russia looks east
108 Mudslides kill 14 in heavy rains in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state
109 Serbians go to polls to pick president, parliament amid Ukraine war
110 North Korea condemns South Korea's remarks on military ability, warns of destructive action