File Title
1 New research reveals where, why and how sharks and game fish overlap
2 Compact, green and car-free. Can city living beat climate change?
3 US trees may provide over $100 billion dollars in savings via environmental benefits--but face growing threats
4 Investigating newly synthesized thallium compounds for optoelectronic devices
5 Researchers discover bacteria capable of killing fungus that causes yield-reducing disease in sugarcane
6 Here's What We Know About Omicron XE--The New COVID Variant Found in the U.K.
7 The relationship between active areas and boundaries with energy input in snapping shells
8 EPA rule would finally ban asbestos, carcinogen still in use
9 NASA finds new way to monitor underground water loss
10 Study reveals how deadly tick disease spreads
11 Study reveals the science behind those irresistible puppy-dog eyes
12 The pleasant smell of wet soil indicates danger to bacteria-eating worms, researchers find
13 Lab turns hard-to-process plastic waste into carbon-capture master
14 Fungus that causes fatal bat disease found in Louisiana
15 World's fossil fuel assets risk evaporating in climate fight
16 High-energy ads keep viewers tuned in, study shows
17 Mexico seeks 'miracle' to save near-extinct vaquita porpoise
18 These 7 Traits Are Found in People with 'Antagonistic Personalities'
19 Removing CO2 from air, sea no longer optional, says UN
20 Rational neural network advances partial differentiation equation learning
21 NASA releases breakthrough forest biomass-carbon product data
22 New parity-time symmetric system opens up range of wavelengths to researchers, engineers
23 Newly identified neutrophil subset is a promising therapeutic target for inflammatory diseases
24 Researchers use new method to target potentially undiscovered beneficial therapeutic chemicals
25 Decoding the molecular clock that controls neurogenesis in the visual center of Drosophila
26 Scientists hope to deploy a fleet of drones to see how much carbon the ocean is absorbing
27 Sugar-coated nanoparticles target macrophages, reverse pulmonary fibrosis?
28 Like college roommates, vampire bats bond when randomly paired
29 Researchers capture X-ray images of electric vehicle batteries as they degrade over time
30 Study reveals the dynamics of human milk production
31 COVID latest: Scientists warn public health at risk as leading surveillance programme ends
32 Exposed sediments reveal decades of Lake Powell history
33 Researchers demonstrate new link between greenhouse gases and sea level rise
34 Is NASA on the Cusp of Sending New Missions to Uranus and Its Ocean Moons? A Rare Launch Window Beckons but Time Is Tight
35 How does perennial grassland cover affect duck nest survival?
36 Humans selectively bred canines to give them irresistible 'puppy-dog eyes,' scientists say
37 The Earth beneath us may be shifting--not static
38 Both antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes transmitted between healthy dogs and cats and their owners
39 Century-old malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin traced
40 What we learned about COVID-19 safety from a NYC anime convention
41 Discovery provides insight into neglected tropical disease schistosomiasis
42 Earthworms like to eat some plastics, but side effects of their digestion are unclear
43 The delicate balance between grocery store profit and food security
44 Tornadoes, Concerts, and Vacations--The Science of Cellphone Camera Culture
45 Five ways Americans' lives will change if Congress makes daylight saving time permanent
46 How to clean it up
47 How films perpetuate the idea that women need saving
48 'Every Kid Outdoors' program is increasing family hiking, but not for everyone
49 With 'Plant Armor' crop cover, insects have to navigate textile maze
50 Optical control of photons as the key to new technologies
51 Common Antidepressant Likely Cuts Risk of COVID Hospitalization, Study Finds
52 Novel use of iron-laced carbon nanofibers yields high-performance energy storage
53 Hubble probes extreme weather on ultra-hot Jupiters
54 Effectiveness of tiny pod villages as alternative shelter for people experiencing homelessness
55 NASA to hold off retest of Artemis, clearing way for Axiom Space civilian launch
56 The living legacy of names
57 Why aren't we using the global gas crisis to go green?
58 Discovery of matter-wave polaritons sheds new light on photonic quantum technologies
59 Are people more willing to empathize with animals or with other humans?
60 New study shows robust increases in atmospheric thirst across much of US during past 40 years
61 Florida's state shell at higher risk of extinction than previously thought
62 First forecasting models targeting fall armyworm larval stages in Africa to help fight against devastating pest
63 Inspiration and thinking in the design of large-scale functional proteins: Evolution-guided atomistic design
64 Tumble dryers release microfibers into environment at levels comparable to washers
65 New Psychological Research Identifies this Concept as the Top Pathway to Happiness
66 The side effects of quantum error correction and how to cope with them
67 In race to build quantum computing hardware, silicon begins to shine
68 Future catalytic converters could give more bang for your buck
69 To save California's whales, put overlooked threats into policy
70 Amazon rainforest foliage gases affect the Earth's atmosphere
71 Retro technique advances modern bacterial engineering for bioenergy
72 Mechanical engineering students aim to sink purple sea urchin population with underwater vacuum
73 Most US dog owners don't follow FDA pet food handling guidelines: study
74 A mathematical shortcut for determining quantum information lifetimes
75 Citizen scientists help map ridge networks on Mars
76 Growth-climate sensitivity of two pine species varies with site-specific environmental conditions
77 NIST collaborates with EPA to develop a standard to improve fecal pollution measurements in recreational waters
78 Injured dinosaur left behind unusual footprints
79 Newsom urged Californians to cut water use by 15%. In February they saved less than 1%
80 Uranium detectable in two-thirds of US community water system monitoring records
81 Wastewater provides a planet-wide laboratory for the study of human health
82 Unique 'giant-colony' ecotype leads to intense blooms of Phaeocystis globosa in South China Sea
83 A code change could slash crytpo energy use, why isn't it being used?
84 Sadiq Khan calls on leading vaccine manufacturers to share COVID jab blueprints with world
85 Army Corps Halts Permit Review for SpaceX's Texas Launch Site
86 The Jaw-Dropping $2.5 Billion Mission to Land On 'The Most Exciting Object in the Solar System'
87 At Least 31,625,000 People Will Witness the 'Greater American Eclipse,' the Most Watched Celestial Event in Human History
88 Immigrant PhD Measure Could Aid National Security and U.S. Economy
89 New bot can spot nine out of 10 depressed Twitter users, scientists say
90 State school pupils just as happy with their lives as private school counterparts, national study finds
91 Scientists have spotted the farthest galaxy ever
92 New discovery in animal exoskeletons leads to advances in designing construction materials
93 Study finds uranium contamination in two-thirds of US community water system
94 Canada approves controversial Bay du Nord offshore oil project
95 Selective breeding sustainably protects honey bees from Varroa mite
96 How a western banded gecko eats a scorpion
97 How mountain streams signal climate change
98 Lessons from modern languages--and a little help from Taylor Swift--can reboot Latin learning
99 Researchers discover novel way to inhibit key cancer driver, other mutated genes
100 Study reveals the impact of native lipids on rhodopsin signaling and regeneration, with drug discovery applications
101 Five Big Changes Scientists Have Documented During Yellowstone National Park's 150-Year History / Science
102 A landslide near a glacier caused a tsunami. Was there a climate connection?
103 Weather Data Offers More than A Forecast for Outdoor Event Planners
104 Deep-sea osmolyte finds applications in molecular machines
105 A Houston Hypersonic Transport Startup Promises Passenger Flights from L.A. to Tokyo in an Hour
106 Identifying the basic structure of the language of fungi
107 Study calls for radical court order 'shake-up' to keep families together
108 Cell biology: How mitochondria report stress
109 Peering into the structure of antibiotic resistance
110 New quantum dots for quantum networks
111 Dehumanizing experience of farmworkers during COVID pandemic