File Title
1 Busy Science Day on ISS Explores Human Research and Space Physics
2 NASA Artemis I Update: Countdown is Underway for Wet Dress Rehearsal
3 Jupiter's Twin: NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Delivers New Planetary Discovery from the Grave
4 Magnetic Levitation: How Maglev Works
5 New Method Allows Scientists to Synthesize Crystals in Ways Not Found in Nature
6 mRNA Quality Control: Root Cause of Tau-Induced Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
7 Holoportation: Innovative 3D Telemedicine to Help Keep Astronauts Healthy
8 Surprising New Clues Uncovered to Exotic Superconductors' Superpowers
9 Risks of Counterfeit Medications Are Rising: New Technology Could Spot Fakes with a Smartphone App
10 NASA and UAE Mars Missions Agree to Share Science Data
11 Newborns' Brains Already Organized into Functional Networks--With Individual Variability Linked to Genetics
12 Physicists Are Closing in on the Next Breakthrough in Particle Physics--And the Search for Our Own Origins
13 Scientists Create First Comprehensive Map of Human Blood Stem Cell Development
14 Researchers Set New World Record for Solar Cell Efficiency
15 Security Tool--Privid--Guarantees Privacy in Surveillance Footage
16 Link Between Social Life and Brain Structure Discovered in Rhesus Macaques
17 Not Science Fiction: Quantum Teleportation Provides Express Lane for Data Communication
18 Incredible NASA Photo Captures International Space Station Passing Over Massive SLS Rocket
19 Unraveling Stem Cells' Secrets: Immortality of Germline Cells and the Function of "Junk DNA"
20 Space Butterfly Is Actually a Nursery for Hundreds of Baby Stars
21 Webb Space Telescope's Coldest Instrument Reaches Operating Temperature Below Minus 447F
22 NASA Artemis I Update: Preparations Continue, SLS Rocket's Core Stage Powered Up
23 NASA Artemis I Wet Dress Rehearsal Update: Final Umbilical Preparations Complete
24 Very Busy Day Aboard the International Space Station with Science Research and Spacewalks Preps
25 New Photocatalyst Antiviral Coating Effective Against Various COVID-19 Variants
26 Novel Approach to Preventing Seizures Identified--Significant Advance in Our Understanding of Epilepsy
27 Hubble Uncovers Bizarre, Evolutionary Missing Link from the Dawn of the Universe
28 Particle Physics Breakthrough: Scientists Report First-of-Its-Kind Neutrino Measurement
29 New Antiviral Nasal Spray Outperforms Current Antibody Treatments for COVID-19 and Its Variants in Mice
30 Crucial Tool for Managing Global Warming Allows Scientists to Measure Carbon Without Disturbing Plants
31 Lies that "Might" Eventually Come True: People Willing to Spread Misinformation if They Believe It Could Become True in the Future
32 NASA Artemis I Update: Rocket's Upper Stage and Boosters Powered Up, Countdown on Track
33 Miniature Wide-Angle Camera--Created with Array of Metalenses--Could Fit into Smartphones
34 Chlorinated Drinking Water Doesn't Disrupt Healthy Gut Microbiomes in Young Children
35 The Future of Electronics: New Fermi Arcs Discovered
36 Diverse Life Forms Evolved 3.75 Billion Years Ago--Challenging the Conventional View of When Life Began
37 Earth Has Too Much Nitrogen--and Too Little Nitrogen--at the Same Time
38 A Surprising Structural Change in Metal Oxide at Low Temperature May Resolve a 60-Year-Old Mystery
39 New Heat Engine with No Moving Parts Could Fully Decarbonize the Power Grid
40 Experts Warn: Urgent Action Required to Protect World's Coral Reefs from Disappearing Within 30 Years
41 Liquid Hydrogen Leak Ends NASA's Third Test Attempt at Fueling the Artemis I SLS Moon Rocket
42 A Better Way to Separate Gases: New Kind of Membrane Works with 1/10 the Energy and Emissions
43 Clear Evidence Links Astronomically-Driven Climate Change and Human Evolution
44 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Black Hole
45 International Space Station Ramps Up for Crew Swap and Spacewalk Preps
46 Deluge in South Africa: Deadly Flooding and Landslides
47 MAGIC Telescopes Capture Gigantic Thermonuclear Nova Explosion
48 Entirely New Immune System Discovered in Bacteria
49 Lost South American Wildflower "Extinctus" Not Extinct After All--"Was It Really that Easy?"
51 A More Sensitive and Durable Rapid COVID-19 Test Using Nanoparticles
52 Quantum Internet Breakthrough--Bell State Analyzer Presents Giant Leap Toward Fully Quantum Internet
53 A Renewable Future for Fukushima: Solar and Wind Farms Cover Fields that Were Abandoned After Nuclear Accident
54 You May Have Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes--Many Doctors Do Too
55 Ground-Breaking Research: The Earth Beneath Us May Be Shifting--Not Static
56 What Drives the Circadian Rhythms: Unlocking Complex Workings of the Biological Clock
57 Photosynthesis: How a Cyanobacterium Makes Far-Red Light Mean "Go"
58 Don't Miss: Full Pink Moon, a Comet, a Meteor Shower, and Other Celestial Events
59 Webb Space Telescope Will Study Formation, Composition, Clouds of Distant Worlds
60 Waning Immunity: Your Mental Health May Impact Your Chances of Breakthrough COVID
61 Happiness Is a Salad: Strong Correlations Between What We Eat and How We Feel
62 New Ancient DNA Study Reveals 5,000-Year Population History of Xinjiang, China
63 3 Billion Bases of Our DNA: First Complete, Gapless Sequence of a Human Genome
64 NASA and SpaceX Delay Crew-4 Launch to International Space Station
65 7 Best Foods for Seasonal Allergies
66 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Circumstellar Disc
67 Giant Ice Volcanos on Pluto May Have Formed from Multiple Cryovolcanic Eruption Events
68 Angel Wing: Hubble Inspects a Vast Set of Galactic Wings
69 Endocrinologist Discovers Potential New Ways to Prevent Cognitive Decline from Alzheimer's Disease
70 Substance Derived from Licorice May Have Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Effects
71 Ozone May Be Weakening One of the Earth's Most Important Cooling Mechanisms--Heating the Planet More than We Realize
72 Scientists Crack Egg Forging Evolutionary Scandal Two Million Years in the Making
73 4 Science-Backed Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Coffee
74 An Intragalactic Treasure Hunt: Red Giant Stars' Mass "Stolen" by Stellar Neighbors
75 How Hypersonic Missiles Work and the Significant Threats They Pose
76 The Benefits of a Healthy Gut Microbiome for Weight Loss
77 What Do Bacteria Sound Like? Bacterial Soundtracks Revealed by Nanotechnology
78 The Brain's Alarm System to Suppress Intrusive Thoughts and Inhibit Unwanted Memories
79 Study reveals lunar regolith evolution process on Chang'e-4 landing area
80 Direct cosmogenic nuclide dating of Olduvai lithic industry
81 Intercropping melon and cowpea improves soil nutrients and increases melon yields
82 More High Schoolers Felt Hopeless or Suicidal During Pandemic as Mental Health Crisis Intensified, CDC Finds
83 New secrets of human genome unearthed after missing segments finally sequenced
84 UN starts task force for company climate targets
85 How Does Wildlife Recover from Wildfire in Colombia?
86 US returns smuggled ancient artifacts to Libya
87 Fruit flies adapt activity to 'white nights'
88 How to Save Australia's Orange-Bellied Parrot
89 X-rays help scientists use designer DNA to uncover new forms of material
90 Shape-shifting volcano virus points to new ways to deliver drugs, vaccines
91 Team develops new method of hunting for carbon in soil without digging or taking soil samples
92 Polynesian island yields 'treasure trove' of fungal biodiversity
93 Scientists can predict carbon transfer in the ocean based on deep-diving tiny organisms
94 Periodic volcanism may have triggered multiple Jurassic extinctions
95 Scientists bioprint tissue-like constructs capable of controlled, complex shape change
96 A single gene controls species diversity in an ecosystem
97 Using technology to identify crop types early in the season, without entering the field
98 New separation process for key radiodiagnostic agent reduces radioactive waste
99 Why Thunder Sounds Louder When It's Cooler Outside
100 Scientists identify asymmetry in the pressure anomalies of the mid-high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere
101 Commercial interests hamper climate work in shipping
102 New evidence from the medusavirus provides insight
103 New human reference genome opens unexplored regions
104 Repeats are key to understanding humanity's genome
105 The human genome is, at long last, complete
106 Study shows gaps in how STEM organizations collect demographic information
107 New technology solves mystery of respiration in Tetrahymena
108 Have Scientists Really Found Wormholes Through Space-Time? The Truth Behind the Headlines About Ghostly 'Odd Radio Circles'
109 Warmer autumns could spell bad news for butterflies, suggests study
110 T rex's short arms may have lowered bite risk when they hunted and fed in packs, scientists suspect
111 EPA upholds Trump-era decision not to regulate contaminant
112 Scientists develop environmentally safe, frost-resistant coatings