File Title
1 Space tourism: the arguments in favor
2 First all-private mission docks with ISS
3 SpaceX launches first private astronaut mission to ISS
4 Astranis Space Technologies signs with SpaceX for dedicated launch in 2023
5 How likely is the multiverse model a reality
6 Ten new gravitational waves found in LIGO-Virgo's O3a data
7 NASA's Fermi hunts for gravitational waves from monster black holes
8 Kendall highlights space's importance, need to 'transform' operations and thinking for the domain
9 Space Force announces candidate locations for STARCOM HQ, Deltas
10 Raymond praises Space Force achievements and purpose while noting ongoing threats, challenges
11 ISRO likely to launch seven satellites during current year: Govt.
12 Virgin Orbit to launch maritime data satellite from the UK
13 Amazon strikes deals with 3 rocket firms for Kuiper satellite launches
14 Differences between the moon's near and far sides linked to colossal ancient impact
15 MDA joins Lockheed Martin and General Motors on next generation lunar rover development
16 NASA delays final test for moon shot
17 DARPA, AFRL, Lockheed Martin and Aerojet Rocketdyne team up for Hypersonics test
18 A Beacon in the Galaxy: Updated Arecibo Message for Potential FAST and SETI Projects
19 Cosmic SETI ready to stream data for technosignature research from Jansky VLA
20 SOFIA maps the first magnetic fields of a galactic bone in their entirety
21 The Milky Way's inner ring
22 Astronomers detect galactic space laser
23 CHIME Outrigger telescopes boost search for fast radio bursts
24 Webb's mid-infrared instrument cooldown continues
25 CACI completes review for planned 2023 satellite launch
26 SpaceX delivers several NanoAvionics satellites to orbit
27 The hunt for the gravitational wave background
28 Space Force partnership powers up with VIP visit
29 Chinese satellites achieve V-band low orbit measurement
30 Northrop Grumman and AT&T collaborate to for 5G-enabled defense systems
31 US Space Force taps Space Micro to build GEO Lasercom Terminals
32 Space debris found in rural India likely from 'China rocket'
33 Brazilian Space Chief Says Nations Should Think Long-Term, Keep Space Out of Geopolitics
34 Arctic simulation of Moon-like habitat shows wellbeing sessions keep you sane
35 New Solar observations could help develop better solar thermometer
36 US, Russia Should Cooperate on Leveraging Private Investment for Space Programs--Expert
37 Benchmark Space Systems triples production capacity to meet thruster and in-space mobility demand
38 Planetary scientist helps equip rover Perseverance with 4 of the 5 human senses
39 Shake and Bake as NASA's Psyche tested in spacelike conditions
40 NASA's Perseverance rover listens in the thin Martian atmosphere
41 Hungary gets first delivery of Russia nuclear fuel since war
42 Top US general opposes 'terror' delisting for Iran Guards elite force
43 US insists key group of Iran Guards corps stay on terror list
44 Pakistan PM on way out as no-confidence vote looms
45 In 'project of the century,' Swiss seek to bury radioactive waste
46 Ex-US general among 24 sanctioned by Iran
47 Russian abuses complicate US balancing act on Ukraine
48 Iran says US 'imposing new conditions' in nuclear talks
49 Ukraine says Russians stole lethal substances from Chernobyl
50 Iran questions US will to reach nuclear talks deal
51 Favourable breezes boost Spain's wind power sector
52 Brazil to hold first offshore wind tender by October: official
53 New England renewables + Canadian hydropower
54 Idaho National Laboratory seeks partner for small hydropower field demonstration
55 Johnson says Putin reputation 'permanently polluted' after Bucha killings
56 IAF Can Contribute to De-Escalation Between Russia, West Over Ukraine, Executive Director Says
57 Putin has given up on conquering Kyiv; Villagers used as human shields
58 Chinese, Ukrainian foreign ministers discuss Russia invasion
59 Iran says US 'imposing new conditions' in nuclear talks
60 Iran says it handed UN nuclear watchdog documents on undeclared sites
61 Australia to build fleet of dual use Earth Observation satellites
62 Russia blocks UN call for Mali inquiry; as German minister speaks of 'atrocities'
63 Climate-related health emergencies on the rise in Africa: WHO
64 Vital DR Congo power plant caught in rebel crossfire
65 S. Sudan rivals seal security pact in peace 'milestone'
66 The race to dominate satellite internet heats up
67 Safely storing Canada's used nuclear fuel for millennia
68 UK may build seven nuclear plants by 2050: minister
69 57 died in Ecuador rainy season: officials
70 Dozens hospitalised as Iraq gripped by dust storm
71 UCF part of historic civilian space flight to ISS
72 From sample to results: in-space data analysis enables quicker data return
73 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover reroutes away from 'Gator-Back' rocks
74 Sol 3436: Motion Accomplished
75 Citizen scientists help map ridge networks on Mars
76 Tianzhou 2 re-enters Earth's atmosphere, mostly burns up
77 A closer look at Jupiter's origin story
78 SwRI scientists connect the dots between Galilean moon, auroral emissions on Jupiter
79 Iraqis clean up river as first green projects take root
80 NASA finds new way to monitor underground water loss
81 In a southern US capital, an unending water crisis
82 Ocean vital signs
83 US Space Force releases decades of Bolide Data to NASA for Planetary Defense Studies
84 Methane emissions set another record in 2021, carbon dioxide also soars
85 Australian SMEs team up to deliver high-resolution Hyperspectral Earth Observation microsatellites
86 China launches new satellite for Earth observation
87 Chinese satellite ground station receives Landsat-9 data
88 NASA's Webb telescope's cool view on how stars, planets form
89 Early Universe bristled with starburst galaxies
90 Over half a million dollars for space telecommunications research
91 Most distant galaxy candidate yet
92 Invisible helium atoms provide exquisitely sensitive test of fundamental theory
93 Soldiers from 14 nations to take part in Indonesian-US war games
94 EU to discuss sixth round of sanctions on Russia
95 Mother weeps by roadside grave on route of Russian retreat
96 EU states give 2.5 million euros to ICC for Ukraine war crimes
97 UK sanctions Bosnian Serb politicians over secession threats
98 Baerbock to visit Mali as Germany weighs pulling troops
99 EU seeks unity amid calls for fresh sanctions on Russia
100 Sweden's ruling party launches internal NATO debate
101 Iraq says 7 dead from Congo fever since start of 2021
102 China slams US virus 'accusations' as Shanghai lockdown drags on
103 Shanghai social media unpicks China's virus lockdown story
104 Shares soar in Chinese drugmaker after positive COVID drug trials
105 China reports most virus cases since pandemic start
106 China's health system faces raft of challenges as Omicron hits
107 Kenyans heal devastated land with the power of mangroves
108 US trees may provide over $100 billion dollars in savings via environmental benefits
109 NASA releases breakthrough forest biomass-carbon product
110 How deforestation is triggering an irreversible transition in Amazon forests?