File Title
1 COVID-19 has had 'devastating and disproportionate' impact on poorest Americans, report finds
2 US pulls GSK's COVID drug as omicron sibling dominates cases
3 US: Discrimination based on opioid treatment violates law
4 Oklahoma state House approves bill to make abortion illegal
5 Obama's back--for a day--in White House health bill push
6 Feds halt monoclonal treatment out of omicron subvariant BA.2 concerns
7 GOP blocks Senate COVID bill, demands votes on immigration
8 US drug czar testifies in WVa lawsuit against opioid makers
9 COVID outbreak 'extremely grim' as Shanghai extends lockdown
10 Congressman Adam Schiff tests positive for COVID-19
11 Obama's back--for a day--in White House health bill push
12 More UK Easter flights disrupted amid COVID staff absences
13 WHO: COVID cases and deaths continue to fall globally
14 Spain looks to lift mask requirement in most indoor spaces
15 EU officials say it's too early to consider 4th COVID dose
16 Top New York judge not complying with vaccine mandate
17 Fire in Greek COVID-19 hospital ward kills 1 patient
18 COVID spending bill stalls in Senate as GOP, Dems stalemate
19 Nursing home care, funding system need overhaul, report says
20 COVID-19 infection increases risk of serious blood clots 3 to 6 months later: Study
21 Naturopathic doctor admits selling fake COVID vaccine cards
22 Shanghai to allow parents to stay with COVID-infected kids
23 US experts wrestle with how to update COVID-19 vaccines
24 COVID spending bill stalls in Senate as GOP, Dems stalemate
25 5 ways to increase COVID-19 booster uptake: Analysis
26 Greece: Man injured in COVID-19 hospital fire dies
27 Cyprus to ease COVID measures as summer tourist season nears
28 Social programs weak in many states with tough abortion laws
29 Badly injured Ukrainian boy finds hope in Polish hospital
30 European Central Bank head says she's positive for COVID-19
31 Up to 65% of Africans have had COVID, far more than thought
32 Puerto Rico steps into abortion restriction debate
33 COVID cases tick up in Philadelphia as officials recommend masks indoors
34 Experts say US suspension of COVID aid will prolong pandemic
35 Michigan governor sues to secure abortion rights, vacate ban
36 Iowa to close long-troubled center for disabled people
37 Abortion rights backers block 'trigger' law in Nebraska
38 Appeals court OKs Biden federal employee vaccine mandate
39 Shanghai wrestles with food shortages under virus shutdown
40 State officials: Bird flu found at Indiana duck farm
41 Oregon sues COVID test company, millions of dollars pocketed
42 3 Shanghai officials sacked over COVID-19 response
43 Germany mulls bringing back masks this autumn
44 Food prices soar to record levels on Ukraine war disruptions
45 Officials say everyone over 50 can get a 4th COVID shot, but 'especially important' for higher risk people
46 New COVID-19 variant XE identified: What to know and why experts say not to be alarmed
47 Waymo to expand autonomous vehicle rides to San Francisco
48 Into the wild: Animals the latest frontier in COVID fight
49 US astronaut ends record spaceflight with Russian ride home
50 Growth slows for endangered Mexican gray wolf population
51 Twinkle, twinkle giant star, astronomers see how far you are
52 US returns smuggled ancient artifacts to Libya
53 Scientists finally finish decoding entire human genome
54 Amazon staff reject union in Alabama, lean toward it in NYC
55 AP PHOTOS: 1-horned rhinos in Indian park saved by mud, guns
56 WWF report says online wildlife trade on rise in Myanmar
57 GameStop is surging again on first stock split in 15 years
58 Dress rehearsal: NASA moon rocket's last test before launch
59 Face scanner Clearview AI aims to branch out beyond police
60 California drought deepens as wet season is anything but
61 Amazon workers in NYC vote to unionize in historic labor win
62 US agency acknowledges damage to dinosaur tracks in Utah
63 California peregrine falcon finds partner after mate's death
64 'Green steel' heating up in Sweden's frozen north
65 Nevada toad declared endangered at site of geothermal plant
66 Suddenly, Twitter's biggest stakeholder is Tesla's Elon Musk
67 The top 10 movies on the Apple Store
68 Elon Musk joins Twitter board after amassing massive stake
69 US Apple Books Top 10
70 Apple Apps Top 10
71 Amazon broadband project ready to blast off
72 Amazon's first US union overcomes hurdles, faces new ones
73 Harvard students' site helping Ukraine refugees find housing
74 More delays for NASA's moon rocket test, fueling stalled
75 EXPLAINER: What Elon Musk at Twitter might mean for users
76 Twitter says it's testing edit button, day after Musk poll
77 Storms batter aging power grid as climate disasters spread
78 S. Carolina schedules 1st execution with firing squad ready
79 Miami's crypto craze on full display at bitcoin conference
80 Judge: Prosecutors filed weak charges to keep hacker jailed
81 Wind energy company kills 150 eagles in US, pleads guilty
82 As pizza popularity soars, chef and scientist share secrets from 12,000 pies
83 Dolphins' playful social habits form bonds, but spread virus
84 Chinese hackers reportedly target India's power grid
85 Key particle weighs in a bit heavy, confounding physicists
86 Warren Buffett buying spree goes on, HP soars on 11.5% stake
87 Japan's Nissan plans 'game changing' electric car batteries
88 SpaceX launches 3 visitors to space station for $55 million each
89 2 dead as tornadoes touch down in South
90 Community members express anger over teen's traffic stop death after officer faces no charges
91 Accused ISIS 'Beatle,' on trial for brutal kidnappings, faces mothers of American victims
92 No charges for officer who shot and killed Amir Locke
93 Trump White House lawyer expected to appear before January 6 committee
94 GOP lawmakers introduce version of 'Don't Say Gay' bill in Ohio
95 Sacramento police believe at least 5 people opened fire in deadly mass shooting
96 House votes to hold 2 Trump White House officials in contempt
97 2 men posed as federal agents, gave gifts to Secret Service officers: Court documents
98 2 former officers stormed the Capitol together. Now, one is a witness against the other.
99 Trans sports ban vetoed by Kentucky governor
100 Michigan Gov. Whitmer sues to protect abortion rights in case of Roe overturning
101 Manhattan DA insists Trump criminal probe remains active
102 Alabama legislature passes 'Don't Say Gay,' trans care and bathroom ban bills
103 NY Attorney General files motion to hold Trump in contempt for ignoring subpoena
104 Amir Locke's mom pushes for end to 'no knock' warrants after cop not charged in son's death
105 Washington elite faced with a growing resurgence of COVID-19 infections
106 Amir Locke's death prompts ban on no-knock warrants
107 Man guilty of setting fire that killed 12 California condors
108 Bird flu's grisly question: how to kill millions of poultry
109 Kansas researcher convicted of illegal secret China work
110 Mass shooting suspect served less time due to California law
111 Jury deadlocked on some charges in Whitmer kidnap plot trial