File Title
1 How Accurate Is Smartwatch Heart Data Tracking? It Depends on Your Skin Tone
2 NASA's IXPE Mission Checks Out X-Rays from Extreme Cosmic Objects
3 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Stunning View of Jupiter's Moons Io and Europa--And a Crater on Ganymede
4 Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Install Space Station Upgrades
5 Simple Experiment Using Pickled Eggs to Demonstrate Diffusion
6 Experimental Drug Could Help People with Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis and Cancer-Related Lung Disease
7 Monkeys Play to Avoid Conflict and Reduce Group Tension
8 The Impact of Extinction: Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Sent Extraordinary Amounts of Sulfur into the Stratosphere
9 Unique Ingredient--Originally Designed to Embalm Human Bodies--Used to Strengthen Bamboo
10 NASA Perseverance Rover: Drilling into Mars with Lasers
11 Forest Loss in India "Worse than Feared" Due to Climate Change
12 NASA Astronaut Moon Lander Plans Expand Beyond SpaceX Starship
13 NASA Continues Artemis I Preparations at Launch Pad Wet Dress Rehearsal Test
14 Astronauts Complete 6 Hour and 54 Minute Spacewalk to Install Space Station Upgrades
15 Using Sunlight to Turn Astronaut Waste into Fuel on Mars
16 New Screening Tool Identifies 95% of Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer
17 Got it! Gaia Observatory Snaps Photo of James Webb Space Telescope at L2
18 Largest Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry Observed at Large Hadron Collider
19 Dense Bones Allowed Spinosaurus--The Biggest Carnivorous Dinosaur Ever Discovered--To Hunt Underwater
20 Protein Controls Mitochondrial Fission Process that Goes Awry in Parkinson's Disease
21 Molecular Photochemistry: Rapid Spin-Flip in Colloidal Nanocrystals to Generate Molecular Triplets
22 Mysterious, Swirling Waves Discovered in the Sun--Incredible Speed Defies Explanation
23 AI-Designed Protein Can Awaken Silenced Genes, One by One
24 Chance of Impact 100%--Fifth Asteroid Ever Discovered Before Impact
25 How Boas Save Themselves from Suffocating When Squeezing Their Prey to Death
26 Chaos Terrains Could Be Shuttling Oxygen to Ocean on Jupiter's Moon Europa
27 Hidden Signatures of Parkinson's Disease Uncovered by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
28 NASA Finds 2022 Arctic Winter Sea Ice Maximum Extent 10th-Lowest on Record
29 New Planet-Hunting Technologies: NASA's Roman Mission Could Snap First Image of a Jupiter-Like World
30 Daily Coffee May Benefit the Heart and Help You Live Longer--Here's How Much to Drink
31 Stunning Video Showcases the Largest, Most Detailed Simulation of the Early Universe to Date
32 Interior of Protons Exhibit Maximum Quantum Entanglement--May Share Common Physics with Black Holes
33 Quake-Ception--Groundbreaking Earthquake Discovery: Risk Models Overlook an Important Element
34 Heart Healthy Food: Eating Cranberries Daily Improves Cardiovascular Health
35 New Male Birth Control Pill Effectively Prevents Pregnancy--Without Side Effects
36 Different SARS-CoV-2 Virus Variants May Give Rise to Different Long COVID Symptoms
37 NASA, ESA Assign Astronauts to Space Station Mission on SpaceX Crew Dragon
38 Tonga Volcano Eruption Caused Massive Space Plasma Disturbances on a Global Scale
39 ELFIN CubeSat Discovers Source of Super-Fast Electron Rain
40 Hawking's Information Paradox: Resolving the Black Hole "Fuzzball or Wormhole" Debate
41 NASA SPHEREx Mission: Finalized Plans for a Cutting-Edge Cosmic Mapmaker
42 NASA to Provide Live Coverage of Record-Setting US Astronaut Return Aboard Russian Spacecraft
43 Sonic Advance: How High-Frequency Sound Waves Could Help Regrow Bones
44 Sea Ice that Slowed the Flow of Antarctic Glaciers Abruptly Shatters in Just 3 Days
45 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Continues Multi-Instrument Alignment
46 Chemical Found in Broccoli Shown to Slow Growth of COVID-19 and Common Cold Viruses
47 Unexpected Behavior of Hybrid Matter--Antimatter Atoms in Superfluid Helium Surprises Physicists at CERN
48 Sealed Apollo 17 Lunar Sample Opened for the First Time--"Incredibly Precious" Scientific Gift
49 How the Brain Makes Memories and Uses "Time Travel" to Remember
50 Tiny Star Unleashes Monstrous Beam of Matter and Anti-Matter
51 Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Captures the Full Sun in Unprecedented Detail
52 Exploring Earth from Space: Carrara, Italy [Video]
53 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Gravitational Waves
54 Shaving "Hairs" off Nanocrystals to Improve Next-Gen. Displays and Solar Cells
55 Power of Grassroots Innovation: How a Nondescript Box Has Been Saving Lives During the COVID Pandemic
56 Exploring the Moon: Scientists and Engineers Design Lunar Cave Explorer
57 Overgrowth of Key Brain Structure Identified in Babies Who Later Develop Autism
58 Sentinel-6: International Sea Level Satellite Takes Over
59 With Environmental DNA, Small Water Samples Can Find Really Big Animals
60 Scientists Work to Turn Noise on Quantum Computers to Their Advantage
61 Long-Term Benzodiazepine (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan) Use Destroys Neural Connections in the Brain
62 This Week @NASA: Landing Artemis Astronauts on the Moon, Space Station Upgrade Work
63 DNA Testing Exposes Tactics of International Criminal Networks Trafficking Elephant Ivory Out of Africa
64 Brain Studies of Complex Behavior Require Thousands of People for Accurate Results
65 Your Gut Microbiome Shapes Your Life. But Where Did It Come From?
66 Nearby Star Could Help Explain Sunspot Mystery that Has Baffled Scientists for 300 Years
67 More than Meets the Eye: Seyfert Galaxy Discovery
68 Solar Orbiter: Tracking Sunspots Up Close
69 MIT Researchers Create a Tool for Predicting the Future
70 Gaia Spacecraft Discovers Parts of the Milky Way Are Much Older than Thought
71 Minerva: ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's Second Space Mission
72 Research Shows NFL Stadium Openings in 2020 Had No Impact on Local COVID-19 Infections
73 Salivary Immune Signature of COVID Infection--Different than Other Flu-Like Illnesses
74 Webb Space Telescope's Infrared Universe: A New Window to the Cosmos
75 Stunning Subsurface Images of Yellowstone National Park Reveal "Mystery Sandwich" Plumbing System
77 Here CRISPR Kitty? Progress in Developing a Hypoallergenic Cat
78 For Plant Geneticists Looking to Improve Crop Yields, Some Genes Are Double the Trouble
79 Scientists Find Ways to Reconstruct Ancient Scents
80 New High-Speed 3D Microscope Could Make Biopsies a Thing of the Past
81 Wally Funk & Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Team Awarded Michael Collins Trophies
82 Palpable Change in Fire Dynamics Confirmed: U.S. Wildfires 4x Larger, 3x More Frequent Since 2000
83 Compelling Sign of Alien Life: Methane Could Be the First Detectable Indication of Life Beyond Earth
84 Tiny Wireless Sensors Float in the Wind like Dandelion Seeds
85 Could the Internet Be Driven by Climate-Friendly "Natural Intelligence?"
86 New Clues to Earth's Formation from Ancient Helium Leaking from the Planet's Core
87 Large Hadron Collider ATLAS and CMS Collaborations Chase the Invisible with the Higgs Boson
88 NASA Go for Artemis I Wet Dress Rehearsal of SLS Rocket, Orion Spacecraft, and Exploration Ground Systems
89 Mysterious Death of Carbon-Rich Star Plays Out like Six-Ring Circus
90 Trio Set to Return to Earth on Russian Spacecraft--First Private Astronaut Mission Nears
91 Satellites Around the Moon Are Another Step Closer
92 Deleting a Protein May Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes
93 Improving Symptoms in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression Using Pharmacogenetics
94 Major Birth Defects Linked with Fathers' Use of Diabetes Drug Metformin
95 Antarctic Sea Ice Sinks to Record Low
96 Gaia Spacecraft Reveals a New Member of the Milky Way Family
97 New Nasal Spray Proven to Be Effective Against All COVID-19 Variants of Concern
98 Gemini III Mission: Contraband Corned Beef and the Early Days of Space Biology
99 Hundreds of "Hidden" New Mammal Species Waiting to Be Found
100 Missing Link: Global Warming Speeds Up Currents in the Ocean's Abyss
101 How the MIT Mini Cheetah Robot Learns to Run Entirely by Trial and Error
102 Ice Shelf Completely Disintegrates in East Antarctica
103 Endangered Delicacy: Tropical Sea Cucumbers in Trouble--Critical for Healthy Ocean Ecosystems
104 Disinfectant Use During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma and Eczema in Children
105 Expedition 66 Trio Says Farewell to Space Station Crew
106 A Homecoming for Mark Vande Hei After Setting American Spaceflight Record
107 30-Year Study Finds Eating Two Servings of Avocados a Week Linked to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
108 Dark Energy vs. Modified Gravity: NASA's Roman Mission Will Test Competing Cosmic Acceleration Theories
109 NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei and Two Roscosmos Cosmonauts Returning to Earth Today
110 ATLAS Experiment at Large Hadron Collider Seeks Out Unusual Signatures of Long-Lived Particles
111 MIT Neuroscientists Discover Brain Cells that Encode the Outcomes of Actions
112 Common Coronavirus Infections Don't Generate Effective Antibodies Against COVID
113 NASA-Record Breaking Astronaut Returns to Earth on Russian Space Capsule
114 Martian Brain Freeze: Mars Express Reveals Utopia Planitia
115 Binaural Beats: Audio Files Are Being Used as Digital Drugs