File Title
1 New US rule requires publicly-listed firms to disclose emissions
2 Quantum technology could make charging electric cars as fast as pumping gas
3 Researchers are finding ways to turn down the heat in cities
4 Ocean life may adapt to climate change, but with hidden costs
5 With land grabs comes competition for water, and local farmers are likely to lose
6 Collaborative team proves leaf width and biomass correlation in cowpea
7 Scientists determine structure of a DNA damage 'first responder'
8 Astronomers reveal best image yet of mysterious odd radio circles in space
9 Partnership between humanitarian organizations and government is essential for providing cash assistance to refugees
10 In cold polar skies, NASA rocket will watch an active aurora turn up the heat
11 Twisted vibrations enable quality control for chiral drugs and supplements
12 Upcycling polyester could reduce plastic waste
13 Study ties present-day Native American tribe to ancestors in San Francisco Bay Area
14 New model predicts how geographic features influence evolutionary outcomes
15 New enzyme discovery is another leap towards beating plastic waste
16 Research results in cells that may facilitate advances in organ regeneration
17 Cryo-EM reveals how '911' molecule helps fix damaged DNA
18 Collective motion in crowds is largely determined by participants' field of vision
19 Scientists Discover Some Sharks Do Sleep
20 Four of Our Planets Are Missing. NASA Announces 5,000th New Alien World but Some Are Imposters Say Scientists
21 Hawaiian-Emperor undersea mystery revealed with supercomputers
22 The universe's background starlight is twice as bright as expected
23 Risk factors for attacks by dogs on other dogs, cats
24 Why groundwater is one of our most precious resources
25 How simultaneous record-smashing heatwaves hitting Antarctica and the Arctic will impact wildlife
26 New CRISPR element regulates viral defense
27 New research predicts rising political polarization
28 Adding fungi to soil may introduce invasive species, threatening ecosystems
29 New microscopic imaging method allows capture of high resolution and tridimensional images
30 Depleting reserves must be protected around the world
31 Was it a flash flood or not? Categorizing disaster types in historical records
32 New research predicts rising political polarization
33 Hubble sees the eye of a colorful galaxy
34 Climate Risk Disclosure Becoming New Standard for Businesses
35 How the way we're taught to round numbers in school falls short
36 Researchers store a quantum bit for a record-breaking 20 milliseconds
37 Satellites' lasers reveal changes in Earth's water movement
38 How repairing DNA through gene therapy overcame high-profile failures
39 Blowing bubbles in dough to bake perfect yeast-free pizza
40 Benefits of early calving are increasing due to late winter warming
41 Could the asteroid Ryugu be a remnant of an extinct comet?
42 Study reconsiders early evolution of sea urchins
43 When string theory inspires quantum simulation
44 An expert on trends in gun sales and gun violence in pandemic America
45 Study points to strategies for closing the participation gender gap in engineering courses
46 On icy moon Enceladus, expansion cracks let inner ocean boil out
47 New tool to accelerate drug discovery
48 Reconstructing sea-level rise in the Red Sea
49 Environmentally conscious consumers more likely to buy chicken raised on insects or algae
50 Using LAMOST spectra data to propose new method to search for star clusters in Andromeda galaxy
51 Studies of endangered animals on border of China and Vietnam stress need for transboundary conservation
52 Optimal shelterbelt structure contributes to increase crop yield
53 Why ponds and kettle holes are also water sources worth protecting
54 As climate change brings more natural disasters, debris piles up--increasing health risks
55 Salt marsh grass on Georgia's coast gets nutrients for growth from helpful bacteria in its roots
56 Abrupt transition from kindergarten to school is tough for kids
57 Advanced countries' wealth depends on the appropriation of resources and labour from the global South
58 NASA's exoplanet count surges past 5,000
59 Spiral galaxy NGC 772 features an overdeveloped spiral arm
60 Scientists characterize fertilizer uptake by maize in unprecedented detail, opening doors to improved yields
61 Family size in Finland linked to education level of parents
62 Calculating the global carbon footprint of space science
63 Ancient migrants carrying maize from south were early Maya ancestors, says study
64 Researchers manage to generate attosecond pulses at 100 kHz repetition rate
65 International sea level satellite takes over from predecessor
66 A new method for better detection of eye diseases
67 New paleogene fossil flora reported from northern Vietnam
68 Tracking real-time atomic movement between crystal grains in metals
69 Study suggests how much competition in the urban ride market can grow before gridlock sets in
70 Researcher documents what happened during the first attempt at a gravitational-wave observatory in Europe
71 Arctic winter 2022 sea ice found to be 10th-lowest on record
72 NASA's Roman mission will test competing cosmic acceleration theories
73 Research considers how to tackle large data sets and multiple parameter problems in particle physics
74 Quantum dots shine bright to help scientists see inflammatory cells in fat
75 Studying the world's largest T. rex to learn about evolution
76 Scientists discover when beetles became prolific
77 Imaging Technologies Are Transforming the Way We Inspect Infrastructure
78 NASA and Global Space Community Need to Cut Ties to Russia
79 The importance of underutilized crops for future food and nutrition security
80 Researchers find humans have given wild animals their diseases nearly 100 times
81 Extreme heat harms forest-dwelling bird chicks more than city ones
82 How have red fox populations changed over time in Western Europe?
83 Gene therapy restores dim-light vision in dogs with a congenital form of night blindness
84 The scientists helping farmers kick the chemical habit
85 Growing extremely tiny, uniformly sized diamonds--without explosives
86 Sustainable leather, yarn and paper--from bread-eating fungi
87 Stimulating the sense of touch with chemistry
88 Water supply fears as Morocco hit by worst drought since 1980s
89 Modern animal life could have origins in delta
90 Levitating plastic beads mimic the physics of spinning asteroids
91 The independence of pollen grains: A matter of energy
92 How adversity impacts the disproportionate suspensions of Black and Indigenous students
93 Researchers observe transverse wobbling bands in neodymium-136
94 Human activity decreases survival rates of injured or displaced wildlife, meta-analysis finds
95 Chemists discover new reactivity of strained molecules
96 Australia wants a space industry. So why won't we pay for the basic research to drive it?
97 How trust and distrust shift during COVID-19
98 How social media like TikTok is shaping Russia's war in Ukraine
99 New Jupiter-sized exoplanet discovered with TESS
100 Public database offers fresh insight on officer-involved homicides, nationally and locally
101 Underwater noise pollution threat to marine life
102 Food pantries that give away stuff people can't or won't cook have an 'acorn squash problem'
103 The economic case for the mining industry to support carbon taxation
104 How workplace culture perpetuates gender gaps and impacts diversity in fields where 'brilliance' is prized
105 New feral swine research helps pinpoint anthrax risk zones
106 Ukraine war rattles EU green farming plan
107 Environmental Chemist Paving the Way for Development in Rwanda
108 4 Reasons Why Psychedelics May Play A Big Role in the Future of Mental Health Treatment
109 Global air pollution levels spiked in 2021 after a drop during 2020 lockdowns, report says
110 Novel synergistic single-atom catalyst approach breaks activity limitation of predecessors
111 Is California's cap-and-trade program hurting the environment more than helping it?
112 A water-rich nation prepares for the future after seasons of disaster
113 New study of Yellowstone National Park shines new light on once hidden details of the famous American landmark
114 Heavy Bones Helped Some Spinosaurs Swim / Science
115 Here's the best timeline yet for the Milky Way's big events
116 Dense bones allowed Spinosaurus to hunt underwater, study shows
117 Spinosaurus: Largest predator in history was 'water-loving' dinosaur which swam to hunt fish