File Title
1 Can Magnesium Help the Immune System Fight Cancer?
2 Hemp-Mediated Synthesis of Gold & Silver Nanoparticles for Bacterial Biofilm Inhibition
3 Chemical in Plastic Could Impair Fetal Brain Development
4 Edibles are a Common Culprit in Child Cannabis Poisoning
5 How Does Pregnancy Affect Kidneys? Computer Simulations Can Provide Insight
6 Exercise May Regenerate Heart Cells
7 Chimpanzee Culture Has Similarities to Humans
8 Flavonoids Linked to Lower Mortality Rate Among People with Parkinson's
9 Light Therapy Accelerates Healing of Skin Damage from Cancer Radiation Therapy
10 The way to the heart is through the toilet seat. Casana raises $30 million for its blood pressure monitoring toilet seat.
11 Feral Swine Rooting out Drought-Weakened Salt Marshes
12 The Global Search for Dark Matter
13 Harsh Subseafloor Biosphere is a Hotbed of Microbial Activity
14 Many Pathogenic Genetic Variants Don't Seem to Carry A Big Risk of Disease
15 Hemp Stalk Waste: A Novel Source of Eco-Friendly Energy with Electrical Applications?
16 An Internal Ocean Lurking Under the Surface of Small Saturn Moon
17 The Great Resignation: How the Pandemic Gave Employees the Upper Hand in Prioritizing Mental Health
18 What Happens After Omicron? Scientists' Predictions
19 Why the 5G Rollout Has Caused Problems at Some Airports
20 New Study Links Gene Mutations that Increase Breast Cancer Risk to Additional Cancers
21 Genetic Risk Factor Identified for COVID-19 Loss of Smell
22 Mars Groundwater Prospects Dry Up
23 Fracking Pollution Finally Proven to Cause Early Deaths
24 Parts of the Human Immune System Trace Back to Ancient Bacteria
25 Small Dog Genetics Originated in Ancient Wolves
26 A Genetic Variant Can Protect Against Severe COVID-19
27 Good Brain Tumor Drugs Come in Small Packages
28 Schizophrenia Symptoms Linked to an Overactive Region of the Brain
29 Old Computer Hard Drives Upcycled to COVID Tests
30 Using Computer Models to Predict How COVID-19 Infection Affects Pregnancies
31 Aging and Heart Disease Risk
32 Synthetic Muscles Made of Naturally Occurring Proteins
33 Part of California Redwood Forest Returned to Sinkyone Tribe
34 What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and menstrual cycle
35 Are Two Supermassive Black Holes About to Collide?
36 Fish Use Sound to Talk to Each Other
37 Bacterial 'Sex' Allows Microbes to Share an Essential Vitamin
38 CRISPR Causes Mutations that Are Passed on to Offspring
39 Time of Day May Affect Chemo Potency
40 Nanoparticles Act like Platelets to Stop Bleeding
41 Violet Extract Boosts Brain Cancer Drug's Performance
42 Red and Processed Meats Linked to Heart Disease Risk
43 Using Solar Panels to Enter Mars Orbit
44 Alcohol-Friend or Foe of Atrial Fibrillation?
45 A Standard THC Unit: Standardizing Dosage in Cannabis Industry & Research
46 How Iron Accumulation Leads to Age-related Cognitive Decline
47 A Programmable, Electromechanical Wound Dressing
48 Intense Physical Activity Staves off Pain in Old Age
49 Magnetic Seeds Destroy Hard-to-Reach Brain Tumors in Mice
50 Different Autism Risk Genes Lead to Similar Brain Dysfunction
51 A Historic Four Day Surgery
52 SpaceX Starlink Satellites: An Astronomical Impact on Astronomy
53 A Closer Look at Lasers: Components & Lab Applications
54 A microbiome-based therapy for cancer patients is a step closer to approval
55 Common Hormone Drug Increases Risk of Benign Brain Tumors
56 When the Gut is Under Stress, Quality Control of Egg Cells Fails
57 What Is Stealth Omicron and What Might It Mean for the Pandemic?
58 Scientists Discover A Novel Way that Bacteria Infect Cells
59 Is Continual Boosting Against COVID-19 Practical or Sustainable?
60 Fetal Development Is Impacted by Paternal Alcohol Use
61 Researchers use CRISPR Technology to Study How Immune Cells Work
62 A Robot Performs Surgical Procedure Unassisted
63 COVID-19 Nasal Spray Vaccines in the Making
64 Clinical Trial Demonstrates Beneficial Responses against a Rare form of Ovarian Cancer
65 Using Natural Sugars to Label & Trace Stem Cells
66 Cryptic Variant Found in NYC's Sewers
67 Biomaterial Makes Cancer Cells 10 Times More Sensitive
68 Inequality of Flood Risk
69 Meet the Terpene Humulene
70 Overwork Can Lead to Heart Disease, Strokes, and Death
71 Watching the Biology of Brain Swelling in Real Time
72 Reports of Severe Ocean Acidity and Its Effects on Fish Have Declined
73 More Younger Adults Diagnosed with Advanced Colorectal Cancer
74 Engineered bacteria-derived genes as a therapy for heart disease
75 What do we know about THC-O?
76 Clean Energy Aspirations Hide Increasing Fossil Fuel Extraction
77 Promising New Myasthenia Gravis Drug Completes Phase 3 Trial
78 Mysterious Radio Bursts Emitting from Distant Object
79 Protons May Be Smaller than We Thought
80 RNA Spray Prevents Long COVID
81 Fresh Insights into Gut Inflammation
82 Tipsy? Sensor Warns Wearers When They've Had One Too Many.
83 Yoga and Other Mindfulness Techniques Improve Heart Health
84 James Webb Space Telescope Sees First Light
85 Sonogenetics--Controlling Mammalian Cells with Sound
86 A Genetic 'Kill Switch' for Engineered Microbes that's Reliable
87 Why You Feel Groggy After Drinking the Night Before
88 Muscle Techniques Ease Dizziness from Low Blood Pressure
89 Prenatal Ultrasound Detects Early Signs of Autism
90 Aromatase Inhibitors versus Tamoxifen for the Treatment of Premenopausal Hormone Sensitive Breast Cancer
91 New Research Proposes Cyanide as a Precursor to Life
92 Mars: A History of Wonder
93 New Prostate Cancer Drug Effective in Dogs, Promising for Humans
94 Cannabis-Derived Lignanamides: Potential Candidates for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Cancers
95 Customized Phytocannabinoid Profiles: A Novel Source of Precision Therapeutics for Specific Cancer Subtypes?
96 Even After Treatment, Ebola May Persist in the Brain
97 Two Studies Reveal New Details About Memory and Learning
98 Grey Wolves Return to Endangered Species List
99 Virtual Reality Effective Therapy for Post-Stroke Patients
100 Genetically Modified, Fluorescent Fish Escape Farms & Multiply in the Wild
101 How Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Multiple Sclerosis
102 A Gene-Editing Technique for Mitochondrial Disorders
103 Will your Valentine's Day Chocolates Prevent Cancer?
104 HiRISE Camera--Changing the way we see Mars
105 Researchers identify powerful drug combination that destroys the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus
106 Thousands of Chemicals Migrating from Plastic Bottles into Water
107 Chronic Pain Changes Relationships with Food
108 Brushing and Flossing May Help You Live Longer
109 Reclaiming Rare Earth Metals in a Flash
110 Gamechanger Treatment? NFL Launches Study of Cannabis and Pain Relief of Athletes
111 A Gut Microbe Metabolite Makes Mice More Anxious
112 Air Pollution Makes It Harder for Insects to Pollinate
113 Genome-wide association study increases understanding of the genetic basis of acne
114 The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Valvular Heart Disease
115 Protective Genetic Variants Can Shield Carriers from Disease