File Title
1 Supreme Court restores Alabama's GOP-drawn congressional map in voting rights battle
2 Refugees in U.S. struggle to find long-term work
3 'Bionic' pacemaker reverses heart failure--ScienceDaily
4 Conservative billionaire Peter Thiel to resign from Facebook's board 'to support pro-Trump candidates'
5 New radar technology records Antarctic glaciers losing ice faster than ever documented before
6 Tests show harness makes surgical masks just as good as N95 in stopping aerosol droplets--ScienceDaily
7 Urgent plan to decarbonise farming needed to hit net zero, government told
8 How 2 Pterosaurs' Last Meals Ended Up in the Fossil Record
9 As tectonic plates pull apart, what drives the formation of rifts?
10 'Double-hazard' zones for wildfire in the West--ScienceDaily
11 NYC's vegan mayor Adams hooked into admitting he eats fish
12 New York Deer Infected with Omicron, Study Finds
13 Study challenges idea that a college degree is still the great equalizer
14 Pilot study opens new avenue for development of heart regeneration therapies--ScienceDaily
15 California votes to require paid sick leave for virus cases
16 Chemists develop radical way to make it easier, more profitable to recycle plastic
17 Wastewater monitoring for public health--ScienceDaily
18 TV reporter dragged away live on air says he followed Beijing police orders
19 Ancient Troy: The city and the legend
20 Teams collaborate to reach a better understanding of symmetry breaking
21 New radar technology records Antarctic glaciers losing ice faster than ever documented before--ScienceDaily
22 N. Korea increases virus budget after partial border opening
23 New 'vertical map' of airborne microorganisms indicates how global warming will impact global ecosystems
24 As tectonic plates pull apart, what drives the formation of rifts? Research on a young rift in Iceland sheds new light on the process--ScienceDaily
25 Tinder Swindler's 'Simon Leviev' denies being a fraud as he returns to Instagram
26 Bronze Age women altered genetic landscape of Orkney
27 Poor sleep can triple risk for heart disease--ScienceDaily
28 Report: New strategy for opioids and a Cabinet-level leader
29 New land use approaches required to address climate change, biodiversity and other global crises
30 Metabolism of COVID-19 antibodies from convalescent plasma suggests possible safe treatment for high risk children--ScienceDaily
31 Russia-China relations and the implications on Ukraine, US
32 Isro: INSAT-4B decommissioned after 11 manoeuvres in space
33 New fossil reveals origin of arthropod breathing system
34 Scientists assess amphibian disease--ScienceDaily
35 Oil giant BP swings to huge profit as soaring commodity prices drive up earnings
36 Astra Space scrubs attempt for 1st Cape Canaveral launch
37 Study shows life-saving benefit of baricitinib for ventilated COVID patients--ScienceDaily
38 Partnerships between microbes leading to human disease
39 Cardiovascular care essential part of post-infection care--ScienceDaily
40 Tory MPs accuse Boris Johnson of 'Trumpian politics' over Savile smear
41 Turtles dying from eating trash show plastics scourge in UAE
42 Researchers use tiny magnetic swirls to generate true random numbers--ScienceDaily
43 World must work together to tackle plastic ocean threat: WWF
44 The skeleton of Abditosaurus kuehnei is the most complete titanosaur fossil discovered so far in Europe--ScienceDaily
45 Where to See Winter Wildlife in the United States
46 Study in mice shows potential for gene-editing to tackle mitochondrial disorders
47 Big data imaging shows rock's big role in channeling earthquakes in Japan--ScienceDaily
48 PCA admits failings over Azeem Rafiq racism allegations
49 The Moral Quandary of 'Slow Fashion' Influencers
50 Who's responsible for roadside rubbish?
51 Jet stream models help inform US offshore wind development--ScienceDaily
52 7 Roman inventions: incredible feats of ancient technology
53 Lockheed Martin wins NASA contract to bring Mars samples back to Earth
54 New fossil reveals origin of arthropod breathing system--ScienceDaily
55 What is friction? / Live Science
56 The First Quadruple Asteroid: Astronomers Spot a Space Rock with 3 Moons
57 Can Super-Fast Battery Charging Fix the Electric Car?
58 A geomagnetic storm may have effectively destroyed 40 SpaceX Starlink satellites
59 NASA picks Lockheed Martin to build rocket that can launch samples of dirt off of Mars
60 AB 1832 could protect California Coast from contentious deep sea mining
61 Genes that may be helping bumblebees adapt to environmental change pinpointed
62 COP26 deal sparks hope for positive tipping points--ScienceDaily
63 Amazing video shows a mom chimp medicating her child's wound with insects
64 New spinal implant allows 3 paralyzed men to stand, walk and swim again--National
65 Oil will hit $120 a barrel if Russia invades Ukraine: David Roche
66 With Mask Restrictions Set to Lift, a Haze of Uncertainty Lingers
67 You're (Maybe) Gonna Need a Patent for that Woolly Mammoth
68 Bay Area Tongan, Pacific Islander community pulls together for relief after tsunami
69 Disturbing COVID data is a call to action, UC Santa Cruz professor says
70 A novel way to store energy from the sun in solution for eventual conversion to hydrogen
71 Novel synthetic process for the core structure of the fungal antiviral agent neoechinulin B and its derivatives--ScienceDaily
72 Astronomers watched a dead planet smash into a dead star for first time ever
73 Brits brace for perfect storm of tax rises, spiraling inflation and energy crisis
74 One of Evolution's Oddest Creatures Finds a Fossilized Family Member
75 The Environmentally Unfriendly Secret of the Beijing Olympics
76 Huge Sponges Are Eating an Extinct Arctic Ecosystem
77 No one knows what the monstrous Megalodon shark really looked like, shark researchers say
78 Swedish tweets about immigration reveal new insights into polarization dynamics
79 Physicists discover presence of a special ferroelectric texture that mirrors the spin crystal phase (checkerboard-like symmetry) in ferromagnets.--ScienceDaily
80 Wari leaders used hallucinogen to keep followers loyal 1,200 years ago, archaeologists say
81 Energy expert Dan Yergin on Russia-Ukraine tensions, gas prices
82 Germany Has a New Climate Envoy: an American Greenpeace Activist
83 They Lived in a Pandemic Bubble. Now COVID Has Arrived
84 Solar storm knocks some SpaceX satellites out of orbit
85 Cave in France tells new story about humans, Neanderthals
86 Avian flu found in birds at Indiana turkey farm
87 Researchers confirm newly developed inhaled vaccine delivers broad protection against SARS-CoV-2, variants of concern--ScienceDaily
88 Buffalo shooting: Two people including one student shot at McKinley High School
89 Fusion experiment smashes record for generating energy, takes us a step closer to a new source of power
90 Why solar geomagnetic storms destroy satellites like SpaceX Starlink
91 This Galapagos Volcano Produced a 'Mesmerizing' River of Fire
92 The Environmentally Unfriendly Secret of the Beijing Olympics
93 Geomagnetic Storm Destroys 40 New SpaceX Satellites in Orbit
94 Turkeys wreaking havoc at NASA Ames
95 Scientists determine comet delivery to Moon
96 This study is believed to be the largest pre-invasion risk assessment of exotic tree pathogens ever conducted.--ScienceDaily
97 Mexican presidents wants to 'pause' relations with Spain
98 Geomagnetic storm sends 40 SpaceX satellites plummeting to Earth
99 Enphase Energy jumps after company posts record revenue, gives upbeat guidance
100 Neanderthals and Humans Agreed About One Thing: This Cave
101 Why it's important we coexist with coyotes
102 'Going virtual' sees international conference cut carbon emissions by 425 tons and boost LMIC attendance
103 January 2020 Puerto Rico earthquake provides valuable data for ground failure models--ScienceDaily
104 Family: Bob Saget died after accidental blow to the head
105 Cretaceous cockroach trapped in amber had exceptional eyes. Here's why.
106 The Next Vaccine Debate: Immunize Young Children Now, or Wait?
107 Researchers reveal largest catalog of gene activators
108 Why cluster's galaxies are unlike those in all the other known protoclusters is a mystery--ScienceDaily
109 Trump news: Navarro subpoenaed by riot committee, as watchdog calls for Mar-a-Lago ethics probe
110 Artificial snow at Winter Olympics stands out in striking satellite image
111 Most extreme rogue wave ever was recorded off B.C. coast
112 Surprisingly high fraction of dead galaxies found in ancient galactic 'city'
113 Only under the Inca Empire did sociopolitical factors dampen local climate's influence on diet--ScienceDaily