File Title
1 Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy Safely Reverses the Aging Process in Mice
2 Nuclear Reactor Helps Scientists Catch and Study "Ghost Particles"
3 Lasering in on Corn Fields from the International Space Station
4 World's First Highly Accurate Early Screening Tool for Autism--Detection as Early as 12 Months of Age
5 Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?
6 New Imaging Technique Could Lead to Better Treatment of Cancers and Viral Infections
7 NIH Launches Clinical Trial to Study Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
8 Misbehaving Pulsars: Unexpected Changes in the Most Predictable of Stars
9 Zero Wasted Electricity: Working to Revolutionize the Way We Live with Superconductivity
10 Advanced Technology Highlights Connections Between Addictive Drugs and Brain Function
11 Webb Space Telescope Will Use Spectroscopy to Study Composition of Distant Galaxies
12 Astronomers May Have Detected a "Sonic Boom" from a Powerful Blast Known as a Kilonova
13 No Longer Science Fiction: De-Extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger Moves One Step Closer
14 The Long Goodbye: Twilight at Research Station Concordia
15 Pi Day Challenge: Can You Solve These NASA Math Problems?
16 Researchers Use Flat Lenses for Realistic-Looking 3D Displays Without Glasses
17 Physicists Startled to Discover a New Way to Shape a Material's Atomic Structure with Light
18 Retinal Immune Cells May Hold Key to Preventing Diabetes-Related Vision Loss
19 When Should I Use a Rapid COVID Test? How Accurate Are They?
20 NASA's Gigantic Crawler on the Move as Rollout of Mega Moon Rocket Inches Closer
21 New ICESat-2 Observations Show We're Losing Arctic Sea Ice at a "Frightening" Rate
22 Meet Russia's Oligarchs--a Group of Men Who Won't Be Toppling Putin Anytime Soon
23 Mimicking Extreme Impacts to Learn How Minerals Are Affected by Meteorite Collisions
24 Two Massive Blobs in Earth's Mantle Baffle Scientists with Their Surprising Properties
25 Butterfly Eyespots Reuse Gene Network that Patterns Antennae, Legs and Wings
26 Scientists Discover Promising New Electrolyte for Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
27 Using Tiny Nanodevices Made Out of DNA to Treat Cancer
28 HIV Infections Are More Virulent When Transmitted Through Heterosexual Intercourse
29 Searching for Planet Nine: What Is Lurking in the Outer Reaches of Our Solar System?
30 Study Untangles Mitochondria--The Energy Powerhouse of Our Cells--To Reap Rewards of Exercise
31 Would Putin Use Nuclear Weapons if the Ukraine Conflict Escalates? An Arms Control Expert Explains
32 Active Matter Breakthrough Enables Shape-Shifting Next-Generation Robots
33 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Picks Up an Unwanted Hitchhiker
34 U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry Visits NASA Ames to Discuss Climate and Innovation
35 Stunning New Species of Fish Discovered: The Rose-Veiled Fairy Wrasse
36 Researchers Set Record by Preserving Quantum States in Silicon Carbide for More than Five Seconds
37 Military Action in Radioactive Chernobyl Could Be Very Dangerous--For Both People and the Environment
38 After More than 20 Years, Scientists Have Finally Solved the Full-Length Structure of a Janus Kinase
39 NASA Psyche Spacecraft Gets Ready for Asteroid Mission, Europa Clipper Assembly Underway [Video]
40 Backward Over Forward: Eccentric Cycling Offers More Benefits and Requires Less Effort
41 Building a Silicon Quantum Computer Chip Atom by Atom
42 Building-Block Solar Cells: Computer Algorithm Searches for New Materials for Better Organic Solar Cells
43 Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance--Lost in 1915--Found 10,000 Feet Below the Ocean's Surface in Antarctica
44 Fly Your Name Around the Moon on NASA's Artemis I
45 Heart Attack Survivors Less Likely to Develop Parkinson's Disease
46 Increased Risk of Mental Health Disorders--Including Anxiety and Depression--After COVID-19 Infection
47 Confessions of a Former Fireball: How Earth Transformed Itself from a Fiery Ball to a Habitable Planet
48 Quantum Memory: 2D Material Identified that Can Store Quantum Information at Room Temperature
49 Hidden Magnitude-8.2 Earthquake Source of Mysterious Global Tsunami
50 Eye of the Galaxy: Hubble Reveals Galactic Structure in Intricate Detail
51 Wormholes--Shortcuts Connecting Two Points in Spacetime--Help Resolve Black Hole Information Paradox
52 Groundbreaking X-Ray Lens Provides Incredible Glimpse into the Nanoworld
53 Microscopic Ocean Predator May Be a Secret Weapon in the Battle Against Climate Change
54 Anti-Inflammatory Compound from Eucalyptus Trees Effective at Treating Lung Damage in Sheep Model
55 Robot-Aided Assembly Could Speed Pace of Discovery for Incredible New Technologies
56 Magnetism Helps Electrons Vanish in High-Temperature Superconductors
57 Threat of Never-Ending COVID: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Is Jumping Between Humans and Wildlife
58 Air Pollution Linked to Development of Depression Symptoms in Adolescents
59 Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Why Evolution Favors Symmetry
60 Benefits of Taking Statins Called into Question: Link Between High Cholesterol and Heart Disease "Inconsistent"
61 Beyond Omicron: Scientists Set Sights on Long Game of COVID Evolution
62 Archaeologists Find One of the Most Significant Carved Stone Monuments Ever Uncovered in Scotland
63 Advanced Underwater Mapping Technology Reveals Rapid Changes to Arctic Seafloor as Submerged Permafrost Thaws
64 Potential Supplement for Longer Human Lifespans: Natural Plant Extract Makes Worms Live 40% Longer
65 Ancient Underwater Landslide Discovery Could Help Middle Eastern Nations Realize Tsunami Hazards
66 Key Elements Achieved for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation in Silicon Spin Qubits
67 True Impact of Homeopathy May Be "Substantially" Overestimated--"Concerning Lack of Scientific and Ethical Standards"
68 New DNA Modification System Discovered in Animals--"It's Almost Unbelievable"
69 Soap Bubbles Inspire New Software Algorithm that Makes Mining More Cost-Effective
70 Yale Scientists "Supercharge" Tumor-Attacking T Cells to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy
71 Great Oxygenation Event: MIT Scientists' New Hypothesis for One of the Grand Mysteries of Science
72 NASA Interns Celebrate Pi Day
73 NASA Astronauts Go for Tuesday, Spacewalk During CubeSat and Antigravity Suit Work on ISS
74 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Spiral Galaxies
75 Scientists Use 196 Lasers to Recreate the Conditions Inside Gigantic Galaxy Clusters--"One of the Most Awe-Inspiring Things in the Universe"
76 Scientists Warn of Imminent "Anthropulse" as COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Ease
77 NASA's Mega Moon Rocket Is Ready to Roll: Watch the Artemis I Rollout Trailer
78 High-Energy Interactions Between Light and Matter Described by Advanced New Mathematical Model
79 New Sabre-Tooth Predator Discovered that Precedes Cats by Millions of Years
80 The Time of Day that People with Diabetes Eat May Be Just as Important as Portion Size and Calories
81 Long COVID Linked to Lasting Disease of the Small Airways in the Lungs
83 Archeologists Are Planning to Scan the Great Pyramid of Giza with Cosmic Rays--They Should See Every Hidden Chamber Inside
84 Quantum Behavior of Massive Objects: Gravitational Wave Mirror Experiments Can Evolve into Quantum Entities
85 Hot Springs Reveal Where Continental Plates Collide Beneath Tibet--Long-Debated Theories Debunked
86 Scaling Laws in Enzymes May Help Predict Strange Alien Life "As We Don't Know It"
87 Enduring Antarctic Sea Ice--Icebreaker Cut Through on Expedition that Located Shackleton's Lost Ship
88 Even Moderate Ambient Light During Sleep Is Harmful--Increases Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes
89 Low Folate (Vitamin B9) May Be Linked to Heightened Dementia and Death Risks in Older People
90 New Species of Extinct Vampire-Squid-Like Vampyropod Had 10 Functional Arms
91 Molecular Engineers Show How to Make "Computer" Out of Liquid Crystals
92 Sex Pheromone Could Be Key to Stopping Giant "Murder" Hornet Invasion
93 Cancer Cells' Iron Addiction May Be an Achilles Heel
94 Hawaiian Corals Show Surprising Resilience to Warming Oceans from Climate Change
95 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Active Galactic Nucleus
96 Russia-Ukraine "Off-Ramp"--Potential Settlement Plan Drafted by Cambridge Peace Negotiator
97 What Do Grasshoppers Eat? Startling Similarities Discovered Between the Mouths of Grasshoppers and Mammal Teeth
98 NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei Breaks American Spaceflight Record
99 Stackable "Holobricks" Can Make Giant, Highly Realistic 3D Holographic Images
100 NASA Astronauts Complete Spacewalk for Space Station Solar Array Upgrades
101 Bacterial Enzyme Makes New Type of Biocompatible, Biodegradable Polymer
102 NOAA's GOES-T Reaches Geostationary Orbit 22,236 Miles Above Earth--Now Designated GOES-18
103 Small Asteroid Strikes Earth's Atmosphere--Discovered Just Two Hours Before Impact
104 Building a Heart One Layer at a Time Using Advanced 3D Bioprinting Techniques
105 Tree Rings Reveal Europe's Beech Forests Under Considerable Threat from Climate Change
106 Nanostructure Combines Copper, Gold and Silver to Give Carbon Capture and Utilization a Boost
107 New Algorithm Helps Quantum Computer Crunch Chemistry Equations
108 Mars Report: NASA Extends Ingenuity Helicopter Mission
109 Nerve Repair "Glue"--Molecule Identified for Regulating the Repair of Injured Nerves
110 NASA's IMERG Catches Australian "Rain Bomb"
111 High Triglycerides May Increase Risk of Second Stroke--Even with Statin Drugs
112 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover: A Day in the Life of a T-DOC
113 Bacteria in the Nose Can Sneak into the Brain--May Increase Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
114 NASA's $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope Reaches Huge Milestone--New Image Released