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1 Once sleepy and picturesque, Ukrainian villages mobilize for war
2 Climate change impact far greater, frequent and disruptive than previously understood: IPCC report
3 Ruble plummets as sanctions bite, sending Russians to banks
4 China opposes US, EU sanctions against Russia; says will carry out normal trade with Moscow
5 Mexico's efforts paltry in face of nearly 100,000 missing
6 'Have no illusions': UN's major bodies both meet on Ukraine
7 China in a fix to evacuate its stranded students from Ukraine
8 Russia blames UK foreign minister for nuclear alert threat
9 Russian rocket barrage kills civilians as first talks show no progress
10 US says it is expelling 12 Russian diplomats for espionage
11 As the tanks rolled into Ukraine, so did Malware; then Microsoft entered the war
12 Threats emerge in Germany as far right and pandemic protesters merge
13 Man kills 3 children, 1 other, himself at California church
14 State of the Union: Amid disputes, common cause for Ukraine
15 Thousands evacuate worst Australian floods in decades
16 Myanmar's Suu Kyi pleads not guilty as graft trial continues
17 Russia-Ukraine crisis: top developments today
18 United States reaches 65,000 H-1B visa cap for 2022: USCIS
19 520,000+ refugees have fled Ukraine since Russia waged war'
20 Voiced our 'concerns' about Russia to India: US State Department
21 The West's plan to isolate Putin: Undermine the ruble
22 40-mile Russian convoy threatens Kyiv; shelling intensifies
23 Within days, Russia's war on Ukraine squeezes the global economy
24 Ukraine crisis news coverage panned as 'racist' by journalists association
25 Shell to exit Russia after Ukraine invasion, joining BP
26 Man saved after clinging to ice chunk in Alaska's Cook Inlet
27 Ukrainian government receives more than $15 million in cryptocurrency donations
28 Interpol issues red notices against two Gupta brothers who fled South Africa
29 Ukraine war videos and photos: Ukrainians escape to safety, protests across world
30 Russia slow to win Ukraine's airspace, limiting war gains
31 After a fumbled start, Russian forces hit harder in Ukraine
32 Waiting, fearing, singing: A night sheltering in Ukraine
33 Russia-Ukraine crisis: How are UN nations responding to the refugee crisis?
34 Ukraine war hits home: 21-year-old student from Karnataka is killed
35 'Crisis': Climate panel flags Great Barrier Reef devastation
36 Russia-Ukraine conflict: What role do cyberattacks play?
37 'Prove that you are with us,' Zelenskyy tells European leaders in emotional address
38 Russia's security "legitimate demands" ought to be properly addressed to resolve Ukraine crisis: China
39 Russian invasion of Ukraine: Top 10 developments today
40 Many non-Ukrainians flee Ukraine, their fates also uncertain
41 US expels Russian 'intelligence operative' working at UN
42 State of the Union: New Biden action against Putin
43 Biden joins allies, bans Russian planes from US airspace
44 Top quotes from Joe Biden's State of the Union: 'Putin has badly miscalculated'
45 Satellite photos show Iran had another failed space launch
46 Russia-Ukraine conflict, Day 7: Top 10 developments today
47 Russian radio station taken off air over Ukraine coverage
48 Nations agree to release 60 million barrels of oil amid Russian war
49 NATO chief sees no need to change nuclear alert level
50 Russia eyes sanctions workarounds in energy, gold, crypto
51 Pope gives fathers working at Vatican 3-day paternity leave
52 Around 70 Japanese have volunteered to fight for Ukraine: Report
53 UK bans all ships with Russian links from British ports
54 What happened to Russia's Air Force? US officials, experts stumped
55 How 'multiculturalism' became a bad word in South Korea
56 As non-Ukrainians also flee war, some report mistreatment
57 Western arms supplies for Ukraine: How are they getting there?
58 Ukraine war sets off Europe's fastest migration in decades
59 'At least stop bombing people': Ukraine's Zelenskiy tells Russia prior to ceasefire talks
60 U.K. moves to tighten laws on Oligarchs, critics say it's too late
61 China 'extremely concerned' over civilian casualties in Ukraine, Chinese FM Wang tells his Ukrainian counterpart
62 Fact check: Ukraine's 'Ghost of Kyiv' fighter pilot
63 What danger do cluster bombs pose?
64 Russia working on 'humanitarian corridor' for safe passage of Indians, says envoy
65 Russian troop deaths expose a potential weakness of Putin's strategy
66 Watch: UN diplomats walk out as Russian envoy addresses UN session in Geneva
67 From SWIFT ban to no-fly zones, list of sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine
68 Third World War, should it break out, will be 'nuclear and devastating,' warns top Russian diplomat
69 Russia's Navalny calls Putin insane and urges anti-war protests
70 Ukraine's second city heavily bombed as U.N. assembly denounces Russia
71 ICC prosecutor to probe potential war crimes in Ukraine
72 Dramatic Zelenskiy call prompted EU move to provide arms
73 Western sanctions will not impact supply of S-400 missile systems to India: Russia
74 Over 7,000 Russian troops killed since start of invasion, says Ukrainian official
75 Space junk on 5,800-mph collision course with moon
76 Ukraine's second city heavily bombed as UN assembly denounces Russia
77 'Very hectic': US troops rush to Europe amid war in Ukraine
78 US Capitol riot panel says Trump may have engaged in 'criminal conspiracy'
79 Also at stake in Ukraine: The future of two orthodox churches
80 Amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, now sanctions on cats
81 Wall Street roars back to rally mode, even as oil rises anew
82 China asked Russia to delay war until after Olympics, US officials say
83 Most of the world lines up against Moscow, attacks intensify
84 Russians besiege Ukrainian ports as armoured column stalls
85 Australia fully open to travel as last state reopens border
86 Comedy series starring Zelenskyy gets boost in popularity
87 World Bank halts all programs in Russia, Belarus
88 China is provoking India at every turn says US diplomat
89 Masks optional in many New York schools after mandate ends
90 Time to end 'COVID theater': Florida governor tells masked students
91 Russia-Ukraine war in numbers: A million refugees, thousands of casualties and at least 7,000 stranded Indians
92 President Biden will decide whether to apply or waive sanctions on India under CAATSA, US official on Russian S-400
93 Russia-Ukraine conflict, Day 8: Top 10 developments today
94 Costa Rica legalises medicinal marijuana use, hemp growing
95 'We are on our side': Across Asia, a mixed reaction to Ukraine war
96 Putin's war to bring Ukraine to heel unites eastern Europe in alarm
97 Georgia vows to 'immediately' apply for EU membership
98 Before invasion, Ukraine's lithium wealth was drawing global attention
99 500,000 people on flood alert as rain lashes Sydney
100 Russia billionaires move superyachts to Maldives as sanctions tighten, data shows
101 Famine may have been averted, but Afghan economic crisis deepens: UN envoy
102 Ukraine invasion: Radio station taken off air amid Russian crackdown on media
103 India cancelled orders of Russian jets, weapons: US official at Senate hearing
104 How NFTs are redefining art amid Russia-Ukraine war
105 Israel can become a 'potential ally' if Palestinian conflict resolved: Saudi crown prince
106 Russian forces seize key Ukrainian port, pressure others
107 At UNHRC, India calls for immediate cessation of violence and end to hostilities in Ukraine
108 Pakistan court asks India to appoint lawyer for Kulbhushan Jadhav by April 13
109 Zelenskyy asks Putin to meet, says 'I don't bite'
110 Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on fire after Russian shelling
111 Top US Senator urges Ukrainian government to end racial discrimination at its border
112 Taiwan president pledges 'infrastructure check-up' after mass power outage
113 Behind sandbags, Ukraine's Zelenskyy meets the media
114 Are Sweden and Finland closer to joining NATO?
115 Ukraine nuclear plant attack: all you want to know