File Title
1 Mapping the photosynthetic properties of the fastest growing alga in the world
2 EU ministers mull climate policy, carbon border tax
3 World risks more years of high energy prices, emissions: IEA
4 Idaho researchers unveil enhanced electric power grid test bed
5 Common household cleaner can boost effort to harvest fusion energy on Earth
6 Recycling already considered in the development of new battery materials
7 Chile awards two multi-million dollar lithium contracts
8 Avoiding chains of magnetic islands may lead to fusion paradise
9 Molecular paddlewheels propel sodium ions through next-generation batteries
10 Owl wing design reduces aircraft, wind turbine noise pollution
11 Earth, wind and reindeer: Lapland herders see red over turbines
12 Menlo Electric with a 200 MW distribution deal with Jinko Solar
13 Quantum dots boost perovskite solar cell efficiency and scalability
14 Photon recycling--The key to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
15 Solar power, going down
16 Rapid preparation of CdSe thin-film solar cells
17 Germany to speed up green energy projects in 'gigantic' effort
18 Standard Solar acquires 28.5 MW commercial solar project from True Green Capital Management
19 Ubiquitous Energy closes $30 Million Series B funding round
20 Study shows how waste can be converted into materials for advanced industries
21 A system that combines solar energy and a chemical reactor to get more from biomass has been designed
22 Peru demands Spain's Repsol pay for oil spill damage
23 Turkey restarts ruptured Iraq oil link
24 Venezuela: the decline of an oil giant in crisis
25 ExxonMobil targets 'net zero' emissions at operations by 2050
26 Tied for 6th warmest year as 2021 shows continued trend
27 Last nine years all among 10 hottest-ever, says US
28 End of an era nears for Berlin's coal stoves
29 US suspends 44 passenger flights to China operated by Chinese carriers
30 Greece takes delivery of Rafale jets from France
31 Hong Kong airport bans transit passengers from most of world
32 California warns of possible oversight of Tesla tests
33 Decarbonisation tech instantly converts CO2 to solid carbon
34 Overcoming a bottleneck in carbon dioxide conversion
35 When graphene speaks, scientists can now listen
36 Reasserting U.S. leadership in microelectronics
37 World's first hBN-based deep ultraviolet LED
38 Carnegie Mellon-led team to develop robotics to service satellites and build structures
39 RACER revs up for checkered flag goal of high-speed, off-road autonomy
40 Airbus teams with Japan telcos to study connectivity services from high-altitude platforms
41 Five more Guantanamo detainees approved for release
42 Neutral mutants can prevail in gut microbiota, enhancing diversity
43 How well do explanation methods for machine-learning models work?
44 A new way to perform "general inverse design" with high accuracy
45 When should someone trust an AI assistant's predictions?
46 Babies can tell who has close relationships based on one clue: saliva
47 Encapsulation as a method for preventing degradation in Li-air batteries
48 TESS Science Office at MIT hits milestone of 5,000 exoplanet candidates
49 Scientists make first detection of exotic "X" particles in quark-gluon plasma
50 Quantum dots boost perovskite solar cell efficiency and scalability
51 Deforestation-free and carbon-negative alternatives for palm oil
52 Curbing COVID-19 in schools: Cambridge scientists support CO2 monitor rollout
53 Controlling how "odd couple" surfaces and liquids interact
54 Dengue Virus Makes Mosquitoes Bite More Frequently
55 Scientists Discover a Trigger for Cell Death
56 Do DNA Mutations Really Occur at Random?
57 No, It's Not Just Insulin that Regulates Blood Sugar
58 The Expanse: A Lasting Impact on Science Fiction
59 Myrcene: The Power Terpene
60 Do People Trust Artificial Intelligence?
61 BPA Exposure May Affect Fetal Brain Development
62 The Alzheimer's disease drug Aduhelm faces more troubles
63 First Genetically-Altered Pig Heart Transplanted to a Human
64 How Good Are at-Home COVID Tests at Detecting the Virus When You're Contagious?
65 Consuming More Olive Oil Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
66 Climate Change Decimating Olive Oil Yields
67 High Fiber Diet Provides a Helpful Boost to Melanoma Treatment
68 An Earth-Friendly Diet Starts with Swapping One Food Item Per Day
69 Researchers Measure the Curvature of Spacetime with Time Dilation
70 'Space Anemia' is Due to an Accelerated Loss of Red Blood Cells
71 More Sun, Reduced Breast Cancer Risk
72 Humanized Mice Reveal the Origins of Lung Immune Cells
73 Omicron Can't Dodge T Cells
74 New Study Links Mental Stress to Cardiovascular Disease
75 Rubber Helps Produce Safe, Long-Lasting Electric Vehicle Batteries
76 Contaminated Drinking Water More Likely to Affect Communities of Color in California, Study Says
77 Identifying Oncostatin M (OSM): One Protein's Role in Severe Asthma
78 A Tale of Microwave Weapons: US Diplomats and Havana Syndrome
79 Elephants Consuming Plastic from Landfills are Dying
80 Immune Cells Can 'Smell' Their Environment
81 Targeting Proteins Linked to Huntington's & ALS with a New Gene Editing Tool
82 New Links Between Prostate Cancer Therapy and Depression
83 Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Kids--More than Just the Lungs
84 'What is this "I" I call myself?' New research on the role of the ventral medial prefrontal cortex in personal identity
85 Nanoparticles Put to the Test: No Glow, No-Go
86 Blood Pressure Drugs Impact Kidney Health
87 Researchers Stumble upon Cancer Drug While Studying Flesh-Eating Bacteria
88 New Imaging Study Shows How COVID Damages the Heart
89 Turning Face Masks into Smart Devices
90 Transverse Myelitis Listed as a Side Effect of AstraZeneca's Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccine, Recommended for J&J's Vaccine
91 The Largest 3-D Map of the Universe Created
92 Cannabinoids Bind Spike Proteins of SARS-CoV-2 & Emerging Variants to Prevent Infection in vitro
93 Experts Say: Don't Dim the Sun to Fight Climate Change
94 The Pandemic and Increased Rates of Anorexia Among Youth
95 What Doesn't Kill You May Not Make You Stronger
96 Review Finds Improved Transparency Among Antidepressant Drug Trials
97 CBD inhalant effective in reducing glioblastoma tumors
98 Cannabis as the Next Green Energy Source?
99 Negative side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine may be all in your head
100 Doomsday Clock as Close to Doom as Ever
101 Scientists Aim to Sequence the Genomes of All Eukaryotes on Earth
102 A Virus is Used to Cure Patient's Persistent Antibiotic-Resistant Infection
103 Earth Ocean Physics and Jupiter Cyclones
104 NASA's Curiosity Rover Discovers Carbon on Mars
105 A Chatbot Improved the Physical and Mental Health of Delayed-Surgery Patients
106 New Method of Extracting DNA from Ancient Mummy Head Lice
107 The Genetic Mechanism of Male Infertility
108 A Newly-Discovered Tarantula Killing Worm Named After Jeff Daniels
109 Potential Anti-Cancer Bacterium Found in Antarctic Sea Squirt
110 Honey Bees Could Make Forensic Science More Reliable