File Title
1 How an Ancient Fish's Skull Got Filled with Fossilized Feces
2 Stepping Back to Look Ahead
3 These new findings about their vision could help you hide from these disease vectors
4 Teachers leading global drive to improve girls' education took on 'humanitarian role' during COVID-19 closures
5 The brain's secret to life-long learning can now come as hardware for artificial intelligence--ScienceDaily
6 50 interesting facts about Earth
7 Kids Suffer Climate Anxiety, Too. Adults Can Help
8 Detecting non-uniformities in 2D materials may lead to new medical sensors
9 Small study finds Alzheimer's-like changes in some COVID patients' brains--ScienceDaily
10 What are Sea-Monkeys? / Live Science
11 A New Database Reveals How Much Humans Are Messing with Evolution
12 Monterey County officials warn of possible distemper spike in raccoons
13 Focus on organic transistors for health sensors within living organisms
14 Low emissions vital to slow warming--ScienceDaily
15 Kansas woman accused of leading female ISIS fighting squad denied bail
16 Dog vision: How do dogs see the world?
17 UK rejects fresh calls for a windfall tax on oil and gas profits
18 Attention Disorders: IISc team studying 'how brain regions contribute to attention'
19 Asteroid sharing Earth's orbit discovered. Could it help future space missions?
20 Drug showed reduced risk of disease or death and significantly improved progression-free survival--ScienceDaily
21 Scientists discover lost range of 'supermountains' three times longer than the Himalayas
22 Dua Lipa poses thoughtful question on faith to Stephen Colbert. Fans were inspired by his answer.
23 President Biden extends Trump-era solar tariffs, with several modifications
24 Biology teachers often fail to recognise misconceptions
25 Perception study may explain promising depression therapy--ScienceDaily
26 The International Space Station will plunge into the sea in 2031, NASA announces
27 House Passes Bill Adding Billions to Research to Compete with China
28 If Rover Can Make It Here, Perhaps Bald Eagles Can Make It Anywhere
29 Ill-considered area-based biodiversity conservation could affect food security and health
30 How our body controls inflammation during clean-up mechanisms of damaged cells--ScienceDaily
31 Man hallucinates and 'hears God' while on antibiotics. What happened?
32 Gas prices climb to highest level in more than 7 years as oil surges above $90
33 SeaWorld ramps up care for threatened Florida manatees
34 Last terra incognita of the Earth surface--ScienceDaily
35 Six Nations: How to sign up to our newsletter
36 New 'highly virulent' HIV strain discovered in the Netherlands--National
37 South Dakota bans trans girls, women from sports teams
38 New insight into blobs improves understanding of a universal process
39 Movies of minuscule vibrations reveal how well 5G and other mobile networks are operating--ScienceDaily
40 Seen from Space: Huge Methane Leaks
41 How long is a krill and how heavy is a polar cod?
42 Advances in microscopy reveal source of phonons' puzzling behavior--ScienceDaily
43 Younger Americans Benefited Less from Booster Shots than Older People
44 President Biden extends solar tariffs, with major caveats.
45 American 'hero' plotted massive land grab and broke peace treaty, map discovery reveals
46 Widely-used hormone drug associated with increased risk of benign brain tumor at high doses--ScienceDaily
47 Mother sues Meta and Snap over 11-year-old daughter's 'extreme addiction' before her suicide
48 Yosemite areas closed during 'firefall' sunset phenomenon
49 With a little help, new optical material assembles itself
50 Those at highest risk for severe COVID-19 often least likely to get monoclonal antibodies, study finds--ScienceDaily
51 Trump news today: Pence firmly rebukes 'wrong' ex-POTUS as GOP calls Jan 6 'legitimate political discourse'
52 Mechanical control of a reconfigurable intelligent surface
53 US household air conditioning use could exceed electric capacity in next decade due to climate change--ScienceDaily
54 Observing more disk galaxies than theory allows
55 Study looks at glacial lakes, dams in Alaska and potential for flooding--ScienceDaily
56 Australian sea anemone venom may lead to life-saving drugs
57 Dose-finding trial paves way for new rotavirus vaccine to prevent a deadly diarrheal disease from birth--ScienceDaily
58 'A conman, a liar and a thief': Avenatti guilty of stealing $300,000 from Stormy Daniels
59 Testing space-based marine plastic detection in an ocean wave facility
60 Liquid metals, surface patterns, and the romance of the three kingdoms--ScienceDaily
61 Ecuador's Top Court Backs Indigenous Groups in Mining and Drilling Suit
62 Stable nanovesicles for the delivery of microRNA in cancer treatment
63 First approach to promote electrical excitation of heart cells in live mammals could lead to new gene therapy treatments for a wide range of heart diseases--ScienceDaily
64 EXPLAINER: Ukraine not joining NATO so why does Putin worry?
65 A human footprint on the Pantanal inferno
66 These new findings about their vision could help you hide from these disease vectors--ScienceDaily
67 Beijing's scant snow offers a glimpse at the uncertainty, and risks, of future Winter Olympics
68 The vaccine delivery system uses DNA to encode genetic instruction in vivo, producing a more efficacious immune response--ScienceDaily
69 US COVID death toll passes 900,000 as experts fear 1 million fatalities by April
70 Is the buff-breasted button-quail still alive? This century-old bird mystery has yet to be solved
71 Optimizing indoor light conditions to mimic the natural light-dark cycle could help mitigate adverse metabolic effects of extended periods of exposure to indoor lighting--ScienceDaily
72 Former head of the BBC criticises corporation's 'disrespectful' tone
73 LHC experiments are stepping up their data processing game
74 Some harlequin toads harbor unusual toxins, but few have been studied and many are endangered--ScienceDaily
75 UK weather: Snow to fall for days as temperatures drop to -3íC
76 A never-before-seen way bacteria infect cells
77 How long-term cannabis use can damage lungs--ScienceDaily
78 When Europe was flooded by the oceans
79 Do bikeshare systems complement or replace public transit?--ScienceDaily
80 Self-templating, solvent-free supramolecular polymer synthesis
81 A new technique can incorporate customer behavior into recommendation algorithms--ScienceDaily
82 Ukraine Gave Up Nuclear Weapons 30 Years Ago. Today There Are Regrets.
83 How Beijing Created Snow for the Winter Olympics
84 International Space Station will plunge into Pacific in 2031: NASA
85 Record heat, forest fires in Colombia's Amazon in January
86 Scientists create vast data resource to uncover ALS subtypes--ScienceDaily
87 Two 'catastrophes' happened during the Queen and Prince Philip's wedding, Lady Pamela Hicks says
88 New research shows how 'polyglot' neurons encode and decode sensorimotor 'chatter'--ScienceDaily
89 Could the moon ever be pushed from orbit, like in 'Moonfall'?
90 SpaceX, NASA looking into sluggish chutes on last 2 flights
91 Rare Byzantine swords found in medieval stronghold
92 Can 'Green' Ammonia Be a Climate Fix?
93 NIST imaging system spotlights the tiny mechanical hearts at the core of every cellphone
94 New highly virulent and damaging HIV variant discovered in the Netherlands--ScienceDaily
95 The deep seafloor is filled with entire branches of life yet to be discovered
96 Climate change, population threaten 'staggering' US flood losses by 2050
97 Making metal-halide perovskites useful in planar devices through a new hybrid structure--ScienceDaily
98 Watch thousands of 'vinegar eels' swarm through a water droplet in amazing new video
99 Resistance to "defund" or "abolish" the police rooted in policy proposals
100 San Antonio researchers identify a new target for drug development--ScienceDaily
101 Liquid metals, surface patterns, and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms
102 Neuroscientists use deep learning model to simulate brain topography--ScienceDaily
103 How Jennifer Lopez became the ultimate triple threat
104 Los Angeles' long, troubled history with urban oil drilling is nearing an end after years of health concerns
105 The secret lives of bats reveal botanical mysteries
106 Using untapped tree ring data to calculate carbon sequestration--ScienceDaily
107 Water supplier relaxes West Marin drought restrictions
108 Warps drive disruptions in planet formation in young planetary systems--ScienceDaily
109 Mass swarm of dead fish in Atlantic prompts European inquiry
110 The new hydrogen fuel cell technology could help cut carbon emissions--ScienceDaily