File Title
1 Jumping Genes--Human Gut Bacteria Have Sex to Share Vitamin B12
2 Common Over-the-Counter Medication May Provide Relief for People with Long COVID-19 Symptoms
3 Russia Masses Military Equipment Near Ukraine Borders: A Prologue to WWIII?
4 The Somalayas: The Biggest Mountain Range You Will Never See
5 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover: Speeding Back to Octavia E. Butler Landing
6 MIT Experts Design and Test Technical Research for a Hypothetical Central Bank Digital Currency
7 HelioSwarm and MUSE: New Sun Missions to Help NASA Unlock the "Mysteries of Our Star"
8 Biologists Investigate Smallest Propeller on Earth--Used by One of the Fastest Organisms on the Planet
9 Experts Believe US Embassies Were Hit with High-Power Microwaves--Here's How the Weapons Work
10 Experiment with Turnstiles of Single Electrons Lights Way Towards New Power Standard
11 Does Outer Space End--Or Does the Universe Go on Forever?
12 MIT's New Plant-Derived Material Is Tough as Bone and Hard as Aluminum
13 HERA Telescope: Early Findings Promise Deeper Understanding of the Cosmic Dawn
14 Fine Tuning the James Webb Space Telescope, a Different View of Venus [Video]
15 Earth May Have 9,000 Tree Species that Haven't Been Discovered Yet
16 Getting Excited Twice: Newly Discovered Motor Learning Brain Circuit
17 First-Ever Turing Network Development Award for Research into Artificial Intelligence
18 JET Fusion Facility--At Temperatures 10x Higher than the Center of the Sun--Sets a New World Energy Record
19 Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real, Not to Be Ignored--"It's Totally Biologic"
20 New Drug Could Prevent Tumor Metastasis by Putting Cancer Cells to Sleep
21 Sauro-Throat! First Evidence Discovered Indicating Respiratory Infection in a Dinosaur
22 Gravitational Waves: LISA and the Detection of New Fundamental Fields--Is General Relativity Correct?
23 Supercomputing Safe and Effective Carbon Capture and Storage
24 A Super View of Los Angeles--From New NASA Satellite
25 How Life Came to Earth--Quantum Mechanical Tunneling Effect Might Play a Role
26 Moderate Calorie Restriction Rewires Metabolism, Immunity for Longer Health Span
27 Breakthrough in Cathode Chemistry Clears Path for More-Sustainable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
28 Quick COVID Breathalyzer Could Allow Mass Screening in Public Places--Such as Conferences and Weddings
29 COVID-19 Infections Increase Risk of Serious Heart Conditions Up to a Year Later
30 A Game Changer for Weight Loss Programs: Getting More Sleep Reduces Caloric Intake
31 Breaking Cosmology: Too Many Disk Galaxies--"A Significant Discrepancy Between Prediction and Reality"
32 Deadly Ebola Virus Can Hide in Brain, Even After Treatment--Relapse with Fatal Consequences
33 Giants of the Ice Age: Genome of Steller's Sea Cow Decoded
34 New Trick for Old Drug: Protecting Against COVID-19 Lung Damage and Blood Clots
35 Galaxy Zoo: Hubble Captures a Tumultuous Galactic Trio
36 Science Made Simple: What Is Burning Plasma?
37 Prehistoric Cemetery Radiocarbon Dating Reveals Human Response to Climate Change in the Early Holocene
38 New Study Shows 3 Doses of Pfizer--BioNTech COVID Vaccine Better than 2
39 Researchers Find Hundreds of New Proteins that May Influence Cystic Fibrosis
40 The Bitter Truth of Added Sugar: What Overconsumption of Fructose Can Do to Our Body
41 Wildlife Crisis: Decline of Vultures and Rise of Dogs Carries Serious Disease Risks
42 Turning Trash into Treasure: Chemists' Radical Way to Make It Easier, More Profitable to Recycle Plastic
43 Mysteriously High Fraction of Dead Galaxies Found in Ancient Galactic City--Unlike All Other Known Protoclusters
44 Unexpectedly High Levels of Hazardous Chemicals Found in Nail Salons
45 Will an Imperiled Butterfly Survive Climate Change? It Depends on Shifting Rainfall Patterns
46 Scientists Design a Molecule with Great Potential for Treatment of COVID-19
47 New World Record: "Ghost Particle" Experiment Limits Neutrino Mass with Unprecedented Precision
48 Glowing Helicopters on Mars?
49 COVID-19 Increases Risk of Pregnancy Complications
50 Triassic Archosaur Fossils Excavated in the 1960s Add Missing Link to Crocodile Evolution
51 Asteroid 2020 XL5: Earth's Newly Discovered Companion
52 New Contraceptive Method: Trapping Sperm in Semen's Natural Gel
53 Shadow of Cosmic Water Cloud Reveals Secrets of Early Universe--Confirms Properties of Dark Energy
54 What's Inside a Black Hole? Physicist Probes Holographic Duality with Quantum Computing to Find Out
55 A Simple Eye Test May Identify Risk of Alzheimer's in Middle Age
56 New Calculations of Worldwide Glacial Flows and Volumes from Over 800,000 Pairs of Satellite Images
57 Space Station Crew Gets Ready for Pair of Cargo Missions Launching this Week
58 MIT Develops New Programming Language for High-Performance Computers
59 Lucky Find by Astrophysicists Explains How Galaxies Can Exist Without Dark Matter
60 Ski Jump Physics: Flying or Falling with Style?
61 Human Nose Organoids Reveal First Steps of COVID-19 Infection
62 How Climate Change Is Destroying Arctic Coasts--Future Land Loss Calculated for the First Time
63 Technology Is Revolutionizing How Intelligence Is Gathered and Analyzed--Opening a Window onto Russian Military Activity Around Ukraine
64 Olympic Skiers and Snowboarders in China Are Competing on 100% Fake Snow--The Science of How It's Made and How It Affects Performance
65 Forgotten Species Go Extinct Twice: Exploring the Phenomenon of Societal Extinction
66 Stanford Researchers Identify Dangerous "Double-Hazard" Zones for Wildfire in the West
67 New Planet Discovered Next Door--Orbiting Proxima Centauri
68 US billionaire announces three more ambitious SpaceX flights
69 Moon should be privatised to end global poverty says 'Space Invaders' report
70 Preventing Lunar traffic jams
71 Taiwan researchers join ISRO in satellite launch mission for first time
72 China 'cannot dictate' Somaliland's relations with Taiwan: minister
73 Rocket set to hit Moon was built by China, not SpaceX, say astronomers
74 SpaceX plans new private spaceflight missions, first private spacewalk
75 Mars rover Perseverance notches a year of science, tech achievements
76 Nations to review harrowing catalogue of climate impacts
77 The Brazil resort town disappearing into the sea
78 Stakes 'never been higher' in climate fight: IPCC head
79 Climate-boosted drought in western US worst in 1,200 years
80 Virgin Galactic re-opens ticket sales for $450,000
81 Musk pushes the boundaries in Tesla autonomous campaign
82 CORRECTED: Toshiba sets March date for vote on spin-off plan
83 'Life-changing' or scam? Axie Infinity helps Philippines' poor earn
84 Tencent-backed tech giant's hit game 'banned in India'
85 Hong Kong leader says city 'overwhelmed' by Omicron wave
86 China-born billionaire denies Australian election interference
87 Hong Kong leader rules out China-style lockdown as virus spreads
88 Former Hong Kong teen pop star arrested by security police
89 Homegrown spacecraft is putting Perth on Space Race map
90 Testing rocks on Earth to help NASA's Perseverance work on Mars
91 US Navy engineer admits trying to sell nuclear sub secrets
92 Myanmar junta says 'easy to substitute' Japan's Kirin after exit
93 Norway boosts its troop contingent in Lithuania
94 Russian lawmakers urge Putin to recognise Ukraine separatist regions
95 Macron expected to announce Mali withdrawal
96 NATO chief says 'cautious optimism' over Ukraine crisis
97 Iraq top court orders Kurdistan to ship all oil to Baghdad
98 Lithuanian troops in Ukraine to provide missile training
99 Valentine's Day on Mars as Curiosity marks Sol 3387
100 New Horizons team puts names to the places on Arrokoth
101 Where on Earth did the water come from
102 Pursuing carbon neutrality and water security in China
103 Psyche, the iron giant of asteroids, may be less iron than researchers thought
104 Secondary cratering on Earth: The Wyoming impact crater field
105 China's land-observing satellite starts to take pictures
106 Astronomers discover a new type of star covered in helium burning ashes
107 UCI scientists discover how galaxies can exist without dark matter
108 Triple-wave cloaking for electromagnetic and acoustic biphysical invisibilities
109 Tunisia to return illegally imported waste to Italy
110 Hong Kong leader says city 'overwhelmed' by Omicron wave
111 Cyclone, Barry Manilow fail to dislodge New Zealand anti-vaccine protesters
112 Spain, Portugal hit by winter drought
113 Climate-boosted drought in western US worst in 1,200 years
114 Hunger crisis threatens half of Somalia's young children: UN
115 IAEA begins mission to review Fukushima water release