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1 Tonga eruption equivalent to hundreds of Hiroshimas: NASA
2 Beijing warns of heavy air pollution during Winter Olympics
3 How It Works: What caused the world's worst catastrophes?
4 When people take the law into their own hands
5 Why does electricity make a humming noise?
6 Santa Cruz schools to assume all students have been exposed to COVID
7 How does mercury accumulation vary in tropical forests?
8 Japanese submarine, sunk in WWII and later bombed by salvager, is VR ready
9 Bird Flu Is Back in the US. No One Knows What Comes Next
10 Radiometric dating sheds light on tectonic debate
11 Wordle game gets spoiled forever as Twitter bot reveals tomorrow's word to anyone that shares their score
12 Properties of magnetar SGR 1830-0645 inspected with NICER
13 Feelings of fatigue predict early death in older adults--ScienceDaily
14 The Evil Eye: A Closer Look
15 Graduation rates dip across US as pandemic stalls progress
16 Findings show impact of mutations on pre-existing antibodies among vaccinated individuals, those who previously tested positive--ScienceDaily
17 Cheney and Kinzinger fire back at Newt Gingrich's call for them to be arrested
18 Tonga eruption was so intense, it caused the atmosphere to ring like a bell
19 To Hippos, a Wheeze and a Honk Mean More than Just 'Hello!'
20 Impact of the pandemic on rural shopping habits
21 The master clock of the sleeping brain--ScienceDaily
22 Cucumbers: Nutrition facts & health benefits
23 Overweight dogs respond well to high-protein, high-fiber diet
24 Patient-derived heart cells mimic disease in vitro--ScienceDaily
25 Trump--impeached for trying to blackmail Ukraine--hits out at Biden over Russia crisis
26 The Higgs boson could have kept our universe from collapsing
27 When one style doesn't fit all
28 Social media use tied to poor physical health--ScienceDaily
29 Here's why a new penguin colony in Antarctica is cause for concern
30 Here's why one solar industry veteran is betting big on clean hydrogen
31 James Webb Telescope Arrives at Its Destination: How to Watch
32 S. African rhino returns to wild after brutal attack
33 Living environment affects child's weight development from birth to school age--ScienceDaily
34 Tapirs and large peccaries are key to ecological balance in Neotropical forests, study shows
35 COVID virus linked with headaches, altered mental status in hospitalized kids--ScienceDaily
36 New York mayor Eric Adams vows to bring back controversial NYPD crime unit after spate of shootings
37 2 giant sphinxes depicting King Tut's grandfather found at ancient Egyptian temple
38 Seed production and recruitment of juvenile trees affect how trees are migrating due to climate change
39 Cracking chimpanzee culture--ScienceDaily
40 Mom shares viral hack to get children to eat vegetables
41 Hippos unleash poop tornado in response to stranger danger
42 Study shows how the fully vaccinated respond to a range of SARS-CoV-2 variants--ScienceDaily
43 FDA halts use of antibody drugs that don't work vs. omicron
44 Extraordinary black hole found in neighboring galaxy
45 Insights into a cystic fibrosis treatment may herald a novel class of drugs--ScienceDaily
46 NASA's Webb telescope reaches final destination after one million mile journey
47 Webb Telescope is now orbiting 1 million miles from Earth
48 How environment and genomes interact in plant development
49 Urban Britain's potential as a 'grow your own veggies' nation--ScienceDaily
50 Car that transforms into plane in just minutes cleared to fly
51 Forest emissions scheme makes 'tiny' contribution to Indonesia's Paris targets
52 Heat dome and other climate events have growing impact on mental health--ScienceDaily
53 Hippos recognise each other's voices, study finds
54 New study calls into question the importance of meat eating in shaping our evolution
55 Redefining alcohol use disorder--ScienceDaily
56 Internet to Tonga's main island could be restored in 2 weeks
57 Team demonstrates molecular electronics sensors on a semiconductor chip
58 Enhanced breast cancer drug could halt spread--ScienceDaily
59 S. Korea sets high of 8,000 new virus cases ahead of holiday
60 Webb telescope reaches destination, 1 mn miles from Earth: NASA
61 Eight COVID-19 drugs remain active against Omicron in cell culture study--ScienceDaily
62 First report of an angel shark from the Central American Caribbean
63 Blood proteins could be the key to a long and healthy life, study finds--ScienceDaily
64 Joe Biden called Fox News reporter 'stupid son of a bitch' after inflation question
65 Study demonstrates accuracy of less invasive technique for monitoring wildlife health
66 Self-powered sensor can be integrated into soft robots, smart clothing--ScienceDaily
67 Researchers find new way of gaining quantum control from loss
68 Fast, cheap test can detect COVID-19 virus' genome without need for PCR--ScienceDaily
69 Deaths of Florida's starving manatees surge amid winter chill
70 Pandemic has exacerbated disparities in care, study suggests--ScienceDaily
71 Webb's journey to L2 Is nearly complete
72 Women doctors published fewer studies during stay-at-home orders, study finds--ScienceDaily
73 Novel mathematical models illuminate light propagation in nonlinear optical fibers
74 Extraordinary black hole found in neighboring galaxy--ScienceDaily
75 After three years of declines, shark bites are again on the rise
76 Researchers provide insight into how the brain multitasks while walking--ScienceDaily
77 Most medical researchers didn't disclose conflicting payments from industries, study says
78 What NYC Dog Owners Should Know About Leptospirosis
79 New economic model finds wetlands provide billions in filtration value
80 System mines Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to assess combined effects of various risk factors--ScienceDaily
81 Eric Clapton called out after comparing COVID vaccines to 'mass hypnosis' scheme
82 Overweight dogs respond well to high-protein, high-fiber diet--ScienceDaily
83 Broccoli and lemon pasta sauce recipe
84 Tonga eruption equivalent to 'hundreds of Hiroshima bombs,' NASA says
85 NASA's Newest Spinoff Tech Comes Back to Earth
86 Recent algae discovery gives clues to boost biofuel production
87 Analysis reveals rare disease is more common than previously thought--ScienceDaily
88 Lymphatic System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
89 Why Some Animals Can Tell More from Less
90 Shark bites jump in 2021, great white sharks were the primary culprit for unprovoked fatalities
91 Bay Area wind turbines pose threat to migratory bats
92 Pickled fetus found inside ancient Egyptian mummy
93 How can body weight affect the mortality risk of excessive drinkers?--ScienceDaily
94 Powerful, nearby black holes could help to explain universe's origins
95 The fight to save threatened West Coast Olympia oysters
96 Studying the big bang with artificial intelligence
97 New technique boosts efficiency, sustainability of large-scale perovskite solar cells--ScienceDaily
98 Grace Kelly's granddaughter appears on horseback for Chanel
99 Ocean microplastic pollution may be greater than estimated--ScienceDaily
100 Kilauea volcano remains on amber alert after earthquake off Maui
101 30 mummies discovered inside an ancient fire-scorched sacrificial structure
102 Viral proteins join forces to lower plants' defense 'shields'
103 Can reactor fuel debris be safely removed from Fukushima Daiichi?--ScienceDaily
104 Crystal healing: Stone-cold facts about gemstone treatments
105 97% of Latin America's e-waste is improperly managed and includes an annual $1.7 billion in recoverable materials
106 Studying the Big Bang with artificial intelligence: Can machine learning be used to uncover the secrets of the quark-gluon plasma? Yes--but only with sophisticated new methods.
107 Can CBD really prevent COVID-19 infection? Scientists hope to find out.
108 EU launches 'game changer' space startup fund
109 New insights into antibody response against viral variants--ScienceDaily
110 'X particle' from the dawn of time detected inside the Large Hadron Collider
111 McKinsey calculates capital spending required to reach net-zero by 2050
112 What's next for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope now that it's reached its parking spot
113 Green laser seems to be scaring off birds, for now
114 Study probes the planet's turbulent past to explain where oceans came from
115 Liquid water beneath Martian south polar cap? Geophysical radar reflections, laboratory experiments point to slushy brines--ScienceDaily