File Title
1 Neutrons expose crystal structure of elusive carbonic acid for the first time
2 Hard-working Colombian beetles clean garbage, retire as pets
3 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Reclaim Yourself After Sexual Trauma
4 What mirrored ants, vivid blue butterflies and Monstera house plants can teach us about designing buildings
5 New study finds Austerity 1.0 led to more crime--could we see the same again in Austerity 2.0?
6 Sequencing project to unleash the biotechnological potential of single-celled algae
7 Insights into a 'hot' microbe that can grow on nitrogen while producing methane
8 Scientists need help to save nature. With a smartphone and these 8 tips, we can get our kids on the case
9 Senators Seek Disaster Declaration After Crab Season Cancelled
10 All signs point to world blowing past the 1.5 degrees global warming limit--here's what we can still do about it
11 Shared conserved module found in formation of moss midribs and seed plant axillary meristems
12 New compounds of lanthanum and hydrogen
13 Popular strategies for reducing gasoline use aren't getting a chance to work
14 How to test whether we're living in a computer simulation
15 1,700-year-old remains belonged to the Americas' first captive monkey
16 Researchers construct high-resolution physical-biogeochemical model in Indo-Pacific ocean
17 World's first industrial model of a flow photo-on-demand synthesis system that uses chloroform as the precursor
18 James Webb Space Telescope reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before
19 US students lost decades of progress in math, reading. Could this strategy be the solution?
20 Limiting global warming now can preserve valuable freshwater
21 New microscope can take 3D images of cells while working in a natural environment
22 'Primordial super-enhancers' provide early snapshot of the mechanisms that allowed for multicellularity
23 New insights into how long-banned PCBs unleash their toxicity inside the body
24 COP27 will be remembered as a failure--here's what went wrong
25 Researchers introduce a Persian language tool for evaluating aesthetic responsiveness
26 How the fossil fuel lobby crowded out calls for climate justice at COP27
27 Antioxidant-Rich Foods--Like Kale, Tea, Broccoli--Could Slow Rate of Memory Decline, Study Suggests
28 Researchers evaluate performance of MODIS land reflectance products in water monitoring
29 COP27's 'loss and damage' fund for developing countries could be a breakthrough--or another empty climate promise
30 Green stormwater control measures clean up urban streams
31 Researchers find decrease in crucial trace element preceded ancient mass extinction
32 Researchers working to improve and simplify models for how PFAS flow through ground
33 Pathogen effector characterization for a devastating plant disease
34 Researchers use low-cost 3D printer to develop new method for creating microspheres
35 New way to synthesize mRNAs could enhance effectiveness of mRNA drugs and vaccines
36 Oldest army ant ever discovered reveals iconic predator once raided Europe
37 Experiment demonstrates nanoscale structures can improve reverse osmosis seawater desalination
38 NOAA's GOES-U completes thermal vacuum testing
39 NASA, ESA reveal tale of death, dust in Orion constellation
40 Study reveals new method of preparing imaging agents
41 New Research Suggests that Earth Formed Much Earlier than Previously Thought
42 World's heaviest flying bird may be self-medicating on plants used in traditional medicine
43 'Good' cholesterol may not be good for everyone as previously thought, study finds
44 Drinking during pregnancy even in low to moderate amounts can alter baby's brain structure, study says
45 UK government 'misleading public' about modern slavery, new research claims
46 Quantum algorithms save time in the calculation of electron dynamics
47 Overcoming challenges in the delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics
48 European Space Agency to vote on record budget, name new astronauts
49 Report lays bare Australia's 'sobering' climate challenge
50 Ethiopian crop 'enset' identified as climate coping strategy in drought-prone regions
51 From complexity to greater complexity
52 Physician Licensing Exams: Failure or Success?
53 Mayans maintained diplomatic relations with neighbours by brutally sacrificing spider monkey, study finds
54 Rats can bop their heads to the beat
55 Dolphins Shrug Off Hot Sauce-Spiked Nets / Science
56 Guiding worm locomotion with magnetically reconfigurable microtopographies
57 Using satellites for faster flood information
58 Astronomers detect new Jupiter-like exoplanet
59 Climate plays large role in carbon release from streams, researchers find
60 Researchers map Hass avocado genome
61 Hunting for Neanderthal spear tips under the sea
62 Veterinarian offers tips to prevent holiday weight gain in pets
63 Three-dimensional flower corollas with on-demand chiral selectivity
64 New Webb Telescope Data Reveals an Alien World like Never Before. Next Comes Earth-Like Planets
65 Wild turkeys adapt movement to Maine's winter weather, study shows
66 British paralympian on course to be first disabled person in space
67 New hope for kidney cancer treatment using existing drugs
68 Here's why some supermassive black holes blaze so brightly
69 Plants employ chemical engineering to manufacture bee-luring optical devices
70 Pandemic fatigue fueled political mistrust and conspiracy beliefs
71 Study highlights the dangers of white ice conditions in lakes
72 How retroviral gene fragments affect embryonic cells
73 Spin correlation between paired electrons demonstrated
74 How great gray owls find prey under deep blankets of snow
75 Can Psychological Research Help Us Understand Elon Musk's Polarizing Brand of Leadership?
76 Transporting of two-photon quantum states of light through a phase-separated Anderson localization optical fiber
77 Submerged macrophyte biodiversity buffers impact of eutrophication stress on ecosystem functioning
78 Study provides insights into how microbiome community and metabolic functions may couple with fig-wasp mutualism
79 Pandemic spike in social cohesion starting to decline in Australia, survey finds
80 In the UK, concern about climate change grows
81 NASA Artemis I Controllers Briefly Lose Connection to Orion Capsule by Moon
82 Europe's space agency picks first disabled astronaut recruit
83 How is climate change affecting the US? The government is preparing a nearly 1,700 page answer.
84 Witchcraft beliefs are widespread, highly variable around the world
85 Texas Comptroller asks feds to consider energy industry in endangered bat listing
86 Research reveals sophisticated prehistoric culinary habits
87 Why do kids bully? And what can parents do about it?
88 The criminal justice system is retraumatizing victims of violent crime
89 They might not have a spine, but invertebrates are the backbone of our ecosystems. Let's help them out
90 What Australians need to know about major new report
91 Mathematicians resolve a longstanding open problem for the so-called 3D Euler singularity
92 NASA's Europa Clipper gets its wheels for traveling in deep space
93 Surveys reveals five patterns in consumer responses to inflation
94 New technology maps movement of microscopic algae in unprecedented detail
95 Can we protect Earth from space weather?
96 Gully erosion prediction tools can lead to better land management
97 Low-cost sensor records the level of rivers
98 Adapting to a hotter planet has never been more important, and progress edged forward at COP27
99 NET locus regulates both flavor quality and nutrient metabolite accumulation in rice
100 New research improves the coolness factor for athletes
101 The High Price of Holiday Turkeys Is A Reminder that Human and Animal Health Are Deeply Connected
102 Study uncovers how bacteria use ancient mechanisms to self-repair
103 In A Rare Occurrence, Deep Sea Octopus Eggs Hatch in San Diego Laboratory
104 A radical new approach in synthetic chemistry
105 Tracking explosions with toughened-up tracers
106 Scientists add 'invisible fiber' to foods for a healthier diet
107 Synthetic fibers discovered in Antarctic air, seawater, sediment and sea ice
108 Old World flycatchers' family tree mapped
109 Do acquisitions harm the acquired brand? Identifying conditions that reduce the negative effect
110 Concerns raised over aspects of well-being for primary school pupils in England as resilience levels decline
111 Egyptian lagoon vital to Cyprus turtles, study shows
112 Machine learning tools autonomously classify 1,000 supernovae
113 Pocket feature shared by deadly coronaviruses could lead to pan-coronavirus antiviral treatment
114 Mathematical theorem used to crack US government encryption algorithm
115 What Are Those Two Bright 'Stars' Suddenly Shining in the East After Dark?
116 A Republican bubble? How pollsters and pundits got the US midterms so wrong
117 Researchers reveal effects of defects on electron emission property of graphene electrodes
118 Study of 99% of all living bird species
119 Scientists demonstrate world's first continuous-wave lasing of deep-ultraviolet laser diode at room temperature
120 Underwater tsunamis created by glacier calving cause vigorous ocean mixing
121 Surveys show public is willing to pay larger energy bills in solidarity with Ukraine
122 Astronomers observe intra-group light--the elusive glow between distant galaxies
123 Cutting-edge experiments ride SpaceX's 26th CRS mission to space station