File Title
1 Fighting Cancer with Magnetic Bacteria
2 Depression Risk Increases with Hours Worked in Stressful Jobs
3 Prehistoric Superpredator: Weird Whatcheeria Was the "T. rex of Its Time"
4 NASA's BioSentinel Mission Underway After Successful Lunar Flyby
5 Supermassive Black Hole Violently Rips Star Apart, Launches Relativistic Jet Toward Earth
6 NASA Artemis I--Flight Day 15: Orion Capsule "Go" for Distant Retrograde Orbit Departure
7 Sleeping Too Much Linked to a 69% Increased Risk of Dementia
8 Cancer Weakness Discovered: New Method Pushes Cancer Cells into Remission
9 Major Asteroid Impact May Have Caused Mars Megatsunami
10 New Study Finds that Deep Brain Stimulation Is Highly Effective in Treating Severe OCD
11 Physicists Create Theoretical Wormhole Using Quantum Computer
12 New Research Demonstrates that a Smartphone Can Accurately Predict Your Risk of Death
13 Overeating? Researchers Discover that These Cells May Be to Blame
14 New Robot Design May Revolutionize How We Build Things in Space
15 NASA Artemis I: Orion Returning Home--Successfully Completes Distant Retrograde Departure Burn
16 Positive Clinical Results for Alzheimer's Amyloid-Clearing Drug--Lecanemab Poised for FDA Approval
17 Lost for Centuries: Scientists Discover Texts from an Ancient Astronomical Catalog
18 A New Dawn for Prosthetics: Engineers Light the Way to Nerve-Operated Prosthetics of the Future
19 Anti-Aging Medicines Seek to Eliminate "Zombie" Cells--But Could this Be Dangerous?
20 What Predicts Parents' Desire for More Children?
21 Never-Before-Seen Molecule: Webb Reveals a "Hot Saturn" Exoplanet Atmosphere
22 Surreal Video of Stressed Cells Helps Biologists Solve a Decades-Old Mystery
23 Startling--Elevated Levels of Arsenic Found in Nevada's Private Wells
24 Traffic Pollution Has Been Associated with an Increased Risk of Dementia
25 Using Vapes May Increase Risk of Developing Dental Cavities
26 New Cambridge Research Could Improve the Performance of EV Batteries
27 NASA Artemis I: Orion Spacecraft Fine-Tunes Trajectory and Downlinks Data
28 Webb and Keck Telescopes Team for Unprecedented Look at Saturn's Moon Titan--"Simply Extraordinary!"
29 New Insight into Brain Function--Researchers Have Identified a Long-Sought Gene-Encoded Protein
30 1400% Increase: Sexual Assault-Related ER Visits Have Skyrocketed
31 Advanced "Lab on a Chip"--Scientists Have Created a Powerful, Ultra-Tiny Spectrometer
32 Scientists Discover that Binge-Eating Sweet Treats Is Influenced by Gut Microbiome
33 New Catalyst Can Turn a Smelly Gas Byproduct into a Cash Cow
34 New Innovative System Evaluates the Habitability of Distant Planets
35 Just like Humans--More Intelligent Jays Have this Characteristic
36 New Yale Research Reveals Why Immunotherapy Doesn't Work for Everybody
37 Johns Hopkins Researchers Have Identified a Potential New Treatment Target for Sleep Apnea
38 NASA Astronauts Complete New Solar Array Installation on International Space Station
39 Scientific Weight Loss Study: Green Mediterranean Diet Reduces Twice as Much Visceral Fat
40 Does Marine Conservation Mitigate Climate Change?
41 Resurrecting Billon-Year-Old Enzymes--Scientists Reveal New Key Information About Photosynthesis
42 Mauna Loa Awakens--Satellites View World's Largest Active Volcano
43 Good Sleep Can Increase Women's Ambitions
44 Stanford Researchers Find COVID-19 Pandemic Stress Physically Aged Teens' Brains
45 Defying Extinction--Asian Animals Found Thriving Near Humans
46 Cataclysmic Neutron Star Mergers and the Origin of Elements in the Universe
47 Brain on Fire--Doctors Successfully Treat a Child Suffering from a Mysterious Disease
48 Scientists Have Developed a New, Better Antidepressant
49 Most Effective Treatment Yet: New Radioactive Tumor Implant Obliterates Pancreatic Cancer
50 Sparkling Dreams: Hubble Space Telescope Head in the Clouds
51 NASA Artemis I: Orion Spacecraft Experiencing Power Issues
52 Powerful New Weapon Against Contamination and Infection--Food Spray Deploys "Billions of Tiny Soldiers"
53 How Did Ancient Fish Colonize the Deep Sea?
54 Researchers Shed Light on Blood-Clotting After COVID-19 Vaccination
55 Researchers Map Hidden Connections Between Common Diseases
56 New Study Reveals How Childhood Fears Play Role in Future Anxiety and Depression
57 Chemists Discover Why Synonymous DNA Mutations Are Not Always Silent
58 Scientists Discover that Reduced Activity and High Sugar Consumption Is Worse for Men than Women
59 Alarming Consequences: Global Warming Increases the Risk of Ectotherm Heat Failure
60 Mystery Behind Comb Jelly's Mesmerizing Movement Solved
61 James Webb Telescope's Unparalleled View of the Ghostly Light in Galaxy Clusters
62 Scientists Discover a Unique Gut Bacteria that May Cause Arthritis
63 Surprising Martian Discovery: Massive Mantle Plume Pushing the Surface of Mars Upward
64 Harvard-Developed Tentacle Robot Can Gently Grasp Fragile Objects
65 New Research Reveals How Genes Turn On and Off
66 Don't Use at Night--Common Sedative Can Increase the Risk of Heart Damage
67 Surprising Finding: New Study Yields Clues to Genetic Causes of High Cholesterol
68 New Blood Test Can Detect "Toxic" Protein Years Before Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms Emerge
69 Making Cryptocurrencies More Sustainable: Follow Ethereum's Lead
70 4000 Tons Released Annually: Hazardous Herbicide Chemical Goes Airborne
71 Stunning Satellite Image: Lava Flows North on Mauna Loa
72 Scared of Shots? A Wearable Robot Can Improve Your Experience
73 News Media Misinformation Persists: The Undying Holiday-Suicide Myth
74 U.S. Dept. of Energy Breakthrough: Detecting Dark Matter with Quantum Computers
75 Violent Supershear Earthquakes Are Much More Common than Previously Thought
76 Scientists Discover New Permanent Changes Caused by Giving Birth
77 Improving Antibiotic Treatment: Scientists Test "Smart" Red Blood Cells
78 Seismic Waves Reveal Surprising New Information About Mars
79 Construction Started on the Biggest Radio Observatory in Earth's History--Could Uncover Early Signs of Life in the Universe
80 Cervical Cancer Breakthrough: Major New Clue to Better Understanding the Disease
81 Earth's Oldest Stromatolites and New Prospects for the Search for Life on Mars
82 Anti-Tumor Effects Without Toxicities: Researchers Use a Spice to Treat Cancer
83 Previously Undetected Hybrid Neutron-Star Merger Event Revealed by Unusual Gamma-Ray Burst
84 Predicting Spillover Risk: Unexpected Finding in Close Bat Virus Relatives of MERS Coronavirus
85 Scientists Discover a New Ecosystem--"The Trapping Zone"--That Is Creating an Oasis of Life
86 Heart Attack on a Chip: Replicating Key Aspects of America's No. 1 Killer
87 Complex Behavior of Armored Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurs Battled Each Other as Much as They Fought Off T. rex
88 Why Do We Slow Down When We Are Sick? Scientists Identify the Cells Responsible
89 Cleaning Up Toxic "Protein Clumps" Could Prevent Dementia
90 New Potential for Reversing Aging: Scientists Discover Changes in Aging Stem Cells
91 New Research: Your Choice of COVID Vaccine Can Increase Your Risk of Myocarditis
92 Game-Changing Discovery of World's Oldest DNA Breaks Record by One Million Years
93 Non-Invasive Laser Light Therapy Could Improve Short-Term Memory by Up to 25 Percent
94 Insects Need Our Help--Now
95 Unexpected Kilonova Discovery: Colossal Explosion Challenges Our Understanding of Gamma-Ray Bursts
96 Mitoribosome Assembly: How a Cell's Mitochondria Make Their Own Protein Factories
97 Fundamental Rights Could Be in Danger: COVID-19 Unvaccinated Face Prejudice Around the World
98 Could Diplodocid Dinosaurs Whip Their Long Tails Fast Enough to Create a Supersonic Boom?
99 20 Times Larger than the Milky Way: Large Atomic Gas Structure Discovered
100 Columbia University Obesity Treatment: Nanotechnology Reduces Fat at Targeted Locations
101 Glowing Fossils: Fluorescent Color Patterns Found in 240 Million-Year-Old Shells
102 NASA Lost Contact with ICON Spacecraft
103 Study Shows Brains with More Vitamin D Function Better
104 Key Regulator of Cell Growth Deciphered
105 Messy Death Spiral: New Webb Space Telescope Images Reveal a Star's Murder Scene
106 Scientists Reveal the Invisible Secret Behind Spectacular Blooms in the World's Driest Desert
107 Top 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee
108 Artemis Mission Teams Select Orion Capsule Landing Site and Prepare for Splashdown
109 You Don't Want to See What Comes Up When You Flush a Public Restroom Toilet
110 COVID-19 Linked to Signs of Possible Long-Term Liver Injury
111 Satellite Reveals Larger Wheat Harvest in Ukraine than Expected--And Barren Boundary of War
112 NASA Artemis I: Orion Will Attempt the First Skip Entry for a Human Spacecraft
113 Inspired by Living Systems--Next Generation Material Adapts to Its History
114 Hubble Detects Mysterious Ghostly Glow Surrounding Our Solar System
115 Surprising: Rare Human Gene Variant Exposes Fundamental Sex Differences